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  1. hey guys, subscene has just been blocked in Australia and i'm now unable to get subtitles from that website anymore. Does anyone know where i can get the soft subtitles (srt files) from?
  2. i'm watching ep 62 now and Chief Peony (牡丹芳主) is explaining the unfeeling pill to Xu Feng and he finally believes that Jin Mi did not lie to him.
  3. does anyone recall if Xu Feng ever finds out that Jin mi had the unfeeling pill so that's why she never "loved" him?
  4. is it only me but the flower scene reminds me of the flower scene at the forgotten love valley in ROCH where Xiao Long Nv went to get the plant for Yang Guo and at the end he threw it away.
  5. video of the back hug scene longer video of the back hug scene video of the battle Jin mi sacrificing herself not sure when this occurs 12 min video - starts at the wedding scene
  6. XF: If you agree, let me make it up to you in the future XF: Maybe, we can start from the beginning translated, see my previous post
  7. can someone tell me what the airing schedule is like? i'm waiting for ep 15 to come out
  8. i'm in the middle of watching ep 46 and and hating it so much. I'm so angry and disappointed. The wedding looked so cheap with so little people The fighting looked weak The emperor was pathethic and didn't do anything All of the other gods were also useless Jinmi stood still and had an expressionless face most of the time The built up to hate and kill Xufeng was not strong enough How the hell did Runyu plan this rebellion and got everyone to listen to him???? The execution of the spitting out the pill was also weak, not dramatic as there was a lot of anticipation for this scene I'm pretty sure i'm hating more things about this story but i can't think of anything else at the moment
  9. Hey guys i somehow can't login with my previous account @PUNG so here i am with a different username to join the crew. @renjunnie to answer your question the song is called 九张机 from 双世宠妃 (The eternal love) theme song.
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