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  1. [News] 2018.05.03 54th Baeksang Art Awards - Jung Hae In Accepting Popularity Award
  2. [News] 2018.05.03 54th Baeksang Arts Awards - New Actor Award (TV) Yang Se Jong's acceptance speech: To those sunbaes who actively influence me through TV, film and stage theatre. Sincerely thankful to each and every viewer. I will continue to work hard. Thank you!
  3. [News] 2018.05.03 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet Video
  4. [News] 2018.05.03 54th Baeksang Art Awards Red Carpet Videos
  5. [News] 2018.05.03 54th Baeksang Arts Awards - New Actor Won!!! Se Jong got it—Baeksang's New Actor Award (TV)!!! Wow! I almost thought it slipped from his hands because all other actors had been on the screen recently compared to him... On Stage
  6. [News] 2018.05.03 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Red Carpet Suit - Good! Pose - OK! Facial Expression - Aishhhh Star Daily, c'mon... he looks sleepy here Hair - BAD!
  7. [Endorsement] 2018.05.04 Leaders Cosmetic Update OMG, Baeksang Arts Awards is tonight! Aaarrrggghhh, ALL THE BEST to Se Jong and hope he looks gorgeous (with a new nice haircut). Fingers and toes cross for him
  8. [Instagram] 2018.05.03 Shin Jae Ha's IG Updates Trans: As long as there is a chair and an umbrella, (I) can sit anywhere.
  9. [Instagram] 2018.05.04 Kim Min Jae's IG Updates Translation: I would like to thank all the people who loved and supported The Great Seducer and watched it to the end. Because I am "SeJoo" (Savior) so I am happy. #LeeSeJoo # Savior #SadoSejoo #KingSeJoo P.S. Thank you very much for those (fans) who came to the wrap up party. Translation: Gone Se Joo. Here comes Sung Woong. Haha. This evening at 7:30 pm #Wrestler Please participate.
  10. [News] 2018.05.01 "Running Man” Cast Jokes About What Lee Kwang Soo Should Do To Catch Up To Jung Hae In’s Rising Popularity by E. Cha On the latest episode of “Running Man,” the cast members jokingly compared Lee Kwang Soo to fellow actor Jung Hae In. See Also: Lee Kwang Soo And Song Ji Hyo Get Physical In Hilariously Vicious Battle On “Running Man” During the April 29 broadcast of the SBS variety show, Yoo Jae Suk mentioned Lee Kwang Soo’s tvN drama “Live,” in which the actor is currently starring as a rookie policeman. Yoo Jae Suk complimented Lee Kwang Soo’s outfit and asked, “Isn’t this your costume from ‘Live’?” He added, “But what’s regretful is that Jung Hae In is so popular these days.” As everyone agreed that Jung Hae In was enjoying a remarkable rise in popularity, Yoo Jae Suk went on, “‘Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food’ and Jung Hae In are all the rage nowadays.” Yoo Jae Suk then jokingly complained, “Kwang Soo could be popular too!” Yang Se Chan chimed in, “[It’s because] he has no love lines. Writers, please give him a romance!” Jun So Min agreed, “He really needs to have some kiss scenes,” while Yoo Jae Suk protested, “How come Kwang Soo is always suffering from unrequited love [in his dramas]?” HaHa joked, “You should show people your own kiss scene on Instagram Live, since the writers won’t give you one on the other ‘Live.'” Lee Kwang Soo remarked, “I think Jung Hae In and I are just walking two different paths.” Yoo Jae Suk replied, “It’s a good thing that you know that,” before teasingly adding, “Park Bo Gum and Jung Hae In have their own path, while Kwang Soo is walking my path.” As Lee Kwang Soo insisted with a laugh that he was an actor and not a comedian, Yoo Jae Suk went on to joke, “You have no idea how proud you make me feel. I can’t believe that one of my junior comedians ended up being such a good actor.” source: Soompi
  11. [News] 2018.05.01 Jung Hae In's pay triples + revealed to be making over $280,000 in CFs Jung Hae In is becoming the new hot actor following Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum. Back in 2014, Jung Hae In made his debut with the drama 'Bride of the Century'. He started gaining major attention last year through his role in 'While You Were Sleep' and 'Prison Playbook'. And currently, he has become one of the hottest actors with the success of JTBC drama 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food'. The romance drama starring Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin has made an impressive record in viewer ratings by reaching the best of 6.6%. It's also making viewers' hearts pound with its realistic love story of a noona-dongsaeng couple. The drama is also having drastic impact on Jung Hae In's pay. According to Munhwa Ilbo, Jung Hae In used to make around 100 million KRW (93,414 USD) in CFs per year. However, that pay has increased 3-4 times. Currently, Jung Hae In has a total of 3 endorsement deals, but that amount is expected to increase to over 10 after the end of 'Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food'. In a recent interview, Jung Hae In stated, "I'm enjoying filming every day. I'm being called 'Daesae' (trending celeb) because many perceived the drama in a positive manner but to be honest, I'm afraid (by the immense attention) that I just want to run away." source: Allkpop @rainy12 Not to SJK's level yet. The media & entertainment industry tends to exaggerate a lot & praise actors to the heaven, especially when a drama is still airing. But in no doubt his popularity is definitely on the rise. Will have to see how his agency, FNC, market him from now on. If he's really a hot potato, you'll see more of him in CFs.
  12. [News] 2018.05.01 Kim Min Jae Arriving at Wrap Up Party for The Great Seducer/Tempted
  13. [Instagram] 2018.05.01 MBC Updates Nam Da Reum on IG
  14. [Movie] 2018.05.01 Individual Character Poster Released for "Wrestler"
  15. [Instagram] 2018.04.29 Son Ye Jin's IG Update - BTS of Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food Hmm... wrap up?
  16. [Instagram] 2018.04.28 Shin Jae Ha's IG Update - Making Faces
  17. @ode2kdramas Oh woah, you answered my summon! But sad we miss each other as I Zzz away. Ikr. He was actually not too bad in this version. Must be the nerve back then. And LOL yes, still sings to the floor. I think he still sings with his eyes close too, but can't confirm from the low quality of the videos, but hey, at least we got this out of him which I find very amusing and unexpected of! source: © kaomzr ... and I can't resist making a GIF* out of it! LOL, if you didn't find the song, I'd be to your rescue, after I woke up. Haha.
  18. [Endorsement] 2018.04.28 French Café Facebook Releases Phone Wallpaper Calendar
  19. [Fan Pics] 2018.04.28 Fan Taken Photos of Se Jong @ Buckaroo Signing Event
  20. [News] 2018.04.28 Yang Se Jong Attends Buckaroo Event Fan Sign
  21. [News] 2018.04.28 Jung Hae In and Son Ye Jin Confirmed Attending Baeksang Arts Awards Both Son Ye Jin and Jung Hae In confirmed attending the Baeksang Arts Awards that will be held on May 3. Son Ye Jin is nominated for Best Actress (Film) for her latest movie "Be With You", and as last year's winner, she will also be an award presenter. As for Jung Hae In, it will be his first time attending Baeksang and thanks to all his fans' votes, he is receiving the Popularity Award (37.5% votes) for actors. source: (1)
  22. [Videos/Instagram] 2018.04.27 Yang Se Jong Attended & Sang at the Wedding Party Off stage, this guy can be all sort of awkward, but in a very cute way ~ hahaha. And looks like Se Jong is a friend of the groom & is singing the song with the groom; also helping him out when he gets too nervous to continue singing. @ode2kdramas thought you might be interested in this!
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