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  1. So far, enjoying this drama. I was scared I would find it boring -- but so glad to see Ariel Lin dramas still good Can't wait to watch episodes 7 and 8 soon!
  2. There’s just something about this drama that keeps me watching. Also, really like Chen Bolin. There’s just something about him! First time seeing him in a drama.
  3. Right when I asked that the episode explained how he got it, gg.. yeah I guess I just don’t understand why he made it into a flower now hmm
  4. I caught up to episode 8 last night. Can’t wait for more. But not sure I like this storyline more than last season’s yet... but I’m glad we don’t have the other Tan Er coming out every now and then...
  5. This is getting more and more confusing.. just gonna wait for it to go live and see how story progresses ^^
  6. I'm definitely suffering from Deng Lun withdrawals. Hope to see him in another costume drama soon~~
  7. OMGGG I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE FUYAO ENTOURAGE ARE IN TKA!! AHHH!! so excited!!! Interesting, 小七 gonna be 少天 ^^V I read the online translated novel (but I stopped for awhile) and watched OVA and anime and I love it sooo much. I cannot wait for this drama!! YANG YANG <333 oh yeah, Ji Yu (ZBY's guy) is gonna be in TKA too
  8. I’m waiting for his reappearance in an upcoming drama called The King’s Avatar although it might be a bit weird for me because I’ve only watched 2 of his dramas and they’re both in ancient dramas. So it’ll definitely be different seeing him with a modern look.
  9. Going into this drama I didn’t really like that Ethan was in the drama. But after the drama, totally love him. However, I don’t really like his modern look at all. Prefer him in these ancient dramas. He looks so good. Loved his portrayal of Wuji. And of course I love Leon Lai Yi too. Will be excited to see him back in a drama later on.
  10. that was a crazy ending. FEELS super crazy feels that ending though :\ left much to be desired tbh. So short. I super super love the Feelings music that was playing during the last episode. Probably going to listen to it every night on repeat during my withdrawal
  11. Okay I’m finally caught up. But only to dramafever’s episode 36. I love Lai Yi so much. I hope he gets lead in a period drama one day soon. I enjoyed Vengo in TMOPB but don’t really care for him here. I’m only loyal to Ethan and Lai Yi here. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episodes! i thought about watching ahead on raw episodes but I think I’ll just wait for DramaFever since my Chinese isn’t that good. Loving this drama!
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