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  1. Hi everyone!

    Hope it's not too late to raise my hand for the roll call. 


    I will go down with this ship

    and I won't put my hands up and surrender

    there will be no white flag above my door

    I'm in love, always will be~


    secret: I still watch their bts before I go to bed and still in love with their chemistry. It's amaze me that my heart still flutter everytime and I wish our dreams will come true one day. 

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  2. Chinguuuuuy.. Just wanna share..

    My cousin ask me any kdrama that she can watch recently and definitely i suggest SP. 

    Early morning she messaged me that she really love our couple and mid way finishing the drama. 

    I told her the drama is nothing wait till you see their real life bts chemistry. 

    And then she ask me 'did they confirm couple already?'  

    HAHAHAHAHHA... Yes! Another jiji shippers in the making! 

    Can't wait to show her all the bts....:D

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  3. @ajmamor1976 you know what...  I also kind of get jealous if i accidently watch wookie or hyunnie with anyone else other than them with each other.


    But you know what i would do after... I re-watch again their bts moment and their kiss scene (doesn't need reason to watch this) and i fell in love again and again with them and i realized that there is no one can compare their sizzling chemistry and the beautiful moments they had when they with each other. 


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  4. Uuuuuuuu.... The lyrics really gives me goosebumps...


    18 minutes ago, MaRosa_JRee said:

    A dream I couldn’t tell anyone about

    We know, both of you really into the ninja style... 


    18 minutes ago, MaRosa_JRee said:

    Something great and amazing is planted inside

    Wookie really leave her with something precious. Even he is not with her. He really leaves mark at her heart there. 


    19 minutes ago, MaRosa_JRee said:

    When these dreams become reality
    Moments we shared together, all the possibilities

    Such longing and hope... We all really counting the days you and wookie will be together again honey! 


    19 minutes ago, MaRosa_JRee said:

    If I wait a little more, I’ll know
    Your secret garden
    Please keep growing, beautiful

    Yasss! Their love is growing strong!  :heart:


    That is what my shipper heart read in between the line. Hahahahahahah 


    Thank you @MaRosa_JRee and everyone for the translation.. :wub:

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  5. 21 minutes ago, babyval22 said:


    Or maybe the song title is her main point only. Hahahs. Plus its her fave day 6. Which also coincides with wookie's 6 days. And i'm just blabbering. Hahaha. Also i'm wondering wat is with her shy monkey close eyes emoticon too. Everything abt today just feels so surreal. Gosh. 

    I second ur theory.!

    The song it self from what i hear is a declaration. 

    1. Why with the shy monkey - - she is shy because all jiji shippers can decode her secret message. Yup hyunnie we knew it! You like him!. *wink*

    2. Healing it self - - Don't be so sad. You'll see him again. Just make a trip to cherwon after exam ok. 

    3. Jjang - - The best guy, he is! 


    Wait. Both hyunnie n Wookie's ig post got jjang *thumbs up* at the end. Sync! 


    **ok, slap me now so i can go to sleep &  jiji heaven**

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  6. I hv been trying to post since 9 hrs ago to no avail. 

    Jaebal! Aigooooo.. 

    * @pauliza i can see your post. Sorry for the late reply*

    Dear Soompi, 

    How are you? I see that you're not doing very well right now. :(

    I hope that you recover nicely and i wish that you will rectify all your glitch and error as soonest. 

    I really appreciate all the effort taken and in the meantime i will try my best to be patient and reduce my headaches by watching uri otp. 

    Pls find below for your enjoyment. 


    Speedy recovery soompi!


    P/s: thankyou @taonaka for the clip

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  7. 37 minutes ago, waveoflove said:

    Thanks girls for bringing this up.

    I would love to think there is a hidden message in his letter. Never hurts to hope.

    CR to posters. Eng translation of Wookie's letter was from voteforjichangwook IG.


    There! Wookie always leave behind breadcrumbs along the trail! 

    Yosh @waveoflove! Another testimony from our own resident here. Your hubby must really love you.

    I read somewhere that when someone looking for a partner they tend to attracted to familiar face / attributes and such. Hence the same face with their siblings, parents, close cousins and such. Hehehhehe. Will find the article again if i have the time. :tongue:


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