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  1. Hey no one telling you are lying... anyway, I re-watched it and noticed that each car has someone in front holding an audio/videocam...
  2. I think the one in the front seat of the car is the cameraman, i cant see the one you said about holding each other hands of JK and JH. Anyway hello everyone it’s been a years from the last time im joining a forum i even forgot my user id/account, im an active Spartace shipper since 2012 and active in iSUBS forum until it’s gone... i miss those Spartace shipper who has an eagle eyes. Reading all your comments and analysis sometimes makes me smile... and sometimes just laugh coz of too exaggerated analysis, dont be too serious on what u’ve seen on screen, i know how you feel, like me before (until now) im always excited seeing our JK & JH together, i keep on screencap their every movement.... My only advise is lets just enjoy spartace moments while we still can coz we never know what is the real score between JK & JH. Enjoy and happy shipping everyone!!!
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