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  1. I like ZM voice, not so much for WJ. Everytime I saw this ep I always think that ZM fan is a concealed boomerang. It came back to her after she throw it away.
  2. Don't you guys think that in ep 41 when FY said MM name WJ almost immediately looked like he lost his soul. Superb acting from JZ
  3. I think a lot of scenes was changed to fit the new script, like the hotpot scene change to i cook for you scene. Staying at farm house and pretend to be husband and wife to just staying at farm house.
  4. As I only remember the 86th version, does in the other versions ZR also act as bad in this shameless i'm a victim holier-than-thou way?
  5. I sometimes amaze that everyone still here discussing the tiniest plot details. I think it was still on 50 odd pages when the last episode aired
  6. I agree that I also think that she wasn't planning on coming clean even after marriage. Why would she? If at the end she got the man, why can't she keep the innocent, pure act if he was none the wiser. I definitely think she would choose to vilify MM.
  7. Actually I was wondering about that as well. He keeps barging into her room oh so casually. Do they stay in the same room?
  8. I'm bias toward MM hence my wanting to strangle those hypocrite. On the other hand I also understand that they think everything was going their way, with having powerful, young, popular, charismatic leader who could have been an emperor and bring glory to Emei whoopss.. I mean Ming sect. They don't have the balls to assasinate MM though in the end
  9. I hate those hypocrite mostly on the latter episodes. One character that I especially found myself want to throw my shoes or brick at is Bat King. When WJ can't find MM in 48, his immediate reaction was to ask if MM stole the military manual. And his I've done nothing wrong but please punish me face on 50 after they plotted to kill MM father. But he already on my blacklist ever since he touched MM face
  10. I know the stories since I watched previous adaptation and sort of read the novel, so following the plotline was not an issue for me. But since this version deviated quite a bit, it also involved a bit of guess work . And this forum was a lot of help since you guys discussed conversations and context. Oh yeah I'm still patiently waiting for subtitle and will definitely watch again.
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