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  1. Episode 3-4 BTS JTBC’s “My Country” has released a new behind-the-scenes video that shows the actors keeping it both fun and professional on set! The video begins with Woo Do Hwan, Yang Se Jong, and Jo Yi Hyun filming a scene together. When the cameras are rolling, the actors are nothing but serious. However, once it’s time for a break, they goof around like real-life brothers and sisters. The next scene features AOA’s Seolhyun and Yang Se Jong sharing an awkward but romantic moment by the pond. However, they are soon interrupted by Jo Yi Hyun, who plays the role of Yang Se Jong’s little sister in the drama. Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan is busy carrying out an action scene that requires lots of dangerous-looking movement. The rest of the video shows Seolhyun and Yang Se Jong spending time together as they film various romantic scenes. The two get cozy and eventually share a kiss, finally able to finish what was interrupted earlier. source: soompi
  2. Episode 4 Preview Episode 4 is soooooooo good! Again, Sejong is killing me with his acting. So is Woo Do Hwan. The scene of Hwi with Nam Jeon is also breath-taking. So much tension. This is the second confrontation scene between Sejong and An Nae Sang (they were previously father & son in Temperature of Love) Episode 5 Preview AGB Nielson's Ratings Nationwide Episode 3 - 3.759% Episode 4 - 4.8%
  3. Same. I hope they made up in the end even if that means Sun Ho has to die to atone his sins. I'm 100% certain Name Jeon betrayed Seo Geom and they were also friends, and now history is repeating itself on Sun Ho and Hwi. But I want to put faith in Sun Ho that he would turn out differently to his father at the end even though he walked the wrong path first. --- As for Yi Bang Won, Wikipedia indicated that he killed/exiled many of his supporters that helped him ascend to the throne to strengthen the royal authority. He even killed his son, Sejong's in-law, to weaken the in-law's power. It reminds me of the talk of the "greater cause" (daeui) in episode 4 and that's why they say the king (or the leader of a country) is always lonely. They have to be good, do good, but they also have to be evil, make difficult decisions and sacrifice lives for the greater good when the circumstances called for it.
  4. Episode 4 is really good & we all get more of the story (than action scenes) we want too. I thought the same with you all when I saw episode 3 but wanted to wait and see if Show is withholding more backstory to the characters and sure enough we get flashbacks from their past in episode 4, and they really are crucial information on both Hwi and Sun Ho. I can't hate on Sun Ho after learning his backstory. I also understand his inner conflict of wanting to break free from the hell he was born into, and he's doing it in the only way he knows/taught how albeit it's blatantly wrong. I believe on some level, Hwi understands Sun Ho and his determination that's why he refused to believe Sun Ho when Sun Ho said he bribed the examiner. Sun Ho still has his soft spot for Hwi and Yeon; I was so glad he told Hwi truthfully not to go against his father otherwise he will die. He is, in his own way, trying to protect Hwi and Yeon. At the moment Sun Ho's character is much more compelling than Seo Hwi's. WDH landed himself a really good role. Now that we've gotten to the main story, I hope to see Hwi becoming more proactive in fighting for his belief. For the past 4 episodes, he's only reacting when "pushed" but I anticipate him using his wit and grow stronger. I'm also anticipating both of them to outwit each other during the time of the "First Strife of Princes" because they know each other well means they will try to predict each others' moves/thoughts. After this week, my conclusion is that even if the story falters I'm still going to see it to the end because the acting from all these actors are too good to be missed. Plus I get some quick short-cut history lesson of the beginning of Joseon dynasty (Hahaha). I really like the end of episode 3 and the start of episode 4 because of YSJ and WDH's acting. After Sun Ho was attacked, YSJ was shedding a few tears (have to sit really close to the screen to be able to see it because his face is so diry, blocked by his hair and the scene is so dark), and was literally shaking from the shock which turned into anger after that... ok I lied, I also love other scenes between Hwi & SH, Hwi & Nam Jeon, Nam Jeon & LSG, Nam Jeon & LBW, LBW & LSG... the tension between them all is exciting to see. I'm happy to hear the ratings went up too. JTBC has to compete with SBS's Vagabond who's leading in rating at the moment and Pegasus Market (for Fri only). But once Vagabond finishes in Nov, the ratings should pick up a lot more.
  5. [News] 2019.10.12 Lee Ha Na And Kim Sung Kyu Confirmed To Join Jung Hae In And Chae Soo Bin In New tvN Drama The cast of tvN’s upcoming drama has been confirmed! On October 11, a source from tvN told Top Star News, “Jung Hae In, Chae Soo Bin, Lee Ha Na, and Kim Sung Kyu have confirmed their appearance in ‘Half of Half’ (literal title).” “Half of Half” tells the love story of an AI programmer and a classical music engineer. Jung Hae In will portray Moon Ha Won, a genius planner who founded portal company M&H. He doesn’t have any anger inside of him, is firm but kind about all things, and is a rational human being. Chae Soo Bin will play Han Seo Woo, who graduated as a computer science major but works as a classical music engineer. She seems to live an unsteady life without family, a house, or a job, but she doesn’t think this way. Her positive energy nourishes her, and she comforts herself by solving math problems. Kim Sung Kyu will appear as a pianist who’s acknowledged by other musicians but is not widely recognized by the public. Despite appearing sociable and gentle, he suffers from anxiety that he could lose everything in a second and overthinks minor situations into worst-case scenarios. Lee Ha Na will transform into a gardener named Moon Soon Ho, who has devoted her entire life to maintaining Moon Ha Won’s garden. Although she’s always doing physical labor taking care of the flowers and trees, she obsesses over her weight. Besides concerns about her weight gain, she’s apathetic about everything else. “Half of Half” is a collaboration between writer Lee Sook Yeon of films “One Fine Spring Day,” “Tune In for Love,” and drama “On the Way to the Airport,” and producing director Lee Sang Yeop of “Familiar Wife.” The drama will premiere in March 2020 on tvN. Source (1) (2)
  6. [Naver] 2019.10.11 Good People's Naver Update - Yang Se Jong's BTS in "My Country" more → link
  7. [News] 2019.10.09 Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan, And AOA’s Seolhyun Smile Through The Challenges Of Filming A Historical Drama On October 9, JTBC’s “My Country” released behind-the-scenes photos of Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan, and AOA’s Seolhyun on set. “My Country” takes place between the end of the Goryeo Dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty and tells the story of the conflicts that arise due to people’s desire for power and protection. The drama premiered on October 4 and caught viewers’ attention with its strong and intense storyline, as well as the relationship between Seo Hwi (Yang Se Jong) and Nam Seon Ho (Woo Do Hwan), who go from being the best of friends to mortal enemies. Caught between them is Han Hee Jae (Seolhyun), who is searching for her own fate. In the behind-the-scenes photos, however, the actors are all smiles when the cameras aren’t rolling. The actors prepare for action scenes on horseback while discussing details of the sequence with the director, Seolhyun closely monitors her own performance, Yang Se Jong grins as he gets into position on an outdoor set, and Woo Do Hwan calmly gets into character as he rehearses a sword-fighting scene. The production staff stated, “The actors, who focus intensely on their characters and participate wholeheartedly in filming, are the main source of power behind a well-made period drama. The atmosphere on set is fun yet focused. Please look forward to their synergy as the story really gets started in Episode 3.” “My Country” airs every Friday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. KST. Source (1) via Soompi
  8. [Instagram] 2019.10.08 to 11.04 Kim Min Jae's IG Update 2019.10.17
  9. Episode 3-4 Preview (longer version) Behind the scenes from Good People for photoshoot & press conference Behind the scenes from JTBC for episode 1-2 JTBC’s “My Country” has released a new behind-the-scenes video! “My Country” takes place at the end of the Goryeo dynasty and the beginning of the Joseon dynasty and tells the story of conflicts that arise due to people’s desire for power and protection. In the new clip, Yang Se Jong and Woo Do Hwan display their friendly chemistry by constantly making each other laugh and goofing around on set. The two end up causing a blooper when Yang Se Jong gives a loud reaction from being slightly touched by Woo Do Hwan, causing the latter to break into a smile. For another scene, Woo Do Hwan tries to signal something with his eyes, but Yang Se Jong only looks at him blankly and goes back to tending his fire. Despite their playful nature, the two actors put their all into their various action scenes, constantly rehearsing and discussing their movements. When it’s time to film, the pair makes everyone on set react with amazement and approval as they flawlessly execute a sword fight. However, they go right back to their regular antics while on standby. Woo Do Hwan imitates one of Yang Se Jong’s lines that is similar to Hwang Jung Min‘s famous lines in the film “New World” and teases, “You were aiming for that, weren’t you? You wanted to become close with [Hwang Jung Min].” AOA’s Seolhyun also finds ways to joke around as she films by herself. She receives a request from the director to enter while looking around, and she playfully does this by slowly sticking her head out sideways from behind a wall. Her passionate acting when it is time to get serious matches the hot weather on set. source: soompi
  10. It won't be exactly 2 years, but 18 months (I think) now. Ooohhh, do check him out in Duel. That's actually his best performance. Hopefully My Country will be his second best or even better if he could outdo Duel's.
  11. In the forest, Lee Seong Gye tells Nam Jeon "Office of the Inspecter General received an anonymous letter before breakfast. It was to inform the court of a rigged state exam and request a retake." That's why later on we see the gisaeng and the maid kneeling in the rain. Hee Jae is that whistleblower. She left a letter in the rice bowl; her gisaeng friend was being punished for delivering Hee Jae's letter to the office. To further support Hee Jae being a whistleblower, Head Gisaeng tells her to see Hwi off: "Go and witness the outcome of your foolishness."
  12. The one who found out is not General Choi Young. He is General Lee Seong Gye, who will later be the first king of Joseon dynasty. Indirectly Hee Jae played a part in Seo Hwi being sent to the military. If she hadn't sent the letter (through the other gisaeng) to let Lee Seong Gye know then everything wouldn't have happened the way it did. Seo Geom (Hwi's dad) saved Hee Jae.
  13. [Instagram] 2019.10.07 Jang Ki Yong's IG Update Caption: I'm going to eat rice.
  14. Hi Eliza. No, he hasn't completed his military service. He went to Uni to learn acting instead.
  15. Episode 3 Preview The story moves on pretty quick in episode 2. It's a terribly cruel episode for Seo Hwi. Sun Ho's torn situation is relatable as well. Both Woo Do Hwan and Sejong really put in an awesome performance in this episode too. AGB Nielson's Ratings Nationwide Episode 1 - 3.5% Episode 2 - 3.8%
  16. [Drama] New Stills from Episode 2 of "My Country" Sejong's acting was excellent in episode 1. Everyone else is just as good too. Episode 2 Preview I love the friendship between Hwi & Sun Ho so I'm already sad that they will become enemy later.
  17. [News] 2019.10.05 BTS of Jung Hae In's Rehearsal for Golden Bell Awards
  18. [Video] 2019.10.04 Jung Hae In Off to Taiwan for Golden Bell Awards Beautiful fan-taken photos at Tao Yuan airport
  19. [Instagram] 2019.10.04 Sejong with Other Casts from "My Country"
  20. [Naver/Instagram] 2019.10.04 Good People's Naver & IG Update - My Country Poster BTS & Press Con More pictures → Link
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