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  1. My top favorite 15 dramas of this year were: 15) Witch's court 14) Age of Youth Season 2 13) Queen of Mystery 12) Fight for my Way 11) Woman of Dignity 10) Goblin 09) Chicago Typewriter 08) Strong Woman Do Bong Soon 07) While You Were Sleeping 06) Because This is My First Life 05) Avengers Social Club 04) Defendant 03) Chief Kim 02) My Father is Strange 01) Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim (I know it's technically a 2016 drama but it ended in 2017 and I really loved this drama so I couldn't help myself) I have expanded on my picks in my blog but these are my favorites for 2017 and I would love to know yours. Maybe you can suggest me some that you loved and I will have a drama to watch
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