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  1. omg i didn't realise so much had happened in regards to the ending. The waterfall scene shall forever be remembered as the ending scene!!!!
  2. can you also send me a copy? thank you in advance
  3. in the series, it was changed to 4, where the fourth person was jin guang yao
  4. Just finished watching the whole series and my biggest complaint is that they never mentioned why LZ had the wen sect scar on his chest. Other than that the series covered the major plots points but tends to miss the details that explains the how and why, and this makes the story less impactful and loses a lot of meaning.
  5. SPOILER ALERT I hope that this has explained all of your queries
  6. Timeline prediction: I could be wrong as to which ep that they will appear in but these are the things that they have left to cover based on the novel and taking out of the the BL stuff.
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