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  1. Why did CB not join the wedding like CF, 6th Liang, and Hualan’s husband? CB was just hiding in the back and not sure what he said at all.
  2. I seriously cannot wait until subs are released to understand all of this. I just hope they like GTY. I hope GTY will come to the rescue lol...cause they are so evil to do it the next day after the wedding????
  3. Anyone know ahead what ML’s dowry was? So the things that GTY brought as betroth gifts...they stay with the Sheng family? Not knowledgeable about Chinese weddings.
  4. I agree... I also felt a sense of pity for Molan. Very naive...and very sad. It's all about the "what ifs"... Cause if she did not have her mother's influence, she may be different. If Grandma or Big Madam had kicked Concubine Lin out or not let Lin raised any of her children.. I don't think we would get this kind of story. Molan was blinded from wanting to beat her sisters and because of this... she did not see the problem that the Liang family is having internally that they are out looking for a potential daughter-in-law. As for ML, she's smart and she got the fish to bite her bait. I understand her reason for revenge and why she plan what she did but... I just kinda wish it wasn't ML's plan because she knew very well what was going to happen to Molan...I want to believe that maybe ML think that Molan would be as cunning or more worst than Concubine Lin and be able to handle the Liangs but... as everyone already kinda know what will happen to Molan already. yeah yeah yeah... it's not all ML's fault but I guess we reap what we sow.
  5. I wonder how things would have gone if GTY did not trick anyone... if he in the beginning just asked for ML. Since the novel is different from the drama... it would be nice to see if grandma would leave it up to ML .. and if ML would have agreed to this marriage .. Even when CB told his parents about it ...
  6. I was thinking about that too... because since the Emperor punished GTY with the exam, I was thinking if he would even be able to assist the next emperor in line. What did the Emperor say to GTY? Anyone know?
  7. I just want to know what happened in the conversation between the Emperor, Prince Zhao, and GTY after the rebellion. Anyone want to enlighten us?
  8. Did anyone noticed that the actor who plays ChangBei actually played the Water Deity in Ashes of Love or JingMi's father?
  9. I can't wait!!!! It will take a bit to get used to the new guys..
  10. someone please let me know where to watch this with full subs!I heard that viki is subbing and only available in certain countries...
  11. Someone want to kindly explain the significance behind the dolls that QH gave ML? Did GTY plan to give the other doll to ML but ML refuses and give back the one that QH gave? I'm currently assuming that these dolls are love tokens but is it? I wonder what Changbei felt when GTY proposed marriage to his household... I'm assuming it's probably a good thing and he might actually be happy? Anyone want to explain how BY just automatically left the army and not return? Like.. don't you need to have an order to leave ..???
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