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  1. omg i actually really really like it! im so sad it's only subbed up to 18 and i have to wait for the next episodes (32 total) so you can wait a bit before you start it :D i'm watching on viki with subs
  2. I started this recently after Love and Redemption and I’m caught up now. the wait for new episodes though it’s so refreshing to watch this kind of show with little angst since love and redemption was so angsty. needed this nice little drama so much. love the leads and the group so much.
  3. One day hope a MV exists where it's literally just the best scenes from the drama... sad it's over
  4. I’m caught up reading this thread from page 5 and on ! I’m on episode 17 currently. My friend introduced me to this drama but my heart is weak.. which upcoming angsty episodes do I need to skip love the actor chengyi’s performance and always enjoy zhang jie’s voice acting. I really like the actor Hao Chen from Destiny of White Snake so a bit bummed that he’s playing this villain here.
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