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  1. I just watched the Chuang 2020 episode 8 part 2 just to see Ding Yuxi’s performance and my goodness - fans self - something to ease the current withdrawals!
  2. omggg I know right ?! I was just rewatching that scene last night! there are so many scenes I like to rewatch. Like that cake kiss. And that scene in the carriage on the way to Xuanhu City.. RuiRui’s expression is literally the best thing ever. I also like rewatching the scene with the 3 gentlemen at the end talking to QQ and Han Shuo finding out that way.
  3. Omg I had mad withdrawals from CQL too but even then I skipped soo many episodes (I still can’t bring myself to go back and watch the ones I missed). This drama actually got me out of CQL withdrawals hehe.
  4. I finished this about 2 days ago and suffering from withdrawals. These days very rarely do I not skip episodes but holy crap, I didn’t skip anything at all. Loved it wholly from beginning to end. The plot itself wowed me. I get bored quite easily so this was so refreshing.