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  1. Yes he works at Dynamic BUT i thought he was on same side with Jessica. It is my impression he invited the gang to safe house for easy surveillance, lead him to reporter for assassination etc It is a hard sell for me to believe he knowingly let his company lose the bid to take her down? He couldve taken her down by foiling her plan.
  2. I am a bit confused about the reporter plot. So it seems the Arbitrator is the guy pulling the strings with the reporter but isn't he on same side with Jessica? Why stir the pot with reporter information? And if the reporter was bait to kill the hero why give real info and give him thumbdrive??? The most logical reason is he is working with another organization to bring down jessica or he wants to bring her down? I am just confused on this part. And the NIS chief flip-flopping is just ridiculous... i think in the end the gang will just release all relevant info to the public so that the president and others has to answer to the public since the president is so focus on his image.
  3. I feel the PM as the bad guy is too easy. I feel it would be a SHOCKER if the President is really the guy pulling the strings? But even if not, the President is clearly inept and a shakedown is gonna happen in the end. I am still feeling the PM is the "good guy" even though all points him to be bad guy.
  4. i think he will turn around by maybe making a win - win? if his side is making a different business district maybe he will force them to concede to have existing business be part of it?
  5. well the negotiator was in cahoots way before that? thought he was shown his colors the first/2nd episode? Yeah totally loved the ending of episode 4 - it wouldve been better if he had said something though. and it is weird why CDG has to be killed "naturally" when they are killing other people left and right. They could easily off him and clean up the mess.
  6. I think this is the most action packed KDrama i have ever seen.. it is on par with some action American series. One thing is still funny is how they censor the knife but not the gun...so its ok to shoot people but stabbing is bad? And how everyone can just be bought is insane. I know it is dramaland but it seems an "agent" or "cleaner" is on standby for every scene...especially fishy in the aircontroller place. It is interesting who the NIS spy is though and i felt weird why SSR didn't think about the comment from episode 3 on how him declaring the security confiscation cause the hack/video to be removed. I mean if it is not him, he should know who told him about it ? And man the main squad is so dumb to be so trusting of every stranger they meet. I mean the negotiator they met like one time and they willingly stay at his "safe house"?
  7. wait.. so lee soo is one sided love and no other interest? this can't be right can it or he is 2nd lead? maybe he turns evil in the end ?
  8. is the hammer murderer the biotech CEO? seems he was the HS student who murdered his mom and did the massacre at child day care. Then after some hiatus came back and the murder happens again? Also, whats with the little boy? not sure who that is...
  9. Too bad dont see the female prosecutor's ending. She pissed off a lot of people. Dont forget the prosecutor office is still corrupt...
  10. Wow well i guess at least he got what he wanted initially... But wonder who it is though
  11. i like romance and felt this drama rooting for prosecutor since she seemed to have some history with the sub.... I haven't seen the last episode yet but i suspect he will turn to full time teacher at same school... or become principle.
  12. Interesting! For the longest time i thought this was the other drama about a group of computer geniuses doing hacking competitions...
  13. Like the drama too. I feel the female antagonist is portrayed maybe initially as someone who is his first love but the way she act i cant feel pity for her but almost "good riddance" he forgot about her. She is just another rich entitled drama queen. I think if she was perfect (not "fake perfect") then it brings more drama. I actually like xiaoqi to do more of her power stuff...love the comedy revolve around that and not the current few episode of scheming stuff. And the stepmom... just another golddigger. Also, not sure if it is true or not, on tvmao the ending is supposed to be
  14. I think BJ wont go free. Maybe he will "win" while push everything to his dad and the detective and his dad. BUT i think once substitute shows the hidden camera (maybe smirking right when BJ about to walk out of courtroom lol) footage then whatever BJ says wont matter, the camera is probably in the bedroom somewhere where SA died because if it was supposed to be blackmail footage then nothing is better than "caught in the act"
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