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  1. Congrats GSH-LNE shippers GSH looks so hot in suit but looks so dreamy in casual clothes, he looks less intimidating LIFE ended and my friendship with Monday ended too
  2. Well it's hard to make another great story like SF but still love this drama despite its flaws I'm a little bit disappointed with the slow pace in ep 13-14, I thought it would be more intense for the second half of the episodes. I'm worried because there are still so many unsolved problems but we only have two episodes left Hope the ending will be satisfying. My favorite part. I love gangster GSH.
  3. Hmm maybe because it’s pretty common in Asian family to stay with parents, especially for an only child like GSH. I just remember in ep 12 when Chairman Cho learnt about Dr. Joo family. He asked to left Dr. Joo’s kid and wife behind. So I think he is not the type who want to mess with people who don’t have anything to do with him. I think GSH’s parents are pretty safe. But well it probably can change.
  4. I think why he keeps working for Hwa Jeong because: 1. his loyalty towards the previous chairman, or 2. he has witnessed how Hwajeong Group's family treats people they despise, so he is afraid Hwajeong Group will do it for him and his family if he becomes unloyal, or 3. it's the evil part of his personality (ambitious and doesn't have empathy as long as he achieves his dream). Well, I doubt the no 3 because we can see he actually wants to protect the doctors (and, well, himself) but with the unpleasant way. It seems like he wants to fire some doctors in the next episode. I agree that YJW was so careless about how he took care of the autopsy part but I cut him some slack because maybe he only thinks it's all GSH wrongdoing. He only knows that GSH is the man behind all of these things (as we can see in ep 13 preview he wants to kick GSH out). If only he knows that the problem is far bigger than that and involves a conglomerate group maybe he would be more careful. Now I wonder if Hwajeong Group is really that scary and what will happen to Dr. Oh. Poor YSW he must think he would be a burden for YJW-CSH relationship because he wants to move out and lives alone. Wow so he is the one who caused the accident, imagine the guilty for the rest of his life. I am afraid something bad would happen to LNE because of the white chrysanthemum scene. It might be a premonition that something bad would happen to LNE because of GSH. Isn't the white chrysanthemum related to funeral and death in SK? CMIW. Aaaa I miss GSH-SWC bromance. I wish SWC would be there for GSH after he was hurt by Chairman Cho. Kudos for Chairman Cho actor because he is indeed so scary hahaha. ps : why does GSH look really hot when he was playing with the lamp switch???
  5. @Jusyed I read on a blog that translating netizen comment. Almost every best comment complaining about GSH-LNE @Ha Tinh Nhi I really agree with your perspective of YJW-LNE-GSH relationship. I also feel like GSH-LNE is kinda platonic so far, it's still in the friendship zone. Btw, I love the cheeky smile of Ms. Kang when she spotted his boss with LNE
  6. I just read k-netizens' comment about ep 11 and I’m really tired of it. GSH-LNE interaction only takes a really small portion of the screen time (and I feel like it doesn’t even ruin the main plot so far) yet people bitching about it like it does. I wonder why that small thing affects people so much? Life has a very good story yet it is constantly reduced to LNE-GSH interaction by them. There are so many interesting things happened and but people keep focusing and complaining about LNE-GSH. I’m glad I can find really nice and enlightening comments here. Sorry about my rant
  7. After watching ep 9 & 10 I think I just fall in love again with this drama. I'm really glad everything starts to heat up again and GSH is back to president mode! After GSH-YSW, now we got GSH and Dr. Oh. She really looked like a little girl asking her father to buy her a present when she asked GSH about 3D simulator thingy, she was so excited when she explained that Honestly, this is the first time I enjoy her scene. Not hating her but I always felt annoyed by her voice because she yells 99% of the time. Aaaaa SWC likes Nurse Kim! I thought he only loves GSH. I even forgot that they sat beside each other and also the lollipop! Hahaha. SWC is so cute when he was contemplating to add heart emoji or ^^, but then decided not to send it I was surprised because I always thought he is just an expressionless guy who doesn't give a damn about anything except his job and GSH. About ep 10 ending what Dr. Oh is going to do with the body? And who is she?? Based on the preview, GSH is angry, like seriously angry and kinda panic? Really curious about what happens. Does it relate to Chairman Cho? Although GSH once said Chairman is not the person you want to mess with but I reallt want to see him fight the Chairman I also wish they will show us about GSH-Chairman Cho's past. LOL the new making video! A wild GSH appeared in YJW-YSW house.
  8. You really speak my mind. I agree with you about LNE. Let's see if we can see it as the story unfolds Another thing I really wait for is about GSH - President Cho. We can see that GSH has the upper hand in the hospital (I love how he threw shade at the doctors right after he stepped into the meeting) but not with President Cho. After seeing his scene with QL President and President Cho in ep 8 I'm really curious about his next step since this time, it's his superior.
  9. Awww I love LDW-JSW interaction so much. I'm sure that cat saved the entire cat nation in its previous life to be petted by JSW like that. It looks like JSW really loves cat and dog. He keeps playing with them in bts videos. @bebebisous33 really nice perspective of YJW-YSW relationship!
  10. Hello! After binge-watching SF I continue watching this drama (thanks to JSW's charm) and this drama also captivates me, to the point I couldn't hold the urge to comment on this thread. Life makes me resurrect my account after two years GSH, gosh. This man hahaha. When I first saw the trailer he looked so scary, so cold, so evil, until I watched his interaction with Ms. Kang and when he tried to learn scissors type. Those scenes erased all my first impression of him. This man is secretly hilarious and I really love the writer for making a character like this. I am really glad that people around GSH are also amazing like Ms. Kang and SWC (when he playfully kicks GSH LOL). I love GSH and SWC bromance so much and GSH - Ms. Kang banter. More scenes, please! The thing is, let's compare ep 1 and ep 7. I feel like I'm watching a different drama. The atmosphere feels so different. And as much as I love soft GSH (he is super cute with his parents and dogs) I miss sharp-tongued GSH. I'm done with soft GSH now give me President GSH! Well, in ep 8 seems like everything will start to heat up again. YJW and YSW start to take action (don't forget their bromance here) and Dr. Joo, I hope he can get more screen time next week! The scene when GSH complained all the way to elevator about how the doctors keep making problems really cracked me up. Poor boi must fix all the mess the doctors created I can't wait for GSH - President Jo scenes again. Seems like GSH is getting pissed off by him. ^^^ This. Please don't It would be so cliche if this happened. I see that many netizens don't like the love line. The love line hasn't ruined the plot so far in my opinion, so as long as the writer doesn't make it too much or too cheesy I'm okay with it. But I agree about LNE character. I don't hate her and I enjoy her interaction with GSH but I can't deny that her character is kinda bland so far. Like she is just there being kind to everybody and that's it. She is too "one-dimensional" for a complex character like GSH Also ep 8 ending makes me worry about love triangle. Please don't. Now back to 5 days of waiting again
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