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  1. ah yeah you are right. I got mixed up. But it is still interesting to see all the 4 people conning the family are so close knit in terms of relationships. But in honestly this family semi-brought it upon themselves for being vain (wanting the H brand in mall) and just let some stranger live with them to curry favors? Idk just so weird.
  2. I guess it's better for the divorce paper to show up sooner than later - I was actually thinking she has the paper but guess he picked it up. Still pretty smart to have the dashcam recording who visited the tech shop for the footage. So maybe the grandma gave birth the the baby that the brother in law is raising? It's not out of question right if we know there are so many moles in the house it might be possible to fake pregnant belly? It is still surprising everything going downhill for the family so quickly and we got 10 more eps to go!
  3. Love this drama and surprised there's not much discussion... I am surprised they showed us "all" the villains, at least some: 1. the male villain friend/ex - maybe child of a sidepiece holding grudge? Thought about *maybe* haein's "dead" brother then it gets a little incesty if he's trying to woo her... 2. The matchmaker - why is she with the family? It is kind of weird unless she's doubling as a maid/secretary? 3. The stepmom - super sus with the shaman and now the food stuff. Maybe male villain's "mom"? I do hate MC being materialistic though and seems weird going from worrying about divorce and facing retribution to letting her die and collect $$$. I know it has to be there for there to be drama.. Do feel the ending will be bittersweet and he will have to take care of her or something. I mean tumors don't just disappear? She could've been poisoned too i suppose but even then it would take a lot to make her all better.
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