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  1. @triplesung This happened. Please refer to @Fong’s quoted post above. Wow! Midnight snack! I just checked V’s Weibo and it shows that he posted 5 hrs ago. I don’t see the time stamp yet, but I do wonder if he posted on the 28th minute...hmm... Delulu mode: WHAT IF...V + R were together for the midnight snack. Celebrating completion of her drama filming. So delulu. Don’t mind me.
  2. V arrived at the studio early in the morning for filming and he didn’t leave until midnight - 1am. We didn’t see much sugar with the aired version of Happy Camp, but don’t forget what happened off camera! Welcome back everyone!
  3. dongfengst on FB posted V + R's schedule for July-August: Me giving a shot at translating @Fong If there are any inaccuracies, please feel free to correct me : 25/7: MM wraps up filming for Chang Ge Xing 27/7: GG will fly from Zhangye to Xi'an in the afternoon, and fly from Xi'an to Sipsong Panna, Yunnan Province 30/7: In the afternoon, GG will fly from Sipsong Panna and arrive in Shanghai in the evening 31/7: In the afternoon, GG will attend an event for Cartier in Shanghai 1/8: In the evening, GG will fly from Shanghai and arrive at night in Zhangye to continue filming 6/8: MM will attend LV event in Shanghai 8/8: MM will have a fanmeeting (An Mộ Hi - no idea how to translate that) + livestream for Ping An Bank
  4. Hold on...So from @Fong's translation of the 16+ scene, the scene was supposed to occur before he used the blanket to cover them. Per @pips, the Cha Cha actress said "everything in the script was pretty much filmed." The leaked script says there was bare shoulder and bare chest. However, I remember that both of them were fully clothed right before he used the blanket to cover, then cut to next scene. So, does that mean they filmed that scene multiple times in different ways? Hahaha. Like they filmed one where both were fully clothed with PG 13 action/dialogue. Then, filmed another one PG 16+ literally following the script.
  5. At first, I thought that too, but there was a close up picture of V's shoes that day at the airport and it was different.
  6. Hahaha! Oh V....He can do it! And that pause...I died! I literally fell back and laughed. If you guys watched R in her last appearance for "Go Fighting!", during that one picture guessing game, she fell back laughing at one of her teammates' comment. Yea, I did just that. Why 3 years huh? Why not the normal increment of 5 years? Hahaha. So specific are we now?
  7. Thank you for sharing @wheeinterbear! Happy Fourth to you too! I remember seeing V’s Street X photos on IG (dongfengst) and saw that the jewelries and watch he wore were from Cartier.
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