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  1. i love the bickering of leads dr and pres. how come knetz dont. haha -- hope the love grows hahahaha
  2. Thanks, i would like to check on it. haha Actually ive been traumatized since most chinese wuxia drama ive watched had heartbreaking ending. haha and i really preferred a happy ending though but if the story line and actors are good it's tolerable for me even it's not a happy ending haha.
  3. sorry if out of topic but is Bloody Romance a good drama?
  4. where can i watch the 2 more added episodes? is that the happy ending version???
  5. i think SB gave her necklace to human NS instead in the preview. im actually confused
  6. i think it will end like in Bicentennial Man movie i watched when I was young hehehehe.
  7. did not see the preview yet -- wow that's nice.... hope she'll found out on tonight's episode...
  8. I wonder why there's no childhood pictures on their houses -- haha would be easier for MS to recognize long lost oppa by then
  9. ratings are becoming higher hehehe i can't get over on the webtoon bed scene i saw in youtube just this morning --yayyy haha --- https://youtu.be/aI6-p9407sg
  10. Yup, i prefer him to gain more weight -- anyway he is still handsome haha -- i marathoned ep. 1 to 6 last night - loving this drama and the chemistry it's not kinda rush for me as it only have 16 eps i believe. i prefer fast facing dramas hehe besides we know BSP was watching YJ for a long time already and falling for her from then on presumingly , maybe kinda fast for YJ's side though but i guess there's no long or short time when it comes to liking someone - which mostly you'll just feel in an instant, it's just a matter on how you'll react -- i like YJ as she knows what she wants/likes no hesitation at all (like - sympathy then eventually to love)
  11. just will start to watch this drama tonight. why LJG seems to loose more weight here??
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