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  1. I'm pretty sure he dubbed all his scenes. I know he sometimes sound different when he whispers!! Which scenes you think that's not his voice? Well, alot of Phoenix warrior like persona got taken out of the drama so... it is what it is!
  2. lol the things you watch just for a glimpse of your fave!!! I am watching.... Magic Star!!! The main lead is Wu Lei but Deng Lun is one of the guest star and he's a white hair hottie so..... Deng Lun's gonna be on Happy Camp Oct 1st so I'm hoping atleast he can sing a snippet of the OST!!! And then after Deng Lun it's Leos' turn on Happy Camp at a later date.
  3. Did you guys hear? Deng Lun helped a stranger in Rome. It's trending now on weibo!!! It's a normal reaction but what a bae!!! Warm hearted angel!!!! === Here's the Twitter link I'll try to find the actual weibo with the video Iqiyi Ifeng Weibo Link
  4. Where are you buying them from.? I want some Ashes of Love merchandise too but I live in the US. ... It's been like what? close to 1 1/2 week now and all I've been doing is binge watching the drama over and over again!! I've even neglected this site!! === Ashes of Love Weibo Update
  5. Is Deng Lun in this too?! You linked to his thread! I'm gonna give this a try too. I've read the manga and seen the anime so we'll see what changes they've made. I also like Wu Lei in Who's the Key man so hopefully he'll inpress me in this.
  6. ^ I agree with you. They really toned down his 'God of War' persona. One of the reason I loved the battle scene so much was that we finally get to see the arrogance and prowess of Phoenix when he battle. And even with a handicap he gave Run Yu a pretty good fight!! === Ashes of Love Weibo update This one is funny but also serious cuz it involved a typhoon. The typhoon is called Shanzhu (mangosteen). Basically the weather weibo was reporting about a strong typhoon coming and then people commented : Is mengtai a sweet girl too? : Friend, don't go. And then the weather replied: Shanzhu: We only do fruit essence. Naturally we cannot be seen with a bird. And then there are comments telling Deng Lun to get his kid!! Shanzhu is coming cuz daddy Xu Feng ran away with the grape!! Weibo Link Deng Luns' little Shanzhu
  7. 8. [+96] It’s not that I want to ship real people, it’s the Lord who pushed my head and forced me to ship. Do you understand? [跪了] lol it's true. In my years of drama viewing I have only shipped 2 couple together. The first was Doojoon x Seulgi from SSL. And now Deng Lun x Yangzi from AOL. I just find their interactions more adorable!! Also Viki has it up to 46 now and the other sites like kissasian already finished subbing!!
  8. With the exception of the sleazy emperor and perhaps the bad demon lords, alot of the villian turned bad due to circumstances and making wrong choices out of love/hate. Sad. === Ashes of Love official weibo update I missed her. She didn't show up much towards the end.
  9. Ah. I got home and ended up binge watching AOL latest subbed episodes on viki!! I found some really cute chibis of them. WEIBO LINK WEIBO LINK
  10. Yea I found it. BRB with gifs.... As soon as I get off the train and at home!!!!
  11. ^ I need the link. I don't really know my way around soompi anymore!! Ashes of Love main weibo update: They know what we want!! === Pu Chi aka Daniel also posted on his weibo about missing the flower realm and vote for Yangzi for the Golden Eagle. I swear to God he's definitely mixed!!
  12. I use my basic Chinese and Google trans app for weibo... I just hash tag their names to find news about them. That's how I found the video I mentioned before. I'm trying to find it again but it'll take awhile cuz I don't remember what I type to get that link!! There's some English sites that keeps up to date news on dramas as well as weibo news too so you can follow them if weibo is too much for you. Dramapanda Cnewsdevotee Avirtualvoyage WeiboTalk twitter dramapotatoe TrendingWeibo
  13. ^ I agree with you. My new addiction is stalking weibo. There's some gossip news about the two but since it's not related to this post I'm just holding it in myself. Tag me when you do make the thread!!!
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