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  1. Wow. What a grand entrance to attract the crowd! All the cast and scenery look amazing. Well done, SBS! I believe this is the perfect timing to start promoting the drama. 1 teaser down, 4 more to go! :lol:

    I really look forward to this scene in particular where Haesoo and the 4th prince met. It was beautifully shot!


    One thing, the hanbok that the princes wear still bothers me. They look lacking in comparison to other goryeo dramas, like Empress Ki. They still look handsome though. 


    I can't wait for the second teaser! I hope it gets to be released this week too. Lol

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  2. taeyeon-IU-800x450.jpg

    The queen of OSTs is back!

    A source from the broadcasting industry recently revealed that Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon is taking time out from her busy solo/unit/group schedules to record a song for the upcoming drama “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.”

    The source added, “Many other star singers will be participating in the OST along with Taeyeon.”

    Taeyeon has received a lot of love for her previous OSTs such as “I Love You,” “Missing You Like Crazy,” “Closer,” and “If.” Her emotional vocals are expected to add drama to the new show’s storyline.

    Scarlet Heart: Goryeo” stars IU and a whole host of attractive male co-stars and is scheduled to air its first episode on August 29.

    Who else do you want to see record an OST for the drama?


    Taeyeon's voice is really beautiful, will suit the sad tone of the drama.. I wish IU, Baek Ji Young, or Sung Si Kyung can participate too lol

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  3. 4 hours ago, ilovekorearocks said:


    I hope they'll be releasing more stuff like this and will be subbed soon by subbing teams. <3  I've prepared shirts for the premier(w/ IU's promotional poster on it). I'll wear them while watching live steam and while walking around the mall before August 29. :D 

    I've done a good job waiting all these 6-7months.. but now that it's a month away my heart just can't take it no more.. August 29.. jebal...


    Welcome to this thread @ilovekorearocks ! :lol: 

    Aww how sweet of you!! Please do take pictures of the shirts if you don't mind.. keke I'm sure your event will be fun. Hopefully all the effort won't go to waste. I can't wait for the drama too. Hoping for a teaser to be released soon by SBS..

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  4. Good job cosmo for promoting the drama! At least they're doing a better job than SBS for now lol. I'm loving the chemistry between the casts. Hoping that this is a good sign and such chemistry will be seen too on the screen. I can't help but spazz for IU x Kang Ha Neul x Lee Jun Ki's interactions! *squee* Both of them picked IU for the Finger Talk. So adorable :wub: Gah...Whom shall I ship Haesoo with?? :w00t:

    By the way, some of the trailer videos for MLSHR on youtube has been taken down... Hmm.. Is SBS on the move? lol They better release something for us by the start of August..which is next week!:w00t:

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    I want to share this amazing mix of IU singing BBJX OST with the trailer... (credits to OnlyIUcn's youtube channel) Apparently, IU memorised the lyrics for this song while filming the drama. Wow. I really wish IU will sing one of the OSTs for MLSHR. Her voice really resonates within you. Clear, but you can faintly hear a feeling of sadness as well. Suits the drama really well. :bawling:

    Some of her comments about the drama on her fanmeeting in Nanjing


     Can August come faster!!! I can't wait.... Ok back to rewatching the trailer for the hundredth time:w00t:

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  6. 4 hours ago, meahri66 said:

    Chingu, I'm so sad to be spazzing here alone...by myself.  Excitement can easily multiply when there's more than one person...but I'm fine. Really. There's a LOT to look at here that will definitely keep my mind off the fact that I'm by myself on our thread.

    I think my face is frozen. :w00t:


    Don't worry, @meahri66. Judging from the (hilarious) comments on dramabeans, you're definitely not alone! My guess is... 1 week before the airing date, this forum will be crowded in no time :w00t: 


    Out of all the photos, this has become my favorite.. Too much feels already and we're still 40 days away from the airing date.. I feel like i'm about to explode :w00t: I wonder when will SBS air the teaser. I hope it's a different version compared to what they've aired in China. Gimme more!!!

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  7. IU and Kang Haneul Boast Couple Chemistry 'Umbrella Date'?


    Actor Kang Haneul and IU are one eye-catching pair!

    The two artists attended the wrap up party for their upcoming drama "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo". The two are spotted sharing one umbrella while walking under the rain. Kang Haneul is looking charismatic in his casual attire and very gentleman as he holds the umbrella for them. On the other hand, IU, is also lovely in her simple white top and denim pants while flashing smiles to the camera.

    Even before the drama premieres, the two are already boasting chemistry and fans are anticipating if the two will have a love line in the plot. Meanwhile, "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" airs on August 29.


    MOD EDIT: Put large files and multiple pictures in spoiler tag

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  8. 1 hour ago, Seulgi Seulgi said:

    any lee joongi IU mv after trailer?

    pls show us and give me link...coz i want to collect their mv:wub::wub:

    even many people will be #haneulteam

    im always joonki-iu team:D:P if u same boat with me?

    just follow ig @hryujinee1_1 and twitter@hryujin tq!


    Here are some of the best ones that i've found on Youtube ;) Most of the scenes were still taken from other dramas though haha. But hopefully this helps! 






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  9. Hey guys! Just made a piano medley version for all of the songs in IU's remake album  :)If you have time, please kindly check it out! kekeThis video was made with a lot of love and effort, here's hoping the love I have for IU could be delivered to those who watch it as well (aigoo so cheesy... i'm sorry lol) :x

  10. edensor said: Btw there is something weird last night.Last night... I put IU's Flower Bookmark picture on my BBM (Blackberry Messenger) as my profile pic (first picture IU wearing red dress leaning on piano).The thing is... not long after... one of my friend on my BBM friend list poke me and ask "whos thattt..."Since I know my friends are not familiar with Kpop i just said "artist".But the he said "ohh... really?? I thought that was you!" LMAOOOOOOI said "What?? Of course not... I'm not doing a plastic surgery... LOL"But he replied again 'But its true... she look like you... I thought it was really you..."Me : *not replying but silently infront of my screen phone* adjsdkgjdflk;h; OMG!!! So i'm like IU??? Kyaaaaaaaa....!!!! XDDDDDDDDDD
    End of my story hahahha...

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