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  1. https://www.soompi.com/article/1320460wpp/nokdu-flower-breaks-down-the-complex-relationship-of-characters “Nokdu Flower” Breaks Down The Complex Relationship Of Characters Apr 27, 2019 by Y. Kim SBS’s “Nokdu Flower” revealed its character relationship chart! “Nokdu Flower” tells the story of two brothers who wind up on opposites of the Donghak Peasant Movement of 1894, a riot during which religious leaders of Donghak and peasants from Jeolla Province joined forces to protest the government’s push for Catholicism. In particular, the drama will show the events that occur as Jun Bong Joon (Choi Moo Sung) leads an uprising with the common citizens, and the story of Baek Yi Kang (Jo Jung Suk), who works along his side. Although Jun Bong Joon is the main figure who led the uprising according to history, the drama will focus more towards the story of Baek Yi Kang, Baek Yi Hyun (Yoon Shi Yoon), and Song Ja In (Han Ye Ri). The image below is the character relationship chart. Starting from the top-left, the chart lists the high officials Hong Ga, Eok Swe, Chul Doo, Park Won Myung. The Baek family is listed below the high officials. The Baek family includes the two central figures of the plot, Baek Yi Kang and Baek Yi Hyun. Baek Yi Kang is the illegitimate son born between Baek Ga (Park Hyuk Kwon) and Yoo Weol Ee (Seo Young Hee), who is the second wife of Baek Ga. Baek Yi Hyun is his younger half-brother who was born to their father’s lawful wife, Chae Jung Shil (Hwang Young Hee). Because Yoo Weol Ee is of low social class and Mrs. Chae of noble class, the two are of different social status. Though they share brotherly love, they also feel slight rivalry towards each other. In terms of the romance in the drama, Baek Yi Kang and Song Ja In become lovers. Baek Yi Hyun has a potential to develop a relationship with Hwang Myung Shim (Park Gyu Young), who is the younger sister of Hwang Suk Joo (Choi Won Young), Baek Yi Hyun’s teacher. In the beginning, it appears to be starting as a one-sided love from Hwang Myung Shim towards Baek Yi Hyun. The top-right portion of the chart shows the leaders of Donghak, including Jun Bong Joon, Kim Gye Nam, Son Hwa Joong, and Song Hee Ok. Below the leaders of Donghak, the Donghak peasants are listed, which include Beo Deul Ee (No Heng Ha), Choi Kyung Sun (Min Sung Wook), Hae Seung (Ahn Kil Kang), Kim Ga (Park Ji Hwan), Bun Gye (Byung Hun), to name a few. According to the chart, Beo Deul Ee will have a crush on Baek Yi Kang. “Nokdu Flower” aired its first episode on April 26 and is a 48-episode series. Source (1) (2)
  2. Looks like the ratings for Nokdu Flower episode 1 already out : Just for anyone who want to listen the OST, here's video clips of live stage performance from Forestella who sang Nokdu Flower's OST, "Bird, Bird, Blue Bird" on the Nokdu Flower's Press Con day yesterday. Here's the recording version by FORESTELLA : Since apparently this song was a famous Korean folk song, so if u search this song on YT, there's many versions already been sung by various singers. And here's the English translation for lyrics of the song. Credit for popgasa for the translations. https://popgasa.com/2019/04/26/forestella-bird-bird-blue-bird-새야-새야-파랑새야-nokdu-flower-ost-part-1/ Forestella – Bird, Bird, Blue Bird (새야 새야 파랑새야) Nokdu Flower OST Part 1 Bird, bird, blue bird Don’t sit on the Nokdu field Because if the Nokdu flower falls The Chongpo General will cry and go Bird, bird, blue bird Don’t sit on our farm Bird, bird, blue bird Don’t sit on our field The southern bird goes south The northern bird goes north Bird, bird, blue bird Don’t sit on our field Bird, bird, blue bird Don’t sit on the Nokdu field Bird, bird, blue bird Don’t sit on our field Bird, bird, blue bird Because if the Nokdu flower falls Bird, bird, blue bird Don’t sit on our field
  3. Multiple videos from yesterday Nokdu Flower Press Con, Friday 26th April 2019, uploaded by various sites on their YT channel : From SBSNOW : From TongTongTV 통통TV :
  4. Hi @larus , just a suggestion, could u attach this relationship chart also on the 1st main page of this drama's thread please? Just as further reference purpose maybe. Credit pic for @rachelyun coz it's taken from her twitter actually. Thanks in advance btw.
  5. Nokdu Flower 5 more days to go. D-Day Teaser with Choi Won Young & Park Gyu Young :
  6. SBS finally uploaded Nokdu Flower 3rd teaser on their YT channel :
  7. For drama, I think this is his first saguek drama ever. But actually if you look into his filmography, he's no stranger to saguek becoz as far as I know, he had two historical movies before, The Face Reader & The King's Wrath. So yeah, he's definitely not a newbies when it comes to sageuk.
  8. SBS uploaded new video Nokdu Flower 3 main cast answering Q&A from viewers on their YT channel : Though I don't understand what they're talking about, but it's look like they have a good rapport already between them. It is nice to see the cast having fun & teasing each other like this.
  9. April 7, 2019 Yoon Shi-yoon taps into his dark side for SBS’s Nokdu Flower by tipsymocha Man, SBS is really on top of the promo game for this drama, isn’t it? There’s a new teaser out for their sageuk offering Nokdu Flower, and while the first teaser focused on Jo Jung-seok (Two Cops), this one puts Yoon Shi-yoon (Your Honor) at the forefront. The two leads will play half-brothers in the sageuk, who tragically end up on opposite trajectories when faced with a major upheaval in the form of the Donghak Rebellion. I’ve always seen Yoon Shi-yoon as such a straightforward good guy, mostly due to his variety persona and the shows I’ve watched him in, so it’ll be all the more compelling to see his character go on a downward moral spiral, as the teaser suggests. The clip starts out with soldiers ruthlessly slaughtering peasants as Yoon Shi-yoon announces that he will “enter the rotten pond” in order to reform it. He holds some very lofty ideals, saying that “culture” is the key to joining the rest of the “enlightened world.” Those ideals are a long ways away from the reality in the streets, however, and the teaser calls 1894’s Joseon the “land of despair.” Something changes for Yoon Shi-yoon, though, and we see him armed with a gun, looking soulless as he marches down the street. He demands to know what his father, played by Park Hyuk-kwon (Fox Bride Star), will do next. His father’s answer (“Don’t you know me, son?”) isn’t a comforting one, seeing as how he’s notorious for his greed and cruelty in their village, borne out of his inferiority complex due to his lowly origins. The captions read, “The relentless despair swallows the blood-hued anger,” just as we see a change in Yoon Shi-yoon’s character, who guns down peasants alongside the soldiers. Even while he contends that ambition cannot be the key to a new world, the teaser shows him as the “boy who is reborn as a beast.” The trailer ends as he desperately asks someone for a “reason not to kill.” Nokdu Flower will take over SBS’s Friday-Saturday slot following The Fiery Priest, premiering on April 26. http://www.dramabeans.com/2019/04/yoon-shi-yoon-taps-into-his-dark-side-for-sbss-nokdu-flower/
  10. Don't know why every time SBS uploaded Mung Bean Flower teasers, they always deleted those earliest video links from their YT channel. This is the second time they did it, the same thing happened previously with the 1st teaser before. Anyway, this is the new link for Nokdu Flower 2nd teaser, which is uploaded again by SBS on their YT channel, the same teaser video posted above by @rachelyun.
  11. https://www.soompi.com/article/1314297wpp/jo-jung-suk-stays-strong-in-dire-situations-for-upcoming-drama Jo Jung Suk Stays Strong In Dire Situations For Upcoming Drama Apr 1, 2019 by K. Lew Jo Jung Suk hasn’t given up hope in his upcoming drama “Nokdu Flower.” “Nokdu Flower” is about the turbulent story of two half-brothers during the Eastern Religious Peasants Movement in 1894, where Eastern religion leaders and peasants in Jeolla Province worked together to fight the growth of Catholicism. Jo Jung Suk plays Baek Yi Kang, the eldest son of Baek Ga, a notorious and wealthy government official. Born after his father raped his wife’s slave, Baek Yi Kang is called “thing” rather than his name by his father. Baek Yi Kang and his half-brother Baek Yi Hyun (played by Yoon Shi Yoon) are swept up by their tumultuous lives as they experience the horrible, intense eagerness of public movement. In the released photos, Jo Jung Suk is dirty and disheveled as he is forced to bow. He appears to have been roughed up, as there are scratches on his face and blood drips from the side of his head. He is also forcibly dragged somewhere, and despite his situation, he doesn’t lose the fire in his eyes. The production staff stated, “From his first shoot, Jo Jung Suk surprised the staff by perfectly immersing in his character Baek Yi Kang. He is commonly acknowledged as a trustworthy actor because no matter the character, he makes it his own. Baek Yi Kang from our drama has also met Jo Jung Suk and done so. Please look forward to Jo Jung Suk’s strength that will shine in ‘Nokdu Flower.'” “Nokdu Flower” is written by Jung Hyun Min, who wrote “Jeong Do Jeon” and “Assembly.” It will be directed by Shin Kyung Soo, who previously directed “Tree With Deep Roots” and “Six Flying Dragons.” It will premiere on April 26 at 10 p.m. KST. Source (1)
  12. https://www.soompi.com/article/1313524wpp/jo-jung-suk-yoon-shi-yoon-and-han-ye-ris-new-sbs-historical-drama-builds-up-excitement Jo Jung Suk, Yoon Shi Yoon, And Han Ye Ri’s New SBS Historical Drama Builds Up Excitement Mar 29, 2019 by Y. Kim Upcoming SBS drama “Mung Bean Flower” (literal title) is coming soon! “Mung Bean Flower” is about two brothers who have different mothers but share the same father. They get separated during a riot that is now known as the Donghak Peasant’s Movement in 1894, where religious leaders of Donghak (which translates to “Eastern Religion”) and the peasants of Jeolla Province joined forces together against the government that was pushing for the growth of Catholicism at the time. Jo Jung Suk will appear as the older brother Baek Yi Kang, who was born out of wedlock as the son of his father’s wife’s slave. Yoon Shi Yoon will play the role of the younger brother Baek Yi Hyun. While he is the youngest son in the family, Baek Yi Hyun is also the first “rightful son” born under the wife. Lastly, Han Ye Ri will take the role of Song Ja In. She is the only child of Song Bong Gil, the peddler of peddlers in Jeolla Province. Han Ye Ri previously shared in a separate teaser, “As you watch this drama, you will realize that the lives of the peasants are not that different from our lives. I hope that through this drama and our acting, viewers will feel the passion that these peasants felt while putting all their hearts into the Donghak Peasant’s Movement.” The video also shows glimpses of the script reading as actors display their passionate acting. In the teaser video, Han Ye Ri says, “Hello, this is actor Han Ye Ri. A masterpiece drama with actors you can trust and watch, ‘Mung Bean Flower’ is set to greet everyone soon! It’s a genuine drama that warms hearts as we laugh and cry together! Don’t miss out on ‘Mung Bean Flower’ on April 26! And me! I will return as a wealthy merchant in Jeil, Jeonju! Please look forward to it! Until then, goodbye~” Check out the video below! Mung Bean Flower 1st teaser posted by SBS on their YT channel :
  13. Mung Bean Flower BTS video posted by SBS on their IG account : Same BTS video posted on their YT channel :
  14. SBS posted Mung Bean Flower script reading video on their YT channel :
  15. Seems like they had shooting in Jeju Island for today's & tomorrow's. Some fans encountered them at Jeju airport earlier today.
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