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  1. Hi foresthills!This is Beth fr. SF.I hope you remember me and my sisters.We attended KYO's event in Korea.Are you still in PI or back to US.I know you are a jetsetter lady lol.Thank you again for the T shirts you gave us.Don't forget my invitation.If you happen to pass by SF,come and stay with us.Have't updated myself re:the SSSong couple.It seems like they might be just friends too!I am hoping she is still w/ KDW.Dispatch has published a pic of KDW dating.The face of the girl was blurred out but they think it is SHK.Check our WonKyo thread.I am off fr. work  today so I am trying to catch up.Hope you are in the best of health.Regards to your wonderful son too!

  2. I am so happy to see you back.Your posts always give me so much joy,specially at SHK's thread.I don't see a lot of the old Songhyekyoers.I guess they are all busy working like us.Hope to see you more often:blush:.

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