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  1. after such a longgggg hiatus and finally~ so freakkkinggg eggcited for her debut in americaaaaa!!
  2. Just watch the entire movie and I think Inrang deserves better rating. Other than the editing feels quite messy, overall I enjoyed the movie. Hyojoo really did a great job as LYH. She shows mixed emotions - which makes me feel for her character. I absolutely like the scene which she lay on the bed as thoughts running through her mind. She is so good at expressing a sense of despair in such a sexy way. I am actually perplexed why the Korean viewers give it a low rating. Perhaps they didnt like the slow pace and gloomy plot. Spoilers alert!
  3. @adamagI tried to look for the kissing scene spoiler but sadly it has been deleted. But it was really vivid in my mind because I replayed it for many times. The scene is rather romantic, they just sat there quietly as a sad music was being played in the background, and LYH turns to look at him and he turns to look at her too. There is a moment of eye contact and as IJK leans in to kiss her, their eyes fix on each other's lips, before a slow deep kiss but LYH seems to hold back her emotions during the kiss.
  4. @adeleyam But in the animation the kiss happened much later and not just when they initially met? Perhaps the feelings wasn't there before the kiss because the kiss feels like LYH was sad about using IJK. @adamag to describe the kiss in emoticons was ...........
  5. @adeleyam Really appreciate your review! So glad to know the movie is not as terrible as what they reviewed and it stays as close as its animation.. I feel Koreans just love dramatic actions. Just maybe they expect a lot more from Director Kim (he is really affected by the outcome). I am still feeling a little apprehensive that the movie is a flop because of the over-expectation as somehow somewhere it just doesn't suit to Koreans liking. But I think the international fans will appreciate the movie better after watching it. And there's something I am really curious about Hyojoo's character. LYH first appearance was in a green coat and later we see her changing to red. Is there any significant meaning? @adamag
  6. Hope someone could sub Hyo's interview. I didn't expect the movie to be a flop but neither it would to be darn good as well. Director Kim should just release the movie internationally now so we can give our reviews lol. It might not be a flop. I saw some spoilers and I believe many international fans are dying to watch it. I'm still not over Inrang till I watch the movie and before my anticipation starts diminishing day by day.
  7. @solaire Right on that! Some of them are illogical to begin with. And also Inrang is at a bad timing because it has been compared with MI6
  8. I haven't get to watch the movie to see if the movie is really a flop. I don't trust those biased reviews until I watch it myself. About her next work.. rather than waiting for a good script.. I hope she does something that suits her. A mature warm-hearted role would fit her perfectly and also I would like to continue seeing her work with actors who are at her level. Sometimes when I see her in role that doesn't fit her.. her acting can be quite un-natural but not to the point that it is awful to watch.
  9. @jughead2000 I feel for Hyojoo's difficulty to not answer some questions relating to her role because it might be spoilers. Thus she has lesser things to talk about and in the end questions are given to the others to answer. But still I hope she would say more stuff because we don't get to see the movie any time soon lol. I also notice something that Kdw rocks his chair backwards (unsure why) but my instincts tells me he doesn't want to block Hyojoo's view. (Haha I might be overthinking again) Yes I feel what you feel too and feels a bit angry that he is cold towards Hyojoo. Their first or second Inrang interview, he was still teasing her after the dating rumour came out, he seems to distant himself with her. I hope it is not true and just think that it because they are still awkward. Anyway there is JWS which I prefer to see his interaction with Hyojoo
  10. Also would like to know what was the question asked at 49:00 of the video. There was some awkward silence. At 51:30, JWS was asked to choose one from the audience to ask the question and chose the girl who was too nervous so he asked her to calm down and told her she doesn't have to ask him the question so the girl asked KDW instead (Poor JWS hahaha) Still admire him more. At 55:00 , Hyojoo was describing how she got her back injuried and went to the hospital (?)
  11. At least he says they are good friends (probably with same interests) and not working colleagues. If it's the latter, I would be really disappointed with Kdw. I guess we will know the answer as time goes by. Last night live chat, Director Kim gave a spoiler and showed a kissing scene through his drawings. The reaction is hilarious but yeah kind of expected. And from the reviews, it does seem that Hyojoo has a lot more scenes. I am so thrilled but so disappointed to not see it in theatre.
  12. https://tv.kakao.com/channel/2722027/livelink/3536623 Chewing Chat .. Group Photo
  13. BH Ent uploaded Hyojoo's cute photos Where to view the live chat later?
  14. I guess the reviews are more positive than I expected. It could be confusing for those who have not watched the original animation. Im Joong Kyung is supposed to be emotionless or rather expressionless. Because it is a turbulent era in the movie, most characters should have a solemn expression. And also action genre is popular in korean movies but the lacking part is that it produced subpar plot.
  15. Hyojoo looks so cute and lost in this one
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