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  1. Let's say you have a full-time job , but you are looking for another job. The other job ask for professional references and you have a interview but it is only during working days... What will you do ? So, I have to call in sick (unpaid because I don't have any social benefits in this job) to attend the interview and I cannot give my current employer as reference because I don't want them to know that I want to leave the job... I'm afraid to let them know that I hate the job but I stay only because I haven't found another one.
  2. I don't see them often at all. The only time I see them is when we have to hangout for my grandma. When they meet me they are probably curious at where I am at in my life, but I hate their judgement so I have to find a way to not look rude and not answering their questions.
  3. @ChewyChocolate It is a possibility, but if the guy in bandage is NS in the teaser, it means he survived the explosion so I think Hyuk is most likely alive... It seems that Hyuk will die because he wrote a will...
  4. He kissed the Nanny in one episode and he asked her if it was true that his ex-wife was seeing someone else (her bodyguard). So, did they have a history ? In that episode, Yu Ra came the next morning and fought her.
  5. Yeah but he is severely injured. He looks dead. My thoughts of the drama : I think and wish that the empress with not end up in a love relationship with Wang Shik or LH. LH is a bad person even if the write is showing his more lovely human side. Wang Shik is also a murderer. He wants to kill Yura and LH. I find Yu Ra way of thinking is nonsense. She said to Wang Shik that she could be in a wealthy family if his mother didn't take care of here... Seriously... That is so low of her... Not even a child would think this way.
  6. I am studying in accounting for a career change. I'm at my last year of the accounting bachelor degree. I just got a internship that is not paid but it will be if they like me and hire me after. Accounting jobs are competitive. From what I heard, they will look at your grades and your job experiences when you freshly graduated. I'm going to graduate soon so I really wanted to get internship. I'm going to be really busy studying full time, do my internship (unpaid) + work part-time (because it is paid) . I also heard that the big 4 accounting firm makes you work like crazy when you are an intern and want to get your CPA title.
  7. Growing up in a lower middle class immigrant family. I'm more lucky than my parents because I have a bachelor degree. I want to have good stable career and have a better financial situation than my parents just like what my parents wish for me and always told me to study well. The reality is having a bachelor degree is not enough. Having a master degree could be not enough too. Having a doctorate degree is worse ! There is less job for theses graduates. Right after graduating, finding a job was difficult, and it is not well paid at all. I had to accept job like this because I had nothing else to pick that was better .When I worked in the past they said our company isn't making enough profit for the investors so we won't increase salaries of the employees. So, I tried to apply in other companies with no results. In the end, I quit to pursue another career. I went back to University. Now, I'm 28. I still live with my mom. I feel so bad. When I was about to get my bachelor degree my mom would often say we will soon be able to buy a property. I still cannot afford to have a property. I cannot give a better life for my mom. It just sucks. I want to travel but I can't. I want to have a family but I can't. I know it is not all university degree that will lead to a sort of ''unemployment''. Like, I heard there are a lot of well paid jobs in programming and computer sciences, and companies are looking a lot to hire graduates. However, I am not very interested or passionate in that, so I didn't study in programming or computer science. Anyways, I know some people, they study what they are passionate about, but in the end they cannot find a stable job related in their studies. Some people have given up in their first career choice, and they went back to study in something else that has a better rate of employment. There is something else I find difficult. My extended family is so mean (cousins, uncles and aunts). Like, when they ask me how much I earn, what job I do. I'm just a laughable failure because I'm no better than them. I stopped to have contact with them, but it is not easy to hide a situation. I cannot lie I don't have a good job, I'm studying again. How about you ?
  8. Do you have vacation during summer ? Are you planning to travel? What are your plans ? For this summer 2017, I have no vacation plans. I work more. I hope that next summer I can have 2 weeks off so I can travel a little.
  9. Hi Soompiers ! Do you exercise regularly ? If yes, what is your fitness routine ? Or do you do sports regularly ? Well, I do nothing seriously...
  10. In college, I remember being stressed out for exams, spending many hours studying. I didn't work a lot while I was studying. There were classmates I disliked, I told myself I have just have to ignore them, tolerate them for a few years until I graduate. Now, life after college is ... finding the job that suits me, but not only that... the job ambiance,coworkers, manager, supervisor, the pay etc... I got a level entry job, because employers are picky they want job experiences, letter of reference. I'm trying to fit in the company. I'm just used. Financial compression, low staff, people are all getting in their nerves. I'm making mistakes. Coworkers that are phony, they kindly ask me to help them, when they think I'm not looking around they give me hating stares, roll their eyes, sigh, keep whispering. It's just the same everywhere. What do you think?
  11. Hi Soompiers ! I would like to know your favorite cooking blogs and youtube channels (in english). I watch theses youtube channels: Foodwishes, Laurainthekitchen and Helenrecipes I would like to discover more, especially good recipes of korean, japanese and chinese food.
  12. Would you go on dating website to try to find love ? My coworkers are teasing me to do that because I'm single, but I told them I don't feel comfortable using online dating website... Update : I've tried a paid dating website for 2 weeks and I was just so annoyed that I removed my account. Online dating is not for me. I'm just going to wait for love to find me.
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