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  1. @lonetwilight Yay!! Now i just hope we get to watch this online. @Nakiami Kyoko Thanks for sharing YEH's news!
  2. @lonetwilight would be great if its a Musical...based on the photos it looks fun! Our Darling girl is so talented, and we know she'll do great in it! As for the guy running off with the investment money, I hope the matter can be resolved soon by YG ent. So sad to hear this. So many people being affected by one selfish and irresponsible act.
  3. ooooh am so excited! Hope we get to watch this mini drama online....could it possibly be a Musical?
  4. Cheer up everyone!! As long as our dearest YEH is on screen I'm happy!!! She always deliver in all her projects! Her chemistry with her co-stars are always sizzling!! I bet she can even have chemistry with a brick if need be!!! As long as we fans stand by her and support her! So far i'm very happy with Love Alert....i've yet to watch episode 10 but i have faith things will work out fine with the story!! Fighting!!
  5. I watched Ep 5 (Subbed) last night and i was rendered to a giddy teen....come to hospital part i had this big Cheshire Cat grin on my face with giddy outburst here and there anticipating their 1st kiss!!! Love this soooooo much!!!
  6. OMG!!!! She is AB-SO-LUTE-LY DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!!!!!!! thank you everyone here for sharing her beautiful photos and news!! I'm really having a blasting feast!! thank you. As for those haters...ignoring them and not acknowledging them like they don't exist may be the best. they are nothing but troublemaking scums.
  7. Sooo excited!!!! Tomorrow will be a Celebration for all of us!! Love and cheers to our lovely YEH!!!
  8. @vegaspink Hhhuuuuuugggggsssss to you my dearest friend. I just came from Koalasplayground. Just ignore them. They are not worth it. Toxic people should be left alone to stew in their own toxic sewage.
  9. She is and always Amazing. She has chemistry with literally anyone! I bet she can have great chemistry even with a rock!! hehehe...Happy Blessed Birthday to our lovely and graceful Yoon Eun Hye!!
  10. Our darling has lost weight!!! Agree with @Nakiami Kyoko She looks happy though which is the most important! Fighting YEH!!
  11. We cannot expect everyone to think like us and love YEH like us, furthermore we also can't stop them for having different opinions. I don't really care about all these negative comments cos no matter what they say I still love my girl! I just pray that this Drama is solid and well written cos I know YEH will give her all for this drama like all her other dramas!!
  12. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Finally!!! Soooooo happy!!!!
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