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  1. PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING RULES: 1. Do follow the general Soompi Forum Rules. 2. Do not insult a celebrity / a member, whether directly or indirectly. 3. Do not spam. A post must include at least twenty characters or be of substance. A post which does not meet this requirement will be subject to deletion without notice. 4. Do not engage in off-topic conversations. If you would like to discuss / post off-topic conversations, do so where else more appropriate or through personal message. 5. Do not quote images / gifs / videos. If you would like to quote a post, remove images / gifs / videos (if applicable) and quote the text by itself. This is to preserve images & gifs' bandwidths and to make a thread as simple to navigate through as possible. 6. Once a couple / friendship thread reaches 2,000 pages, it will be locked and served as an archive. Anyone interested is able to make a new thread to serve in continuation. This provides the ease of manageability; also, it is nice to have a new start because a thread may get slow and stale once it reaches a certain amount of pages. The rules may be subject to updates and changes as the moderators see fit. Failure to abide by any of the rules may result in a warning. If anyone has any questions, send a personal message to any of the couples – shippers paradise moderators. Thank you. Credit to: The moderators of couples - shippers paradise are as follows: ✿ newyorkcitygirl ✿ laquetahodge ✿ angelangie ✿ ebulli3nt ✿ ♛♚ Inheritors ♚♛ Choi Young Do ♥ Cha Eun Sang ~♥ For those good girls who fall for this bad boy, Choi Young Do. ♥~ Remember the first time Young Do met Eun Sang? Yep, she was sleeping and he was intrigued by this half-asleep girl who can drink soda in one gulp!!! ) (Well, that's just an exaggeration) And now, here's her first time seeing this guy (but unlike him, she didn't got interested at him) After that, he chased her and was intrigued by her existence again because... he wants to find out her relationship with his ex-best friend and to use her to destroy him but then, he just found himself thinking about her... After thinking about what he really feels for her He finally confessed(?)... and her response... "Shoo! I'm not scared of you anymore." (LOL, It's just my own version... ) ) How hurt could he be? Anyway it's his fault. So he's getting her attention through this. But no matter what he do, he's already too late... because she already likes someone else. Is giving up in his motto? No, his daddy told him this: "It's the result that matters. Win at all costs." That moment when the person you like admitted that she likes someone else... Yes, just like what we all commonly do he just changed the topic and walked away with this expression... He may walked away but he definitely did not give up... Still... this ship is still sailing thanks to our Captain Young Do's change of route. She may haven't noticed this, and kept misunderstanding him because of their moments like this... but he confessed his feeling to her a bunch of times already. "Don't look at me like that. It makes me nervous" (after he said it he was like "Dang it, it was too cheesy...") Is our ship just going to SINK like that? NO! Let's believe in Captain Young Do! He will do everything with his own might to keep this ship going, even though we all know what the result will be. Credit to the rightful owner of the GIFs and photos used.
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