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  1. Hi all.. it's been a while.. So.. since everyone here seems in a drought.. I'll bring you something sweet and refreshing from the recent episode of grandpa's Happy Camp
  2. Love her new hair cut...fit her style.....

  3. It's from his modelling career, but I thought he already deleted most of his Weibo post from his modelling years. So, we better respect his decision. It's a nice hair color, the selfie was from her recent Hits COSMOPOLITAN magz photo shoot.
  4. Hi @LoquatsLove would just like to ask if you happen to know what happened to the guangre forum on here? Can't seem to access it anymore.... 

  5. They give credit, but not asking permission to me first. Few account converted my English translation into their native languages, but they asked my permission first. Thank you.
  6. I don't mind they converting the sub into Thai language. But I don't like this behavior. Without asking my permission to re-upload the Subtitle. I'm sorry, for me it's rude.
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