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  1. Maybe that was the day they are having their last rehearsal for the next day fan meeting.
  2. As always im excited checking the forum for @Regita M. P episode recap. Thank you for the effort. About the family, yes they are family since Runningman started, but i still continue shipping spartace until the end of Runningman and until they announce that they are in a relationship with someone else, they are my happiness and i have and i know my limitation admiring them
  3. Im wondering when is Runningman will give the LA trip prize to Song Jihyo and to her chosen partner
  4. Let's watch together SpartAce Shipper https://youtu.be/lJUYS5V3dMU
  5. Oh my God @Regita M. P i wanna cry with all your story, thank you so much to you, spartaceheart7 and to the rest of all the spartace shippers you are with yesterday. Thank you thank you, we really appreciate all your time and effort for this fan meeting.
  6. Tiny oppa is not with RM FM. I saw his post yesterday night and just now that he is in Korea. There's a lot to wait for tonight until tomorrow about our Spartace couple cant wait for it. Im sure our couple will be in trend again.
  7. I didnt expect that you're at the airport. Thank you so much for your update @Regita M. P as always im looking forward for your sharing about our couple. You take care of yourself ok. Two thumbs up for you!
  8. JK making sure Jihyo is on his sights if she's not on his side Am i only heard jihyo unnie, jihyo nuna, oppa!!!???
  9. Good Morning SpartAce Shippers!!! Is Jakarta Fan meeting is on Saturday? How about FM in Seoul Korea, when it will happen? Today is Independence Day in South Korea and of course a special day of our ACE Song Jihyo!
  10. @AirplaneGirl2 you're back!! Welcome back! My old account also deleted here i dont even remember the exact old account of mine if it's kimchimong or what lol
  11. @Regita M. P awaiting for your today's episode feedback
  12. She is nice, this is her way of showing how thankful she is to have a support from her fans and maybe a thanks giving party for her upcoming birthday.
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