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  1. why no love for this drama? i like this much better than boyfriend (stopped watching that midway).. I know its over the top and the english sounds so funny especially the english guy emphasizing on CIA lol.
  2. i really like it! I know the mind switch has done a lot but entire body switch adds another dynamic to this. The hubby is such a pushover. I was surprised the daughter is talented even though she isnt trying as much. Cant wait for more!
  3. i was thinking CSH remarries to first husband and JH's mom begging her to come back. But maybe better off both of them just leaves for cuba and stay there.
  4. i think they will end in cuba. As in the scenes in cuba i suspect they shot it all in one go. No way it is economical they go to cuba every time they shoot (which we seen twice now).
  5. The mother is annoying. Dont know why she has to put her insecurities upon SH though. Sure they are different status and she is afraid her son will get looked down upon but he still so happy so why rock the boat? I feel it wouldve been better if the time was spent more on the evil chairwoman side since we dont have many eps left for closure.
  6. is SH's father planning to drag the chairwoman down? i feel he figures whatever dirt the chairwoman has on him (maybe she killed the reporter friend ) will bring him down so he is going to preemptively get to her first? I feel the best he can do "as a dad" is put taeyong group down, at least get chairwoman off to jail. I know its a bit negative but i think jailtime is pretty much the only thing preventing chairwoman from a happy ending. Even if SH gives up the hotel business i doubt chairwoman's gonna let her go
  7. I do agree the ex-husband is doing this mostly due to jealousy. I know the drama timeline takes us after their divorce and afaik the catalyst to him chasing her aggressively is JH. I would root for him if he was trying to reconcile genuinely. He seems to try to reconcile so others cant have her. Also, he never tried to CORRECT the problems of their failed marriage. He is still using his mom's influence and money to win her over - nothing's changed!
  8. Are they going to return to the "accident" of the manager's brother and driver's friend? I still feel the only way to bring chairwoman down a notch is to send her to prison somehow... I seriously doubt she will turn over new leaf by them being "nice"
  9. I hope HS doesnt "turn evil". I was hoping he seeking "the third way" but not the way to step on others. Maybe he finds that later on?
  10. Yeah Episode 1 was intense but i feel they should've fleshed out on why he is so angry at his father and killed his brother. I actually thought for a second that he plans to "play along" with evil minister then uproot him and his buddies but i guess that went out the window when he killed his brother.
  11. it looks tasty (and full of calories too no doubt). It is also very fascinating a lot of the more creative cakes comes from eastern countries. Many us stores just have same old cakes without a lot of variety.
  12. IDK i feel he is more in saving his own skin than limelight though - i dont think he is there to climb the ladders so to speak. Isn't it actually worse losing a serial killer while in custody vs killing a serial killer who's trying to escape? But JHM is one of the faces of the poster so i guess hes not gonna die till the end.
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