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  1. I am sorry for posting the link, i am not aware that it is prohibited, thank you to the moderator for correcting my mistake Just done watching episode 6 and i cant help giggling althroughout hehehhe, this drama has awakened the long forgotten teenager on me, it does makes my heart flutter. WH is so cuuuutttee when he is jealous, he is so charming as well. Thank god that our lovebirds will be able to have an ally, and it is no other than the madam, you go madam and a big thumb ups to you . I wonder what is the sigfinicance of the identical dog tag that each of them (YJ and WH) owns . Yay, cant wait for next week.
  2. I just finished watching episode 5 with english sub, and that chaebol girl is really getting into my nerves, kudos to our knight in the shining armor for knocking some senses to her brain. I am loving the doctor hyung, he is really hilarious, his facial expression is really superb, kudos to him, among the supporting characters, he is the one who stand out for me. So the plot is starting to thickens, so the father that CWH referring to is the biological father of YYJ? and now I am thinking what is the connection of CWH biological father to the death of YYJ mother. Gosh I can't wait for the development of the story. Episode 6, please come faster.
  3. Thank you for always providing the rating info, though i am always reminding myself not to be overly affected about the rating, but yeah, i really cannot help it, its the first thing i check when i woke up hehehe. I am really loving this drama, just a feel good drama that is, even the OST feels so light and easy to the ears. YEH's beauty has trasformed from being a lovable cutiepie to a mature elegant one,my girl crush indeed. I cant wait for next week.
  4. Some says that there are notable changes on YEH's face, but I can't see that, all I can see is a mature version of YEH, but I must admit that the burden that she might have carried or still carrying from the past years had already took a toll on her, it's not the charm that is missing, but looking at her, I do miss the spark in her eyes, there are some scenes that though she is smiling I can still sense the sadness. I do hope that bashers and haters will go easy on her, like come on, is it not enough what she went through? To think that she doesn't deserve all the hate, and no human being deserve such cruel treatment. With this drama, I do hope that YEH will eventually regain her confidence and be her old self once again. There is no need to regain her former star ranking, just being able to take on any projects without her being ridiculed is more than enough for me. I can't wait for next week. Fighting!!!
  5. To be honest, Episode 2 is so much better than Episode 1, and I do hope that things will gets better and more interesting as the story goes on. For me the good thing about this drama is both characters do have a good heart and the drama being easy on the eyes. Though it is kinda frustrating that the ratings drop, however, I just want to focus on the positive and hope and pray for the drama's success. This is the first drama of YEH, wherein 95% of the cast are not familiar with me, nonetheless, everyone are good in acting. Hope that more viewers will check on this drama since it is really worth watching.
  6. Same here, i find the car scene at the convenience store so hilarious, CJM was so natural in there, been repeating it over and over again.
  7. Thank you for the link was able to watch the livestream and it was soooooo gooood eventhough i do not understand a thing hahaha. YEH's lipstick are on point, i will not be surprise if it will soon be trending. She is beautiful as always, her lips are sooo kissable. Can't wait for next week.
  8. Here is the link https://www7.dramacool9.io/fluttering-warning-episode-1.html let us spread the love and positivity. The show is really hilarious.
  9. Viki is not available in our country (Philippines), was able to watch it at dramacool, www7.dramacool9.io this drama is completely hilarious, thnak goodness to finally discover the male lead, he is really charming.
  10. Yay, the sub version is already available at dramacool, and the story is really easy going, just a light old school romcom, which i really.need right now.
  11. Was able to watch the subbed version at dramacool, and after watching it with sub, i am completely sold. I think we really need this kind of old school rom-com without the heavy plot, just a nice and easy story without the toxic characters. I do hope that ratings will continue to rise as the story progresses.
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