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  1. Poor Miso! That nasty little “demon” is going to be tormenting her all night long if this prediction becomes true.
  2. I hate to be a Debbie downer over here, but I don’t think we’ll get our bed scene in the first half of next weeks episode. I hope I’m wrong, but this is my theory of what will go down. They are in the middle of kissing and then he.... falls asleep! Keep in mind that he didn’t get ANY sleep the night before and he is drinking wine with Miso in that last scene. Remember that when they couldn’t sleep at Miso’s house he suggested a night cap to lull them to sleep. Being an avid k-drama follower I would not be surprised if they bypass the love scene in this manner. Plus, it’s rare to get a sex scene episodes before the finale . The only saving grace in a possible love scene is that this drama is airing in TVN, but I think it’s a long shot.
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