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  1. ¡Oh Dios mío! los viste de cerca, ¡qué emocion! gracias por contarnos tu experiencia, la disfruto como si estuve allí, gracias !!!
  2. oh my good! , she is wonderful, all the best for her.
  3. Yes, if those looks are what make me think they are a beautiful couple.
  4. Enjoy this new video!! https://youtu.be/wQhakeuDC6Y.
  5. Pensé lo mismo , pero espero que solo sea por la nostalgia de los recuerdos de esos episodios, pensemos positivamente, ya que el aniversario se acerca para los 9 años, esperamos que todos los miembros también hagan videos para ellos. disculpen mi ingles)
  6. Enjoy this video, SpartAce forever , is made for all you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3Agn0UGVPU&feature=youtu.be
  7. http://m.kenh14.vn/song-ji-hyo-hen-ho-voi-lee-dong-wook-thuyen-spartace-chinh-thuc-chim-hay-cu-lua-ngay-ca-thang-4-20190331224230824.chn no understand... is a joke??? O is true???
  8. Hello everyone, I would like to share with you a video that I made of spartace, I hope you enjoy it.
  9. Hello everyone, sorry but my english is not good ! is the frist time here, i am very happy ,because SA is mi favorite couple, i´m from Peru and thank you for all your coments about them.... @gnrbbns thank for analize somethem episodes , please see pajama friends episode 10 and 11 and write about it.
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