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  1. I have been anticipating the confrontations between YJ & her husband; YJ & her MIL; YJ & young female doctor, EY & her sister Cant wait to see the next episodes... I am totally into this drama & its casts!
  2. Actually after watching the last episode, i feel the title of the drama should be "Secret Mothers" I find all 3 other ahjummas have interesting character, which made it more entertaining. 1 is strong 1 is naive 1 is pitiful Anyways, as for YJ.. I like that she is being in-control of herself now.. I can sense she is getting her confidence back. (main lead actresses are really awesome!)
  3. My 1st post in this thread.. So may i greet everyone.. Its about time.. To see a good fantasy drama i like LSK since IOTL. (I am a huge Gong hyo jin fan).. when i watched the pilot episode, i felt the similarity of LSK character Mika, to GHJ'character in Master sun Taeyang... The need to be with the person who can stop their ability, which they felt as a curse. This would be a fun ride!
  4. i love SYA I dont know much about her yet but everytime she has a new project/film, i always follow it. I first saw her in K2 and i became a fan!
  5. Once a SoGonger, always a SoGonger!!! I missed u all... Hope our OTP will get back soon, whether project or personal, doesnt matter hihihi
  6. looking forward to next weekend because of this...i was missing GW and then Secret Mother comes... SYA & KSY aja! the story is so intriguing...
  7. I still cannot let go of this thread even the drama has ended... I miss GW, initially, not that much.. But when i rewatch it, gosh i loving it more and so, moving on is difficult hehe The earlier episodes were really funny.. And i will rewatch it as many times as i can until its butterfly effect subside lol Anyways, some scenes or thoughts to ponder while i rewatch GW 1. I wonder why OTR was so selfish.. At least CDH has a reason 2. When CEO was staying with twin's mother, Captain Song used to visit him. Didnt he noticed the family picture of the twins? Coz he was surprised to see CSH the first time he saw her at the recycling place. He didnt know CDH/CSH are twins. 3. Actually, there is another way for Captain Song to know if CDH was the person he fall inlove with.. He should try to watch her sleep..This way he can check if she sleeptalk or he get a kiss when she suddenly wakes up. 4. CEO & twins mother could have romantic relationship if given a chance hihihi 5. Everytime OTR was angry, she always try to point her finger, right. And everytime, she do that, it looks like a dance step to me bcoz of her body movement. 6. Chorong was quite matured & knowledgeable for her age.. I hope young generations would be like her. 7. My fave scenes are those with our OTP but the most memorable are the beach, the front of CSH house,and DA Office kitchen. I think u all know why hehe 8. Captain Song was so manly.. except for his running kekeke.. . His Yoga moves are the coolest! And his facial expression are so emotional.. Now i gotta go and watch again frm beginning for the 4th? times.. And sorry for long post...cheers!
  8. i also like the ending... the sweetness was actually consistent til the end.. i just hope to see WJ parents on his wedding day with SH, coz his mother is the no. 1 shipper of the OTP Anyways, I am happy that most of the "evil" characters redeemed themselves -- OTR & SH ex husband's family..even YB! Nice drama! congrats to GW team!
  9. SYA is my bias in this drama! Looking forward to see her again in small screen, i also like the other casts so thats an added factor for me! As for the storyline, its quite intriguing..
  10. waaahhh thats so uncool PDnim & Writernim huhuhu no sweet dreams for us
  11. PD nim...pls do not be stingy...we want many many sweet moments of our OTP now that everything is clear
  12. oh no..i didnt see this coming....OTR being slapped by the husband & SH getting shot!! although we all know that the husband wanted to kill his wife & frameup SH
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