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  1. I watched the anime, OVA, and reading the light novel (on break from novel on chapter 1490). I really enjoy it so far. I LOVE the dubbing because it’s the anime voices. However, not everyone from anime dubbed, so some of the characters’ voices are really throwing me off. I believe so far I noticed Yu Wenzhou and Han Wenqing are not dubbed. Correct me if I’m wrong about HWQ. I’m so excited for the next episodes since it’s the All Stars competition continuation. And that’s one of my favorite arcs. So excited to see how they do it in the live action!!! There’s definitely a bunch of changes but nothing that really bothers me too much. Okay, maybe just the fact that Chen Guo is a bit needy. I don’t believe she’s needy like this in the novel.
  2. i love the animation, too! can't wait for season 2 & the prequel movie. i watched all 8 episodes yesterday -- really enjoying it so far.
  3. I’ve been following this for so long omg. I’m so hyped for its release later today!!!
  4. So far, enjoying this drama. I was scared I would find it boring -- but so glad to see Ariel Lin dramas still good Can't wait to watch episodes 7 and 8 soon!
  5. There’s just something about this drama that keeps me watching. Also, really like Chen Bolin. There’s just something about him! First time seeing him in a drama.
  6. Right when I asked that the episode explained how he got it, gg.. yeah I guess I just don’t understand why he made it into a flower now hmm
  7. I caught up to episode 8 last night. Can’t wait for more. But not sure I like this storyline more than last season’s yet... but I’m glad we don’t have the other Tan Er coming out every now and then...
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