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  1. Hi, sorry for jumping in. It just hit me. What if the ending isnt songhwa in sokcho? But a flashback in hawaii?
  2. My wild theory for who will be with SongHwa in Sokcho. Is either Junwan or Jeongwon. Junwan because he would be lonely and decided to visit SH, and the way SH call out, could be because he started to eat without her (looks like she was organizing stuff). Jeongwon, I just feel like there is more to his headache backstory, maybe he will take SH’s lead and rest a bit at their hospital branch. I see SH will gently try to avoid the awkwardness that is Ik Jun situation, and SeokHyeong cant possibly leave the city away from his mom even for a short time. Why do I feel director Chairman Jung Su and Rosa is a foreshadow to the relationship SongHwa will have with one of her bestfriends. She will probably marry someone else, but will still hangout together with one of them, and if madam rosa is the indication, it might be jeongwon
  3. I didnt realize there were problem with LJH until I read it here The disappointing cliche on last episode didnt mind me that much, it was HJ’s out of character and almost cruel decision of leaving anchornim that irritated me. How are you going to leave a man who cant forget anything,alone to face the scandal? Was the decision for his sake or her own? It came out as selfish. She gets to stay away from the public and build her own career while he stay in SK with less career before the scandal. Mind you, HJ was the one who pursued him. Maaaan... I’m in my feeling again, I’m gonna delete last week episode from my mind, too bad, since there were cute lovey dovey scene before things went south
  4. OMG thank you for updating! Is it possible to hide a baby or pregnancy tho?? Aaah I want the official announcement already
  5. it’s like he’s slowly morphing into his special labor inspector character again. Early to mid episodes, me : anchornim is too slim; look at him fighting with that stalkers, he’s not strong enough The last couple of weeks episodes : w-why is he bulkier? Is it the sweaters? Is he wearing double layer clothes? LOL sorry guys, I just cant help it
  6. As far as I know, if it’s not crime related, SK can be quite forgiving. Especially with talented men. KHJ was accused of domestic violence, pressuring his gf to have an abortion, that leaked vulgar texts scandal, just like Yoochun, it’d be quiet hard for them to have a mainstream comeback. But take Lee Byung Hun, (and possibly Jang Dong Gun) involved in a cheating scandal, morally corrupt, but still manage to be an A list. They may hated him on the comment sections, but they also still watch and praise his works. I reckon if anchornim to be reinstated as the news host, it’d be like that. Because he’s very good at his job.
  7. Hi everyone! I’m a silent reader in this post, I started quite late so I resolved to just be a quiet fan. BUT! Something has been bugging me lately, why is KDW bulking up suddenly? Or is it just me? Because I swear LJH anchornim was quite slim in the early episodes