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  1. So far, the battles has been disappointing and too watered down. NQ didn’t use his talisman writing n big black umbrella is not opened when it should be. Watched till ep12 on WeTv app. Still getting used to the changed casts, NQ’s dubbed voice which doesn’t match Dylan n the scene continuity. SYR captures the soul of SS’s torment very well as the Daughter of Yama.
  2. Finished reading the novel. Made me wonder how they squeeze everything in s2 if it’s the ending, just too many events happened after they ran away.
  3. I just saw Dilireba’s name as main cast of EN2 on mdl, I didn’t know of any character Yue rin in the novel. Could it be a mistake? It’s just strange for her to appear at this stage as lead.
  4. I just hope they finish this drama without making us guessing for nx season, I think 2 seasons are enough to wrap it up. As for Haotian SS, let’s hope she can portray it as described, but I still didn’t see her being plump after transformation....
  5. Hmmm...I just saw a video n some pix of supposed to be YCY as Haotian filming, uploaded on weibo. She’s wearing the white dress standing with her hair fluttering in the wind n lying down like dead on the snow. Well....I will wait for confirmation.
  6. @transortI already mentioned before YHY character is now played by a new actress Liu Kejun, u can see her in the vid shared above. Yes, yCY is now bz filming new drama. Those r just ppl guessing on Weibo, so no need to take it seriously until we see n confirmed by director. I am not really surprised with so many new actor/actress taking over original characters, maybe Haotian SS will leave her body to stay in mortal world as SS. Who knows.
  7. Tq @n3bula for the vids. Ppl on weibo r guessing that SS will b played by Yang Chao yue but it’s just their guess. Nothing for sure.
  8. Calm down @transort, I too enjoyed MSS n NQ’s scene. Seeing him giddy liking a girl for first time and realising in the end who is more important to him. I like YHY the most n was sad that the original actress didn’t return, she is great as YHY but still hope the new one can do better as YHY too. @Snow Guardian, I understand but sometimes u can just ignore those haters whatever they gonna say. Do u think Dyshen or them individually didn’t get hate too? U should read weibo’s black gossip(blx), ughhh, so many terrible things ppl say abt every actor/actress. Just ship whoever u like n ignore the bad. U’ll b happier as I did after going into many cps n facing many wars. Important thing is ur actor/actress succeeds in their career and grow to be a respected person, loved by his/her fans. U can b angry but let them kill each other,.
  9. Let’s not mix other cp into this forum coz I’ve had enough drama already abt cp wars. They r just immature fans n failed to understand that actor/actress is just doing their job. Not all cp fans r bad, so pls let us not start here too. Just hv fun talking abt this drama n their characters only. Every cp fans r bound to talk bad each time their fave is paired with new co star, not gonna end. Even Ashes of Love cp got so much flak frm fans of both and new cp they r paired with, so let them be. On another note, frm the new vid director yy shared, SS in white, I presume she is already Haotian but why is she not plump as in the novel describes? It must hurt to walk barefoot on snow like that, with normal clothing, all for making good drama. Also, the cameraman, I saw one dangling on a wire from high up shooting towards PP’s scene. They really r brave, hope everything goes smoothly till end.
  10. https://m.weibo.cn/2020237375/4354790231918664 day 90 EN2 filming by Director Yang Yang.
  11. I hv a feeling that Meng Ziyi will not return as YHY n the girl seen practising with Dylan in the vid is the new YHY, 刘珂君JKL. No pix of Meng Ziyi found but there are a few of the new girl dressed in the Divine Priestess robe with the crown. Anyway, I am waiting for Director Yang Yang’s nx note to confirm.
  12. From wiki, 5th bro is Song Lian, 6th bro is Tie Jiang but 8th bro no info. Hope that helps.
  13. https://m.weibo.cn/2020237375/4344697818111166 director’s note 60 days of EN2 filming. *Chen Mou is Chen Pipi’s father, Master of Temple of Knowledge n Obeseince, he was there in S1 when LQ went on the boat to talk with him n sent him to study at the temple.
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