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  1. Gosh, haven't been back in this thread for a hot minute but the new drama is just piquing my interest so much I had to drop by. Can't deny KJW and PMY have a lot of chemistry...BUT! Guyssssss she's wearing a BLUE dress!! Hello!? Have we forgotten that's the official color of this couple? Lol!! It's like a big shoutout to all the PPC shippers to stay calm and not fret. haha! Agree with @minmangfan, I'm not a fan of her styling altogether for this one but I can let it slide because of the color selection. I see what you did there stylist unnie!
  2. Wow, it's been a long time since I visited this thread... It's good to see a few familiar faces still keeping folks up to date. Just dropped by to see how the shippers of the Brown-Eyed Couple are doing due to Lee Jonghyun's recent scandal. I don't know much. Hearing things here and there. But it's sad and quite disappointing to know he was involved. Interested to know how the shippers are dealing with it. Hope you guys are all okay!
  3. Thanks for letting me know PMY's event tonight and location! Unfortunately, I'm on a train to Busan and won't be back in time. Darn!! Ugh. It would've been surreal to meet her. Now I'm just worried about zombies on this train... hehe.
  4. Guysssss! Sorry I've been MIA but I'm so excited to share that after more than 6 years of watching Kdramas and being addicted to all things Korean, my sister and I finally made it to Korea!! Ahhh!! We landed yesterday and the bus we rode to our hotel had PSJ's face all over it (some ad for a phone company) so we are off to a good start. Lol. Then while eating at a chicken and beer place, we must've seen 2 or 3 commercials with him. Of course that doesn't count all the print ads and posters of him I've seen around while walking. It's insane! He really does stand to lose a lot if he were to admit dating... And yet, he made a risky move by keeping his answers vague and open ended. Gotta love him. Now I'm off to see if I can find anything on PMY. Hehe. Keeping my fingers crossed that I can bump into them while shopping. What neighborhood do they live in again? Might do a little stalking if we have time. Lol
  5. Ahhh so our two lovebirds finally decided to take a breather (from all the hot and heavy...hugging they've been doing. C'mon now peeps! Pink Romance!) and join the rest of the world today, ey? Both probably turned off their phones to focus on each other and just plugged in today so we got a bit of an update. Small wins. Yay! I'll take it! Seeing how the members of the staff are enjoying the sun, sea and sand, I still can't help but feel bummed that the supporting casts couldn't make it (sidenote: I didn't see LTH's name in the list of people who couldn't go. Does anybody know why he's not there?). I mean, they had 3 after-parties after the wrap up party so you can just imagine how much fun they would all be having now if they were complete? Ugh. Breaks my heart. But I hope they all get together again when they get back to Korea and bless us with another awesome group pic.
  6. I agree with you. Actually in my country, that's totally illegal. You can't use your phone or even have it out while you're going through immigration for security purposes. I can imagine the stricter rules for immigration officers. Funny, these days I feel like we're playing "Where's Waldo?" or "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" Lol! It's a full time job just tracking these two down!?
  7. I know we are all ecstatic that PSJ and PMY are going... but are the other supporting casts really not going?? Seriously? That's kind of a bummer. Also, if that's not true and they can make it, we better be careful since I already saw posts on IG grabbing that misinformation from here.
  8. YAAAAASSSSS!!! Be still my beating heart!?! I'm a proud mama! Our namja is going despite the evident exhaustion in his face. Ah all in the name of love. He wouldn't miss this for the world! He said "Phuk-et, I'm going. I don't care what people say. I miss my baby too much." Lol! See what I did there??? Now here's to hoping they post group pictures at least. I love being a PPC shipper!!
  9. Ugh...I've been sick so missing all the fun here. Just wanted to drop by and do a little dance since our namja finally update IG (twice!) and trolled all of us in the process. Lol! Brave man indeed. Did anyone notice that little blue dot from the sun's reflection (it's called a lens flare when the sun is in full frame)?? Hey Mr. Park, I'm sure you've got other photos to use amiright?! You sneaky to throw in a little code there. Lol. But I'm on to you...
  10. Are there any videos of PMY arriving in SG? I would've loved to see her strut down the airport hallways. Lol. Ahhh these two are really blooming (maybe thanks to Laniege and Shiseido. lol!). But I'd like to think it's because they are truly happy inside that it's emanating outside. Sigh. When in love... Well speaking of how fantastic they look, I thought I'd put this in here because our PMY is part of the beauty trends. She's absolutely flawless and her make up artist is the bomb! http://beautytap.com/2018/07/hottest-k-drama-beauty-trends/
  11. Hi @leeagassi! Welcome to the thread. From a previous Sewon and Changmin Shipper (and a very short-lived SHJ and ME shipper), I totally get where you're coming from. I had one foot in this ship and the other jumping around. Lol! It took me a couple of WWWSK episodes and BTS clips and several pages of this thread to finally come on board and start participating here. There are rare occasions I look back at IG posts regarding those previous coupledoms and I still see the spark and chemistry I loved between them. Then, honestly, I feel a tinge of doubt that maybe, just maybe, those ships are still sailing? And then I snap out of it because the power of our couple is too strong. Lol! I feel like expressing your worries is an honest dose of reality. It really can't be helped at times so don't feel too sorry that you brought it up here. Yes, this is shipper's paradise, but we can't all be delulu all the time. I agree that we have to remain positive about our couple and share all these date ideas, theories, pervy inside jokes, and many more. But in my POV, this is actually a good place to air your concerns precisely because of what you said -- the folks here can ENLIGHTEN you. Help you see the LIGHT that is PPC. I'd like to give new members here the benefit of a doubt that when they say something not entirely positive (but not outright disrespectful), that they are not haters or spies from the other ship (unless proven otherwise). Maybe they're just lost souls seeking for the right answers or confirmation in paradise. And instead of turning them away immediately, it might be good and neighborly to explain the why's or how's (as some people have done already) without the judgmental tone. It would be really sad that instead of this ship increasing in numbers of supporters and PMY/PSJ gaining new fans, people end up going back to lurking and hiding in their caves afraid to speak their mind, totally turned off by the type of fans here, or just leave. Such a shame. Anyway, although this might be extremely cheesy... I like to think PPC stands for something else -- POSITIVE PEOPLE CARE.
  12. Oh so the forums weren't working for awhile yesterday? I thought it was really strange that this thread was inactive for 6 hours. Lol!! Hmm... the Vlive interview is pretty funny. More so than PMY's reaction, I think ChanSung gave away a lot more with his nervous laughter, rapid eye movements and hands. Honestly, I can't quite decipher PMY's reaction though, as well as the other co-stars, except that they were all shocked because the MC's answer was really out of the blue. LDD and PMY almost had the similar response, while YWJ seemed puzzled at first. If I weren't delulu, I could say that the men were confused how the MC could come up with that reply when they were focusing on the drama and there were 3 good-looking men beside her. Lol. I actually really like that during YWJ's turn, he mentioned PMY's name instead, and from what I heard and understood in my very limited Korean, completed the sentence "Daebak, Park Min Young na wa." It was sooo cute!
  13. @parkparkloveu and @twoparkcouple That's my question too about him not wanting to lose. It's another vague answer from PSJ if you ask me so I need the correct translation...Because as a sane person, I can easily take it at face value that he doesn't want to lose to those spreading the rumors and knetz bullying him. To give in and be awkward towards PMY would be sign of weakness on his part and sort of an admission of guilt. So yes, I agree with him not wanting to lose and showing them who's the boss. BUT the delulu in me is interpreting it that he will not be awkward with PMY for the fear of losing HER. Allowing the rumors to ruin what he's got with PMY, whether it be a "some," a full blown relationship, or an engagement or even just a friendship, will in effect cost him her presence in his life. And he's not willing to risk that. Sigh PSJ, you are a master of words. You've been trained well young Padawan.
  14. Waaah @potatohacker that's impressive! Well done. Brought back all the (sexy) feels!! Lol! Well since we went there... his roaming hands and arms came dangerously close to that area in a few of those back hugs and kiss scenes. But let's not go there, I'm sure our PSJ is quite respectful of our beloved PMY (or she wouldn't have suggested the untying of the ribbon. Teehee.) Ya! Too late. My mind went there! Aish. So freakin' hawt!! Lol. Hey @polydadmiac which scene are you referring to with the tongue?! I've been ferociously watching the videos again. Lol!!
  15. Dayummmmmmmm... Does he think he's on the runway or something? Do you see the serious SWAG dripping from his body when he walks across the street to the gate of the airport?? He exudes sooo much confidence that my eyes are glued to him. Like he takes your breath away and then makes your insides tingle, right?? NAMJAAAAAAAA!!!!! LOL!!! Ok, pervy ol' woman here. Wow... And he thinks he's ordinary looking?? Crazzzzyyyy. Dammit. I wish he had that hairstyle as LYJ because it would've been perfect! PMY's beautiful fingers running through his gorgeous hair. Aarrrrghhh!!! PMY you better snatch him up quick gurl. He is mighty fine! You guys make the hottest K-couple I know. I can't imagine (oh yes I can...hehe) how explosive you guys are together behind closed doors. Please make beautiful babies in the future!!! Speaking of babies, have you guys seen those IG photos of the kid versions of LYJ and KMS?? I swear they tug at my heart. So cute!! Wish we could've seen them in the drama. Lol! Then my fairytale would be complete!
  16. Friends, is this a recent photo of PSJ? Because if it is... hot dayummmm!! He is looking mighty fine and sexayyyy!! That smouldering look... aish! How do you control yourself (PMY)?? Lol! Ok so I think I can safely assume we are all having withdrawals from WWWSK... and PMY has admitted to wanting to go back to filming and that she was happy as Miso. And then PSJ teared up after shooting their last scene. I mean who wouldn't be affected?? If we are feeling the pang and sting of missing them on our little screens, can you imagine how hard it is for them? To be kissing and forming this attachment to their co-star (that they were/are attracted to already) for 3 months...and then having to stop cold turkey?? Man, I'd have some serious shakes. Lol!!
  17. Uh missed all the fun here today... but wanted to drop by and say hi! PMY update: she's absolutely blooming like a woman in love!!
  18. I have a question/observation... is it a common thing or practice for kstars to change once they're on the plane? I know a lot of idols painstakingly plan their airport ootd but wasn't certain this was standard protocol. Not sure if everyone has seen that a couple of kids uploaded a photo with PMY in the plane. She's wearing all black. I thought it might be a sweater or scarf since it can get cold, but it looks like a complete outfit change. Hmmm... so is there meaning to wearing blue in public? Wae?? #delulunatics lol!
  19. I thought about that too!! But it made me doubt myself for a split second. Lol. Because even the way PMY was clapping, I thought she'd be more enthusiastic. Or maybe he was being a jealous bulldozer after having to share the stage with LJK?And because of his fantastic memory, he remembered the whole MEC fiasco? Hmph! Hmph! Pffffttttt...
  20. Not sure if this angle from the AAA event has been posted in this thread before, but it made me go, "hmmm?" for various reasons. Watch until the end. Playing it cool? Avoidance? Or they really didn't know each other? (Although it was just the two of them at the table in the beginning...who knows what could've transpired.)
  21. Thanks for sharing this! Totally agree with your thoughts. At first when I watched this, it wasn't subbed yet and I got really irritated at them for stalking PMY and PSJ. However, you are correct that their basically doing what we're doing here and trying to see all possible angles to the story. With the two reporters having witnessed how PSJ and PMY were responding and acting, I can't help but think that they themselves saw something that made them hesitant to believe the denials. But the fact that they said to take the statements at face value and reiterated that admitting the rumors to be true could be harmful to them, at least it was sort of an effort to put an end to the speculations. Exactly as Kim Mi So said, she knew as much that the rumors would start but she prepared herself when she agreed to love him. I thought I read it somewhere as well. I think Park Shin Hye and Lee Sung Kyung were mentioned. I could totally be wrong though...
  22. I swear to the Shipping god! If PSJ updates his IG today, in less than an hour, we're going to have to throw a party up in here because they're trolling us. Lol!
  23. Can someone please refresh my memory? What time in Korea did the news break out of them dating for 3 years? I thought it was early in the morning? If so, did PPC already know or get a whiff of the rumor because they were partying together until 5 AM?? I am so intrigued hearing that PMY already knew of the rumor PRIOR to accepting the role. (How? Who was spreading it because for sure us shippers weren't even born yet. Lol!) But she took 2 months to agree to do it right? So what is the timeline again? How far back did this juicy gossip go? Immediately after AAA? I know someone had already listed the chronological order of these events here, but I can't re-read too many pages. Sorry! Lol. That is highly suspect to me. Plus the JTCB reporter is sort of right to say that PSJ adding the unnecessary comment of the PD asking him recommendations for the other two supporting casts sort of shows that he had some influence. I kind of want to assume that PSJ recommended Pyo Ye Jin and Hwang Bo Ra since he worked with them in FFMY and PMY suggested Kang Ki Young having worked with him in Q7D.
  24. Did KKY read my pretend PR post?? Lol! Kang Ki Young Comments On Dating Rumors About Park Seo Joon And Park Min Younghttps://www.soompi.com/2018/08/02/kang-ki-young-comments-dating-rumors-park-seo-joon-park-min-young/ Interesting that he knew about the rumors 1-2 days before the finale. I wonder what/ who tipped him off??
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