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  1. @lovely_skham Oh absof*ckinglutely! agree with us not dwelling on the negativeness of any of the snide remarks that the others have made or making. Am not gonna stoop that low. Hehe, But since I've been away for so long the curiosity just got the better of me but then as far as I've see, nobody in here was taking those remarks seriously. We're all just here to chill and ship as always.( BTW, it's all good if you're not a fan of PSH, 'am shipping her with another anyway! :phew::D

    Just waiting here to see what will these two show us, either in solo or joined projects. 'Am cheering for them both, real or reel. XD


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  2. Wow, I haven't posted in long time in here.. I was lurking on the other thread, but I gotta ask since am dying of curiosity here....

    Why are they bashing this ship? Uhm, ok sorry maybe not really bashing, but yeah, I got no other term or word for it, I didn't backread that long coz it got tons of pages! Did someone from here went to their thread and started something? Lol, some are so affected, some are also out of the line with their comments, but hey... whatever floats your boat right? ;)


    Anyways... Yeah, Love, love the photo shoot! The chemistry is sizzling and those stare. RAWR!

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  3. @lovely_skham have I said I sooo very very liked and loved all your post? If not So sorry that I just blurt it out right now!  

    I 200.gifYou! 

    BTW, I agree with what you've said and like what I've posted over and over again, HHJ have a good head on her shoulders, this is the first time that she seems too comfortable w/ his male co-star. It maybe because she's more matured now and know better, but NO. I definitely think there's much more to these two behind the scenes and we are getting a glimpse of it.  

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  4. I want that BOOK!!! Where can I find that in English version?! :heart: :blush:


    Anyways just watched episode 7, and man those kisses where scorching hot! 

    Things we've confirmed so far:

    1. All of us who speculated that OYJ was the 'real' creator of KC - Grats, we're right.
    2. The Catalyst for one of them to get in or out of the manga are strong emotions that are felt by the main two characters. 
    3. That some of the characters are getting affected on how the W world seem to go on. (best ex. would be Do Yoon, seeing the invisible hand of SoHee - She might've been like that because as we all think she's not the main heroine anymore, more over Kang chul does not need her/ no use of her at the moment, so will she cease to exist? )
    4. The Hooded Man? Who F is he? - If we/ I were to have an educated guess, I think the much closer and plausible truth will be- is that he is Kang Chul's alternate ego who the creator Oh Sung Moo created w/o him realizing it. Since we all know that he didn't have a specific person in mind to be the culprit it's much possible that this theory would be true, since both of them could cross over to the real world. Bet it'll only be revealed and stopped by OJY's character. 
    5. Oh Yeon Joo has loved Kang Chul's idea and character ever since. - Since she was a child, she was engrossed w/ a fictional 'perfect man'  but as she grows up she forgot about him, now that she gets dragged over and over to the W's world, her old feelings re-surfaced, thus making her current feelings for KC more stronger, to the point she became his 'new' maker/author. 
    6. Kang Chul will get there. - Even if he hasn't said his feelings about her, don't you think actions were stronger than words? He's proved it over and over again. And am still not adding up all the times he kissed her! lol. 


    Overall, I think W will only soar higher, we're not even at the peak/climax of the story yet but the story and plot is this good already, can't helped but think it will only be better by the next few episode, I hope they won't let us down. Looking forward to watching episode 8 next week, since MBC decided their d*ck move! *Argh, sorry for the crude language, just a frustrated fan here*


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  5. 56 minutes ago, juju84 said:

    Same problem chingu!:bawling:I don't know why it's happening! I've lost my previous status as well. And it was hard won. I'm very upset.

    Due to Massive update, " this causes reputation points and post counts to be inaccurate....

    Anyways, I've watch Queen In Hyun's Man and I love, Loved it! Twas one of the best underrated drama that' I've seen. Didn't know that they were written by the same Author/writer. AND Chingus! More importantly, If some of you have watched that drama, you'll see the connection and look of love in both Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo's eyes, it's like they are not acting anymore,they are in love. AND, after the drama ended both were confirmed to have fallen with each other and were dating at the latter part of the show. They're soo cute together, I really like them both. Why am I saying those things again? Well, going by how this couple act, can't see how they can't developed feelings w/ each other, it is Plausible. 

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  6. @lovely_skham OMG! I hope you're not offended, I just merely want to remind everyone of us to take everything with a grain of salt. Really sorry But I truly, understand your point and your observation.

    You guys know what I really really hate? I have shipped many pairs but on almost every ship there's that one that truly went on the end of the crazyland, just went over delusional at every point to the point that it's irritating and I always leave that ship. But here I think everyone is grounded I really like that 'coz it shows that every one of us shippers here is thinking with a straight mind and is shipping this two based on what we observed and what they do. Kudos to us!


    And really Jong Suk you just have to do that right?

    He really is the Captain of this ship, and Han Hyo Joo is the First Mate!

    Of Course WE are the Chief Engineers we Pilot this ship! *Ahoy Mates!* 


    @yongshinforever20 Welcome aboard mate! And yeah, I hear you same shipper here! *smirk* 

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  7. Compare LJS smile and reaction in these two gifs from above: *Credit to the owner


    Dang! I think he was surprised that HHJ put her hands on him and tug him closer to her w/ a straight face, while I think LJS is a li'l bit flustered like "What the hell just happened? But Lucky me! Liked the gesture too much, stay focused, and NOT on her!

    Oh, btw, @_yellowcarina_ Yes! thank you for correcting me, my bad, ooopppsss. :) But none the less, Age is just a number! But I think the lesser the Gap the more compatible the couple will be, but it still depends on a lot of factors.

    @lovely_skham I somewhat Agree with you, but I don't wanna step on anybody's toes or other parts but I just need to remind you guys that whatever we think is happening between them in Reel and Real, we must always take it with a grain of salt, just to lessen the blow if they don't work out in the end. BUT, Like everyone here, am contradicting my own advice, and while we're at it, let's spazz away and here is what I think about them--- I really really think that LJS as a man is smitten with HHJ and she on the other hand, might also have some feelings for him, -- Purely base on all the BTS of these two and all the other BTS of these two people w/ their past co-stars. I just think that their just more comfortable with each other, like they do not give a flying richard simmons what the world thinks, it's like they have a world of their own when they're having this, their "moments". It's just them.... 

    Han Hyo Joo has also worked with Jae Joong in the past but she was never this comfy w/ him.. (well, understandable w/ all their fans) but still, I think you get what I mean right? *wink* Anyways, these two are too adorable for words, And I wanna beat the living daylights out of MBC for postponing W this week! Argh! We Need OUR FIX! Why don't they effing get that?! It's frustrating, but hoping for the best, that somehow the time will just be pushed a li'l later but still will air. ~Leap of Faith!~

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  8. 11 hours ago, maryofbethany said:

    sorry sorry, i just found this thread, and randomly scan and chose post to read, am still working, stealing time to read this.... so pardon me if i missed out those pages in front.
    desperately need to find out this, i always heard rumours in time past about LJS with Park Shinhye, so means they are NOT really together right? many fans keep cooking up rumours since Pinocchio . please tell me that is not true.
    for those who mentioned about Noona romance, indicating HHJ been older. com'on, this generation, noona romance is so so so often, and i do have real life noona romance  and noona marriage couples around me, some even live on happily ever after for 20 yrs or more, having children and grandchildren.  i am not worry about HHJ if this couple is real, i am more worry about LJS, fans always like to pair him with this or that.

    8 hours ago, wildaffairs said:


    Haha I watch Pinocchio and love the drama, but I never feel LJS and PSH are more than friends. They are close with each other, but not in the sort of dating each other. I believe what happens in the drama, stays as a drama. They can still hang out as friends after the drama ends.


    @maryofbethany remember when PSH and LJS was "allegedly" caught by Dispatch in dates? Both Parties denied it immidiately. But their fans are just like any others and they just continually, religiously ship them as their OTP, but I definitely think both of them are good friends with each other and PSH is notoriously known for hanging out with her friends may it be guys or girls but she said she'd never, ever will went public with her relationship.

     @wildaffairs Also watched Pinocchio and their BTS but like you I never felt their "connection" nor the "sparks" that they have or will have in real life, maybe it's just us. Lol. But, chingus....These two definitely have some serious charm, connection and Sparks are flying! All their BTS just gives us the Good Vibes that they are very playful and comfortable with each other and are not shy to show it. I love that HHJ does not care about the "Noona-Dongsaeng" thing, because, why would she? In the past she has always been partnered up with very much older and seasoned veteran actors, but this time, it's just a 1 year gap, they're like chingus! (same birth year friend). And Am very happy that she pick this drama and the story is definitely one of the best that so far I've watched. Am looking forward as to how these two will grow as an actor and I hope they'll learn from eachother and even if the drama ended whatever their relationship will be, I hope they stay connected somehow. :)

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  9. 1 hour ago, zairrie said:


    So if she wasn't in the published ones, what thoughts are he talking about? This drama is really confusing.hahaha 

    I think the ones he was talking about were the parts where OYJ said that her heart beats faster whenever they have their "moments" I think KC is perceiving that OYJ's feelings about him were true and she's not lying to him deliberately. ;)


    And gawd! I dunno what we'll do if they postponed the drama for two weeks! We all will definitely have a severe withdrawal, am 100% sure of it, I can definitely see this thread bursting in the seams from the complaints, angst, and severe feelings of missing this drama and these two characters.  :sweatingbullets:

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  10. I also think that OYJ is the real author/maker of Kang Chul, that's why she can get in and out of his world. His father brought him to life thru the webtoon, he polished the rough and raw idea that YJ had as a child so somewhat he has the power to get inside the webtoon too. But as he said he can't edit it now, for him and Kang Chul it's over the ending they both approved of was done and over so he can't undo it, however it's different from OYJ's perspective since she is sympathizing with KC coupled it with her strong feelings towards him, she somewhat became the "new" Author of KC life/ or progress of the webtoon itself, I think both of them has the power to end it at some point if they both reached a suitable conclusion for the manga. 


    Gaaaaah! For the life of me as I was watching ep 5and6 I dunno who's much more crazier and craziest of it all, will it be the Author who was talking to his character who ultimately shot him, or the daughter, OYJ who has fallen in love with a webtoon character or ultimately US, the viewer, who can't seem to stop shipping the one from the real world and the one from fiction?! :bawling:


    Somehow, I think the World "W" is a alternate reality or a parallel universe to the reality of OYJ. I think that is the sanest idea I can come up with right now and it also is plausible. 

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  11. @lovely_skham DEAR Gawd! Why are you doing this?! Why are you posting this pics and BTS?! WHHHHHHHYYYY?! YOU.ARE TORTURING.ME.US.! 

    It's just making me want to ship them MORE and More and more! I don't even like LJS, but in this drama, he's just adorable. That's it. I like him here. Period. I love the easy camaraderie between them, just looking at their BTS is just so easy, fun and charming. I think HHJ is more at ease because she's a noona and sunbae like what the other chingu just pointed, I think she's not afraid to express her self more and not afraid of any rumors because as far as I know LJS is almost the only one whom she has been paired with that is closest to her age, like wise both of them are pretty and are susceptible to charming each others socks off. Either way, I like them both together, REEL or REAL.

    BTW, about Han Hyo Joo's acting --- I think it's NOT over the top. It's just how she wants to portray her character, plus, it gives her more edge 'coz we all know she can act crazy w/ over the top reaction but then, she can bring serious acting prowess on her own. I think it's just the right mix of comedic relief and seriousness on her part, besides, WHO WOULD ACT NORMALLY IF YOU JUST GOT SUCK INSIDE A WORLD OF MANHWA?! It is just not POSSIBLE. So we kinda understand the cray cray reaction. :)

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  12. I did NOT expect to like this drama so very much. Not actually a fan of Lee Jong Suk but that's not here nor there. The drama itself is just...intriguing. I also love Han Hyo Joo's acting and character. Damn! I even love Soo Bong's comedic relief! More power to this drama! Love it!


    BTW guys, does this couple not have a thread on Shippers Paradise?  

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  13. @Bijissss Hey! Regarding your questions, It's not actually dispatch denying their allegations, but it was the other way around, it's PSH and LJS' agencies who denied the rumors immediately, but since am really devastated that time, I think I might have just switched up my wordings on that post. XD

    Question#2, it's not per se Jonghoon is out right denying the rumor, but he did comment on Hongki's IG defense against the dating claims and is siding with him on the allegations that the two could just be friends. 

    As far as I know that is the gist of Hongki and Jonghoon's comment on IG. Hope this answers your questions. :D

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  14. @jstarr23_stv Hey no prob, If you'd have read my earlier posts in this thread I was distraught too. Very. But I calmed my self, you know did a li'l digging in the web ;)and yeah just collected my thoughts, and there you have it. We really should not let these things affect us, 'coz at the end of the day we're still people who are outside looking in into there lives. We really don't know what's going on. :)

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  15. Hi everyone. Been a lurker here for awhile but never posted. I love love love Yongshin ever since Heartstrings and with this Dispatch news, l have to admit l feel myself panicking! :crazy: It does seem suspicious PSH was at his parking garage, switching cars... (at night?!) and their late night drives/outings... I don't know what to think.

    >> Actually for me, It doesn't really seem suspicious, why? because she is not hiding her face. Most of the Actors/ Actresses even outside Korea when they went to their dates usually wear a mask to hide their face to give him/her and their partners a semblance of  privacy. Yeah one can argue that she seems to be looking left and right in that parking lot, but think about it? Who wouldn't? It's late at night If I was her I would also look around just to see if anyone is out there you know? 'coz it is kinda scary in underground parking lots, believe me. 

    I know PSH has a lot of male friends... and many rumors about who she is dating... But has she ever been photographed (by Dispatch especially) in the same circumstances as this one with another guy or male celeb?! Can anyone confirm this?

    >> Actually No. Park Shin Hye is the Elusive type. She's beautiful, flawless, talented on top her game. There is zero scandal with her name, until now. Well, she always have a dating rumor every now and then, but the longest was with Yong Hwa running for I dunno... 5-7 years I think(Someone correct me if am wrong).  I know that Dispatch is credible when it comes to dating exposure but sometimes they are not. 

    If not, then it makes me worry. If they are friends, why be secretive about hanging out together? From what l know, (correct me if I'm wrong) doesn't she hang out with Hongki freely? Why aren't there dating rumors about them? :blink: 

    >>  Again, I don't really think it's a secret nor both of them were being secretive. I mean c'mon! They photographed Shin Hye coming in and out of Lee Jong Suk's car, claiming they went for a long drive... But do they have a proof? There wasn't even a time stamp in their pictures to corroborate their time claims. Plus, Are we all sure that LJS didn't just pick up PSH and go meet with their other friends? And, even if it is true that it is only the two of them I don't see nothing wrong with it. I mean I do have tons of good male friends who pick me up at my house(sometimes late at night too, mind you. And yes am happy w/ my bf and he knows too.) or went to hang out with them, specially if they have problems or they just wanted to have a good catching up or talk. 

    -- Yes, she does hang out with Lee Hong Ki, way back then, it's no secret. And yeap, there is no dating rumors about them maybe because the people around them knows the real score/ deal about these 2. They're good friends. LJS maybe just like Hong Ki, but Dispatch made it to something else. Even Hong Ki was upset that Dispatch didn't even notice who he was. lol. 

    I was prepared to follow and ship Yongshin until they get married or reveal their relationship (my hope). Even if they don't end up together... I was hoping that the news would be a long time from now. I'm not ready to hear they are not together anymore :tears:

    Their chemistry from HS and the BTS is just amazing; you can really see how much they liked each other. It was so so sweet. 

    I'm completely bummed. I don't know what to think. :tears:


    Ok, dear my replies are all the red colored ones, I tried to answer all your queries to the best of my knowledge about PSH and Yongshin. :) 

    Gaaaah, now am looking at it in a different perspective. Shin Hye have always said she won't admit any of her relationships, let's see and wait until her vacay is over ok? Let's all just chill and relax, it's not like the end of the world for us ok? Bennifer though.....:tears:

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  16. In regard to the current news of Shin Hye dating LJS.. I'll only abandon this ship if and When.. Yong Hwa officially says that she has a GF and it ain't our girl Shin Hye. I mean I do respect both of them if there's really nothing between them and just solid friendship, but these two, Yong Hwa and Shin Hye has got more incriminating proofs that they are more than just good friends compared to Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. I mean Dispatch has been around and they're veterans in these things but something is just not adding up with their reports and claim. Hong Ki and Jonghoon have come to defend Shin Hye, but what about Yong hwa??? If they are good friends am sure he's worried about her, but he always steer clear of these things.. what do you guys think?

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  17. Shin Hye have always been adamant that she won't ever, even if her life is depending on it that she would reveal any of her past and or current romantic relationship, that's why this report made me think twice.. I mean yeah Dispatch is pretty credible regarding secret couples, but I think I trust Lee Hwi Jae more, I mean that guy and Heechul knows more secrets and dirt than any person in Korean industry. PSH have always denied her relationship cause she always says that she wanted it to be more personal and private, there's no reason for her to backpedal now.. And for the love of heaven! Shin Hye has got tons of hot guy friends she always hang out with, LJS is no different. 


    Or maybe guys,, we're just justifying our beliefs here. :rolleyes::D

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  18. Holy freaking richard simmons.. I mean.. Just saw the article on dispatch. I mean.. Wow.. They are pretty credible with this stuff. But holy... wow... am seriously running out of adjective to use here. I mean...Seriously?! AM kinda feeling dejected here.. 



    Ok wait.. Dispatch are actually denying their reports now? Gaaaaaaah someone say something... where are the other dooliers? investigating? I hope so...

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