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  1. Hi Soompiers ! Do you exercise regularly ? If yes, what is your fitness routine ? Or do you do sports regularly ? Well, I do nothing seriously...
  2. Before, my most important goals were to complete my bachelor degree and after that find a job. Finding love is a goal that I give up, there's a saying that love find you... Now, that I achieved the 2 goals, my interest changed and I want to do a different career. This means, I need to go back to school. Not all the courses are interesting, I'm not very motivated , and I want to keep my job full-time to earn money & work experience, to become totally independent financially and to travel. So, instead of studying full-time and graduate as fast as possible. I'm studying part-time, work full-
  3. Would you go on dating website to try to find love ? My coworkers are teasing me to do that because I'm single, but I told them I don't feel comfortable using online dating website... Update : I've tried a paid dating website for 2 weeks and I was just so annoyed that I removed my account. Online dating is not for me. I'm just going to wait for love to find me.
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