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  1. I saw that as well. I used to be shocked by the hate comments that appear on NB but i realised recently that the site is known for being negative. Some are completely irrational. Like, how do you give hate comments about someone's ankles or height i.e what they are actually born with?! Its completely immature. I don't worry about these comments anymore because someone once said that they actually represents less than 20% of actual knetz and if you go to the actual article, there are a lot of koreans defending her as well and saying she looks great. It was positive when the drama was being aired and when they thought she was dating PSJ. I think the negative comments came back recently when they started the denials.
  2. I'm getting slightly exasperated with their word games lol and am seriously leaning towards the idea that the reason that they are saying that they are not dating now is because they are already married. Also: that the wedding we saw in the drama was so elaborate because it was the actual wedding lol. Imagine if this entire thing was a triple park conspiracy.
  3. Someone just shared this on IG. They always have the same train of thought. PMY spoke out what PSJ was about to say when he hesitated. I bet they are those couples who complete each other's sentences .
  4. Love reading all your stories! Here's my PSJ+PMY shipper story - The Origins lol. I was a big fan of PMY since i first watched her in Healer. Fell in the love with the drama, the two leads, their chemistry and was a casual shipper of them after that. Casual because my shipping momentum slowly waned out after celeb-following them for a while and i realised that i like the male lead's personality when he was on-screen but not too much off-screen. Not insulting him in a way, as i still feel he is talented AF and prob a nice guy but somehow doesn't seem to be the right fit for PMY? PMY continued to be my favourite actress in kdramaland and i was following every news about her since then. I first learned about PSJ from KMHM but he caught my eye in FFMY. Again, casual shipping both leads - but only while watching the show and the interest waned out again after it ended.. Then last year noticed that PSJ and PMY both sat opposite each other at the AA Awards and randomly thought "Hmm, they look good together". Fast forward to few months later, co incidentally heard the news about the WWWSK casting. I then decided to follow PSJ on IG and found it weird that there was so many things they have in common - interest in fashion & travel, dog breed, intelligence and humility. However, at that point, i didn't notice anything about the travel coincidences (places/time) yet. By then even before WWSK started, I think i was already subconsciously shipping them. Now, this is the strange part and what converted me into a hard shipper. I'm not sure whether it was because i was then looking them up both on IG constantly and it was a freudian thing, but i dreamt one night that they were actually a real couple while filming the show. The dream was vague but i woke up really happy and couldn't wait for the drama to get started. What cemented my shipping obsession, lol, was watching their chemistry in the drama and during the BTS & interviews. I think like what it was for most of you, it was the kiss, their body language etc. I guess this was the first time where i actually really liked both actors individually and to have them be casted in the same drama with an explosive chemistry is like an icing on the cake. And like what PSJ said before - 'I always say this, but I think [acting together] is fate.' So who am i to deny fate?
  5. I can't wait for Busted 2 that i am rewatching all episodes and even the press interviews! This is unexpected - someone seems to be shipping her with Kwang Soo i see, lol. Both are adorable here. Does anyone know what he is saying from 0:30 onwards to make her blush and laugh happily? Yoo Jae Seok is nodding away at the front lol..
  6. https://www.soompi.com/article/1218333wpp/park-min-young-names-variety-show-wants-try Once again, she's expressing her interest in variety shows. Seems to me she's really opening herself up - i hope this new and positive change in her is due to fact that she is at the happiest point in her life.
  7. Wow I'm wondering now how they will be able to actually date now with so many reporters keeping their eyes on them here - even to go as far as interviewing the neighbours! I'm not them and yet i feel so uncomfortable. It must be exhausting to date in stealth. When did PSJ started moving to the same neighbourhood? No wonder PMY likes to travel overseas; i guess that's the only way she can date AND keep her sanity lol.
  8. @Inetz Ahh thank you! I wish the whole interview was translated too! @twoparkcouple Thank you...PSJ is such a tease when it comes to PMY!
  9. @parkparkloveu Thanks for sharing! So curious when that 'dinner' was. Probably having private romantic dinner by themselves! Also does anyone know if this has been translated at all? It seems like the interview was praising PMY from 2:47 onwards and PSJ was smiling broadly and nodding away like a proud boyfriend!
  10. It wasn't clear but when i looked at the zoomed in picture that @parkparkloveu posted at pg 304, it looked like she's wearing 3 layers of bracelets when she returned from Phuket - one of them a very thin white bracelet. Not over analysing it at all - just a plain observation. The temple trip was just something we thought of as it's common to visit temples when you are in Thailand. Also don't forgot what he said about not wanting to make things awkward between them because he 'don't want to lose'.
  11. You might have also seen this one if this one has been shared before. In this footage, you can see both their faces clearly and it was quite obvious when PSJ was looking straight at her and smiled when she smiled and laughed when she did. I can't embed this but the link is here. I wish award shows will come quickly! Would love to see them together on stage! Maybe they wanted their relationship to be blessed and protected by the monks there .
  12. Sharp eyes you guysss!! PMY's smaller white bracelet definitely wasn't there if you look at her arrival photos. However, and this is just a thought guys, Thailand has lots of temples right? Could it be a sacred bracelet they were given when they were visiting one of the temples?
  13. That's a huge 3 bedroom villa for just one person to stay in! I would assume at least her closest stylist would share it with her - but apparently not. I wonder if they both share a villa. If yes, aigooo... just the thought of their close proximity is making me excited. I wonder if the naughty red devil will make an appearance there lol.
  14. @Inetz Thanks for sharing the article. Love reading stuff like that! It brings a smile to my face even though its already obvious what great, gorgeous people PMY & PSJ are. I also highkey think that somebody out there is really checking on our conversations on Soompi. Just a minute ago we were wondering why our two pups fell off the grid and suddenly we get an sns update from PSJ and a subtle update from PMY. Also, just when we were debating about the cast and wondering why they were not on this reward trip and then BOOM we get this beautiful article from one of them with tons of praises for the drama team. No reason to doubt at all!!!
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