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  1. Growing up in a lower middle class immigrant family. I'm more lucky than my parents because I have a bachelor degree. I want to have good stable career and have a better financial situation than my parents just like what my parents wish for me and always told me to study well. The reality is having a bachelor degree is not enough. Having a master degree could be not enough too. Having a doctorate degree is worse ! There is less job for theses graduates. Right after graduating, finding a job was difficult, and it is not well paid at all. I had to accept job like this because I had nothing else to pick that was better .When I worked in the past they said our company isn't making enough profit for the investors so we won't increase salaries of the employees. So, I tried to apply in other companies with no results. In the end, I quit to pursue another career. I went back to University. Now, I'm 28. I still live with my mom. I feel so bad. When I was about to get my bachelor degree my mom would often say we will soon be able to buy a property. I still cannot afford to have a property. I cannot give a better life for my mom. It just sucks. I want to travel but I can't. I want to have a family but I can't. I know it is not all university degree that will lead to a sort of ''unemployment''. Like, I heard there are a lot of well paid jobs in programming and computer sciences, and companies are looking a lot to hire graduates. However, I am not very interested or passionate in that, so I didn't study in programming or computer science. Anyways, I know some people, they study what they are passionate about, but in the end they cannot find a stable job related in their studies. Some people have given up in their first career choice, and they went back to study in something else that has a better rate of employment. There is something else I find difficult. My extended family is so mean (cousins, uncles and aunts). Like, when they ask me how much I earn, what job I do. I'm just a laughable failure because I'm no better than them. I stopped to have contact with them, but it is not easy to hide a situation. I cannot lie I don't have a good job, I'm studying again. How about you ?
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