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  1. I have a kakao acct but I did not receive the link to login even though my phone # is correct. I’m so sad right now!
  2. Is he trying to change his image to a mature one. I noticed after wwwsk he doesn’t wear denim jeans anymore.
  3. I wonder if he’s still in la. It’s still early there if he is. He can’t sleep so he deleted pics. He deleted the banner with pmy. Here I thought girls are the emotional one.
  4. I read some comments on Instagram that some fans shouted two people that’s why psj chose that song (not sure if it’s true) Since i’m always delulu when it comes to parkpark couple, I will just assume that he chose that song because of pmy.
  5. I know this has been shared already but the hands of psj though! The apropriate way to put it should be around her waist, right?
  6. Hi guys! Lurker here but decided to post. I started shipping them when I saw their viki interview when pmy asked psj what’s perfect about her. You will not asked that question if you’re not close with person right and the way she leans her body towards psj suring that interview, I can’t! hahahaha Saw this awhile ago, so she accidentally followed/unfolllowed a parkhyungsik fan acct. I bet you she’s checking pictures of psj and co. during that bts concert. Hahaha
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