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  1. Videos of Jiheng: https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/1865110403576777/ https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/2072012859510313/ Video contain Reba first few seconds, then crown prince and his horse https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/201731043888967/
  2. Our crown prince (he wear purple underneath his armor lol) Video: https://www.facebook.com/tsttchamthuongthuvnfp/videos/502073503618452/
  3. Hahaha I think most of us think the silk-robed is weird when we first saw it Little fox can move! (with remote control) https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/2298460540182057/ DH:
  4. They are simply too adorable for words. Hahaha I remember thinking that DH's silk-robed in Eternal Love are so weird (especially when I just first saw the poster). It grew on me after a while though. This is the fan's account from yesterday (cr. Tieba). I use google translation and a chinese-viet translation website (dichtienghoa.com) and edited a bit to make it more readable. "Recently, the TV series " Three Lives, Three Worlds Pillow Book" starring Dilireba and Gao Weiguang is being filmed. This story tells the story of the two years of entanglement between Qingqiu’s Feng Jiu and Taichen Palace’s Dong Hua. Once the TV series started shooting, it was deeply expected by netizens. Recently, some netizens met in the Hengdian Film and Television City to meet Dilireba and Gao Weiguang. On the same day, Dilireba was dressed in white costumes and dressed in a sleek manner. I saw her blowing a small fan to herself, and the staff arranged her hair behind her. Gao Weiguang in front of her is the same white costume, holding the script and chatting with Dilireba. After the hairdressing was finished, Dilireba also took the script and read lines with Gao Weiguang. However, it seems that she has already memorize the lines from script. After only looking at it a few time, she handed the script to the assistant. Then she and Gao Weiguang listened carefully to the director’s lecture. Dilireba also demonstrated falling action according to the instructions of the director. The action was picked up by Gao Weiguang. After the discussion for a long time, Dilireba and Gao Weiguang also seemed to be familiar with the scenes of the evening, but the director still kept talking, and Dilireba was quite cute and looked at the director. From time to time, grinning, it’s really a fascinating look! After everyone finally discussed it, Gao Weiguang came to the side to sort out the dress and hairstyle. The official shooting began after everything was ready. I saw Dilireba drinking a boring wine in a pavilion. Then the palace lady came to report that Gao Weiguang came, she turned and wanted to meet, but she accidentally fell in front of the pavilion, and Gao Weiguang immediately caught her. Hug her in his arms. When Gao Weiguang give Dilireba a hairpin and inserted it for her, Dilireba seemed too excited and fell again. Gao Weiguang was fast in catching her again." One hundred home number [古月哥欠]
  5. Yan Chiwu and Feng Jiu fell in the Fanyan Valley https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/667893686912376/ Added some pics I found from tieba:
  6. I say there is a pretty good chance that Yang Mi will make a cameo as Bai Qian. Not too sure about Ye Hua though. We probably need to wait a few more months for a mini trailer
  7. Updates: Videos Vengo: https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/249727835749323/ Played Bai Zhen: https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/278679419394310/ Played Miao Luo: https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/312000962713716/ Rumor that Yang Mi making cameo as Bai Qian Some pics I got from Tieba Little fox Reba
  8. @jimmylyne I feel the same way, I will always root for and watch it no matter what. Vengo/Reba made a such a deep impression upon me while watching TMOPB that I can't let it go AND I love the Pillow Book more than TMOPB while reading it back then. I hope it will be successful too From Weibo Actor in role of Nie Chu Yin (the one who "trade" and took FJ's fur) Leak pics of Liu Yu Xin (Ji Heng) from Tieba
  9. Yup yup, kiss scene! Seem like they have a lot of kiss scenes hahaha. Totally making up for the lack of kiss scene in Eternal Love. I'm not sure if she was involved with Eternal Love since I wasn't that much up-to-date with it. OMG, I could never look at Vengo's beard the same way again!!!! Although I admit I got use to it after a while (and since he adore Jiu'er so much, I ended up liking their mortal love story in Eternal Love too ). And I agree about Mark's hair lmao
  10. Hahaha I want to know the latest news/leaks too so I have a list of sites that I visit everyday and compile all the things that I find (gotta give them credits for finding all these, I merely repost it here ). I'm super anxious about the mortal realm arc too!!! I just hope that they know that they are doing. Although I'm a bit excited too since it is unknown hahaha. The costumes for the mortal realm look really good so far though (and thanks god, no beard for Vengo, I can't get over his mortal look in Eternal Love). Wow so late there, It is 1:27 PM here And I hear that Reba and Vengo have a kiss scene today! woohoo hahahaha
  11. Updates: pics from tieba, pic of Vengo in mortal world as the crown prince. Also some videos in the viet fanpages https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/865602056966103/ https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/865378103655165/ https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/864338643759111/
  12. Yup yup, it is the snake!!!!!! Video of Feng Jiu in mortal world scene https://vi-vn.facebook.com/vitoiyeuDongHoa/videos/864333313759644/
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