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  1. After finish watching Hwayugi aka A Korean Odyssey which was filled with much humour and jokes, i've now turned my attention to this rom-com work where found both the lead actor & actress were able to carry themselves very well in their comedic roles which we rarely see by Lee Jong-suk and Bae Suzy...sincerely believe those whom had been skeptical on Bae Suzy acting ability will be won over if they have a chance to watch this highly engaging drama... found the storyline to be a bit similar to Another Oh Hae Young where the main protagonist is able to see the future but is unable to change it...however, with with much courage and sacrifice, the forthcoming fate can be reduced somewhat to a much better & happier ending!!!...
  2. Found this drama to be highly enjoyable as Goblin which shares similar storyline, ie. lead actor / actress fate will be ended with either one of them taking the other party life which makes it somewhat a tragic love story that would leave a lasting memory on the audiences..... each episode progresses with very interesting events where i found its side plots / characters are meaningful in developing the storyline unlike other typical dramas which are meant to only lengthen the drama screening period to 1 hour... moreover, i did not realise the lead actress was the same one that had appeared in Come Back Mister opposite Rain which shows her acting ability was not fully revealed in that drama...two thumbs up for Oh Yeon Seo performance... finally, the jokes & humours thrown by Lee Seung Gi and Cha Seung Won really made this drama a worthwhile watch.. :-)
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