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  1. Hobbang is here!


    From Soompi News:

    Jo Yoon Hee And Lee Dong Gun Welcome Their First Child


    Jo Yoon Hee and Lee Dong Gun have become parents!

    On December 14, the actress’s agency announced through an official press release, “Jo Yoon Hee gave birth to a baby girl at a hospital in Seoul this morning. The mother and baby are both healthy, and Jo Yoon Hee is currently recuperating while receiving blessings from those around her. Lee Dong Gun is celebrating this precious moment with the rest of the family. Please give them your warm love and support.”

    Lee Dong Gun and Jo Yoon Hee fell in love while filming the drama “Laurel Tree Tailors.” The couple registered their marriage back in May and held a private wedding ceremony on September 29.

    Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

    Source (1) (2)


    Allkpop also translated LDG's fan message:

    "This is Hobbang's daddy.
    I think I last spoke to you during the hot summer, and I'm updating you now that it's the cold winter. 
    You always understood and trusted me, who's mindless and lacking.
    Early this morning, I became the father of Hobbang, who made me fall in love for no reason at first sight.
    The sight of her crying fiercely and trying hard to slowly open her eyes as well as the moment her small eyes stared into mine, her painfully small hands and feet, fingers and toes... all of it shook me, touched me, and made me happy in a big way that I can't describe. 
    I'll live to the fullest and make everyone looking at my loving wife and lovable daughter happy as well. 
    I've realized today once again how life itself is a big blessing and happiness. I hope that you smile today seeing my family of 3.
    -From Yoon Hee's husband and Hobbang's daddy"

  2. @bajing hehe, I'm realizing that I spend way too much time on soompi and the drama. Actually, it was the following article I saw the other day that made me want to re-open this thread. JYH was filming promo material for a UNICEF Korea campaign to help children in need (medical, school, care supplies and facilities, etc.). Other celebrities from her agency were also helping with the campaign, but since I only saw the articles for JYH... Also, JYH is known to adopt abandoned dogs and she's involved with a fundraising campaign for that too (https://storyfunding.daum.net/episode/18402). So a girl who's as beautiful on the inside as she is outside deserves a place for others to praise about and cheer for.



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  3. I was asked if I wanted to take over the first post when I asked for the thread to be re-opened. Since it was old, I accepted. Sorry to JYH in advance, because I won't be super dedicated to the thread and her future work :unsure: but if there's nobody around I'll try to update regularly. I'll update the first post when there's time.

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  4. The thread has been re-opened from the archives! I'll start by posting pics of JYH looking gorgeous in a wedding dress (the 2nd one) for The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop. Except for the 1st screencap, the rest of the images were taken from KingKongENT's blog: http://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=6069826&memberNo=6239249





    And with co-star Lee Dong Gun. You can see the full length of the dress in the last ones - so beautiful :astonished:







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  5. Jo Yoon Hee



    Name: Jo Yoon Hee, 조윤희(Hangul)

    Birthdate: 1982.10.13

    Birthplace: South Korea

    Height: 170 cm

    Education: Dongduk Women's University - Broadcasting and Entertainment

    Blood Type: O


     Filmography (Drama) 

    2002: SBS Orange

    2003: MBC Love Letter

    2004: MBC Best Theater "Butterfly"

    2004: KBS2 Snow White: Taste Sweet Love

    2006: MBC Love Can't Wait

    2007: KBS2 Drama City "GOD"

    2008: KBS2 Drama City "LoveForSale.com"

    2008: MBC Spotlight

    2009: KBS2 Hometown Legends "The Grudge Island"              

    2009: KBS2 Hot Blood

    2009: SBS Smile, You (cameo)

    2010: MBC Golden Fish

    2011: SBS Lie To Me

    2012: KBS2 My Husband Got a Family

    2013: Naver TV Love in Memory

    2013: tvN Nine: Nine Time Travels

    2013: MBC Scandal: A Shocking and Wrongful Incident

    2014: KBS2 The King's Face

    2015: KBS2 The Producers (cameo)

    2016: tvN Pied Piper

    2016: KBS2 The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop


      Filmography (Film) 

    2003: The Last Supper

    2004: Taegukgi

    2008: Living Together, Happy Together

    2009: 4th Period Mystery (cameo)

    2012: Doomsday Book

    2014: The Con Artists

    2015: Joseon Magician

    2016: Luck Key


     Music video 

    1999: I Believe (Lee Soo-young)

    2000: For You....(Lee Ji-hoon)

    2001: Doll (Lee Ji-hoon feat. Shin Hye-sung)

    2001: Charari (Lee Soo-young)

    2001: Bus Stop (Lee Soo-young)

    2001: Fantasy (Lee Soo-young)

    2001: Cafe (Lee Soo-young)

    2002: La La La (Lee Soo-young)

    2002: Debt (Lee Soo-young)

    2003: Goodbye (Lee Soo-young)

    2003: Left Alone (Lee Soo-young)

    2003: I Still Bite My Lips (Lee Soo-young)

    2003: Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Lee Seung-chul)

    2004:  Gwanghwamun Love Song (Lee Soo-young)

    2006: Confession (4Men)

    2013: Goodbye in Once Upon a Time (Eric Nam)



    2016-present: KBS Cool FM Jo Yoon Hee’s Volume Up



    2010: MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actress (Golden Fish)   

    2012: 5th Style Icon Awards – New Icon (My Husband Got A Family)

    2012: KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple Award (My Husband Got A Family, With Lee Hee-Joon)

    2012: KBS Drama Awards – Best Supporting Actress (My Husband Got A Family)                    

    2013: 6th Korea Drama Awards – Top Excellence Award, Actress (Nine: Nine Times Travel)        

    2016: KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actress In A Serial Drama (Laurel Tree Tailors)


      Official Sites 

    King Kong Ent Profile


    Last Update: 2017.02.16 PM me or make a note on the thread if you want something edited. Thanks to the original thread starter. Source: Wikipedia

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