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  1. Ha Ji Won draws admiration by sharing her childhood photo in which she looks the same as now 


    Ha Ji Won is a certified natural-born beauty. 

    On May 5th, to celebrate Korea’s Children’s Day, Ha Ji Won posted a photo on her personal Instagram with the caption, “Children’s Day. My real expression, LOL.” The photo shows little girl Ha Ji Won wearing a kindergarten graduation hat and gown posing for the camera with a serious expression. 

    She captured fans’ attention with her bright eyes and tall nose, boasting an outstanding beauty since childhood. The thick double eyelids and small V-line face shape especially drew admiration.

    Netizens left comments under Ha Ji Won’s photos, admiring her unchanging visuals, “You look so cute”, “How can you be this cute? You’re an angel”, “You were just as pretty as you are now when you were a kid”, “You looked really bright and adorable”, “As expected, natural beauty Ha Ji Won.”


    Debuting in 1996, Ha Ji Won received great love for her performances in dramas namely ‘Damo’, ‘Hwangjini’, ‘Something Happened in Bali’, ‘Secret Garden’, and ‘Empress Ki’. Last year, she surprisingly announced her debut as a painter, grabbing much attention.
    Ha Ji Won has been confirmed to lead KBS2’s new drama ‘Curtain Call’ alongside Kang Ha Neul. The drama is scheduled to air in the second half of this year.


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  2. Ha Ji Won to Star Opposite Kang Ha Neul in Upcoming Drama ‘Curtain Call’

    by krishkim39 minutes ago

    Ha Ji Won drama Credit: Coupang Play, KIDARIENT

    Ha Ji Won was cast in the new KBS drama Curtain Call (literal title).

    Curtain Call, previously known as A Tree Dies Standing Up, tells the story of a man who acts as the grandson of an elderly woman from the North to fulfill her final wish, a woman that falls in love with the man, and all those involved in this play.

    Ha Ji Won will play Park Se Yeon, the youngest daughter of the family that owns Hotel Paradise. She, the general manager of Hotel Paradise, is the practical leader of the hotel who has personally experienced every part of the hotel. Se Yeon has the “mysteriously ordinary” charm and is someone who’s loved by all executives and employees. But she goes through a whirlwind of fate when three men walk into her life.


    Earlier, it was confirmed that Kang Ha Neul was cast to play the male lead. For the highly-anticipated drama Curtain Call, River Where the Moon Rises director Yoon Sang Ho will join hands with Midnight Runners writer Jo Seong Geol.



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