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  1. Been patiently waiting for EL2 to be released! Hope it will be soon....the OTP is just too cute and the kiss scenes.... I hope it is just as good if not better the EL1....
  2. So excited this novel is coming to tv and the script writer is the novel writer too! There is no way that the novel can be butchered! I really adore the novel and I do hope they keep the cute fun fluffy aspect of the novel. Oh innuendos that Gun does to poor TN Makes me blush LOL... I just hope that Hunan doesn't pick up this drama....yes you Hunan who has butcher so many novels made into dramas.... Maybe a web platform picks it up so it won't be butchered. Hope Viki or Dramafever picks this up so we can have some good english subs. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  3. This drama is giving me CITT flashback. I really enjoyed the book and the beginning of the drama was so good. Why did they change so much in the later part? I know they need fillers but to change it to this extent is very disappointing. I am sure the ratings show the fans disappointment. The writer should be getting lots of backlash from fans and they should. I know the drama is showing more sympathy toward Night but XF didn't do anything to Night but XF is getting the brunt of Night's manipulations. And poor clueless JM. I am waiting for the unfeeling pill to come out. Let the angst begin! It's sad to see the changes. Also drama XF is not as cunning as book XF. That is a huge disappointment. I just hope they start sticking to the book and have more screen time for the leads. JM & XF is the reason why I am watching the drama and hopefully they start going back to the leads. I am just happy there is no piano like in CITT. I mean that piano had more screen time than the main lead.
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