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  1. I hate Suji's family. They're not just useless but actively harmful. Their daughter disappears and that doesn't signal to them that they've done something terrible, and none of them try to look for her. None of them help her, comfort her, apologize to her, and they all just stand by and watch her get hurt again and again. And to top it all off they expect (and demand!) that she support them financially--her alone supporting a family of 5 adults plus herself!!! I'm hoping that what the drama is doing is taking her away from them, out of that horrible environment, and bringing her into a family that functions with love--that she'll get love and warmth and comfort from Uri and his family, and right when she feels truly embraced for the first time she discovers her bio mom who she believes abandoned her is Uri's adoptive mom (I do love angst, lol).


    Anyway, here are some of my gifs from a few weeks ago, since this week didn't inspire me much!







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  2. I find Na Young so frustrating, even though she's played by an actress I really liked in Ugly Alert. Not only is she rude, cruel, nosy and invasive, and a liar, she's also got a lot of nerve asking Suji for a favor after taunting her that her mother abandoned her. Like hello???


    I'm surprised their family is so non-traditional. The dad is a cheater, and then he married a woman who already had a kid of her own, and *she* married a man with 2 kids from 2 different women? I've never seen that in a KBS family drama before, lol. What I don't get is they seem okay for money, with a loafer son and a good-sized apartment in a high rise, so why is the dad taking on a pyramid scheme business venture (while using Suji's name for it)?


    The show's laying the groundwork for the angst pretty think; I hope it's paired with lots of kindness and softness and romance for Suji, especially since this was billed as a healing drama. I need that right now! 😭

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  3. So excited to see Baek Sung Hyun back on my screen! I already love his character, especially his relationship with his little sister, and I feel a lot for Suji--a dad who uses her name in what's clearly a scam, a mother (step?) who disparages her, and a little sister who's outright mean and disrespectful; I hope Uri will give her lots and lots of love and make her smile. Also! The little girl who played the daughter in The Love in Your Eyes (my fav daily <333) is in this one too! Aaaaahhhhhh I'm so ready to spend the next few months with this show :)

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  4. This is such a fun show, and it hits so many of my favorite emotional dynamics with the main couple, Qi and Jinzhao--total trust in and devotion to one another, cute and playful, very handsy/lots of skinship, she's powerful and saves him all the time and vows to protect him, and they have a good dose of longing and angst. They're delicious together! 

  5. Ahhhh I had such a good time with this drama! I'm going to miss Youngyi (one of my favorite heroines) and Mirinae and Kyungjoon and their family and work shenanigans. Such a lovely ending to a show that's entertained me for half a year <333. Thank you cast and crew!












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  6. I'm so over Haemi, she's not even entertaining. I need the romance line with her and Sejoon (poor guy!) to start for real so the stepmom's true colors come out and Haemi can see what it's like when her potential boyfriend's mom is against their relationship. We're almost at the halfway point; how is Haemi going to redeem herself after all the terrible things she's done? I don't think I'll be convinced...

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  7. Youngyi is finally acknowledging her feelings! And she's realizing all the kind things Kyungjoon has done are not only because he's her friend, but also because he's in love with her! Aaaaaah, I love it when we get to see the FL falling in love, too <3


    Also, I love that Youngyi refuses to be provoked by Haemi. She's younger than Haemi, but she's so much more mature than she is. She's been in love before, she's been married, she has a kid who she's raising well, she has a nagging mother-in-law, she lost her parents, *and* she's a widow; she's been through much worse things than Haemi is doing to her now, and the fact Haemi doesn't even realize that shows just how childish and silly she is. And the fact she's doing all this over man! One who doesn't even want her! Smh. 

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  8. Eunsook can be so frustrating! Who's she going to berate and put down when Youngyi marries Kyunjoon and moves out of their house? How can her son be jobless, have failed out of med school after wasting years and money, and be in debt after using up the money *other* people worked so hard for, and all she tells him is he can do whatever he wants while not even letting Youngyi eat some fruit even though she just got home from work??? It's even worse because Youngyi's said that eating is her favorite thing and she wants to eat in peace. 


    I love a big family living together and was so looking forward to Kyungjoon being folded into Youngyi's family, but Eunsook (and the kids) treat Youngyi so badly I just want her and Mirinae to leave. :/ 

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  9. New gifs <333


    I loved this scene a lot; actually, I love any scene where Youngyi's getting love and care. I think she's so used to running around taking care of everyone else that it's what's most comfortable for her, and she's not used to someone noticing when she's hurt or tired, and then taking care of her. We're so far from hose first episodes when they were working at the convenience store together, but even way back then Kyungjoon noticed when she was crying, even as she denied it. 








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  10. GAH, I loved the last look Youngyi and Kyungjoon shared in today's ep (cause I love angst, lol). He just likes her so much and seeing another guy drive her to work and help her out the car totally devastated him; and Youngyi thinks Haemi holding his arm could be confirmation they really are dating--it just shows how much they already want to be That Person for each other, even though they haven't come out and said anything super overt. 


    Also!! Kyungjoon telling Youngyi to treat him to meals until he tells her to stop even though they already eat lunch together all the time at the cafeteria :happyshakes: 

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  11. We're getting a day date tomorrow! I'm so excited :relaxed:

    I don't think Youngyi's acknowledged it consciously yet, but she's definitely at least a *little* sweet on Kyungjoon right now, because she brushed out her hair and put on lipstick and dressed up--she wouldn't have done all that back when they were at the convenience store together. I thought her putting on the sneakers he got her was so sweet, especially since he noticed she never wore them. 


    Another thing I love about this show? It doesn't make Kyungjoon's blindness out to be the worst thing that ever happened to him. His father and stepmom are jack*sses about it, but Kyungjoon finds comfort and inspiration from it; and he sees that Youngyi isn't ableist and that draws him to her even more. It's so cool that he's falling for someone who wouldn't have pitied or been discriminatory to him when he was blind. 


    I can't wait for Kyungjoon to meet Mirinae. She's so surrounded by love by her family, and I know Kyungjoon will give her lots of love, too. 

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  12. 44 minutes ago, booha said:

    It’s fun to watch the way HM’s eyes are darting back and forth between YY and KJ in such confusion.  haha  She doesn’t know what is she is watching. Yup it’s a love connection which is sprouting between YY and KJ. :lol: 



    I had so much fun watching that part. I love it when you get to see the main couple from another character's point of view, and it was so good to see Haemi seeing Youngyi and Kyungjoon together; the petty part of me liked that Kyungjoon didn't bring her in on the joke. I wish Haemi were better at her job, like more invested in it. Right now she just seems like she got it through connections and does whatever Kyungjoon's stepmom says without actually having any opinions of her own. 

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  13. Ahhh, I loved how much time Kyungjoon and Youngyi spent together this episode. I also loved seeing them laughing and having fun together, even though Youngyi is facing being fired.


    Two things really touched me: the first is when the grandma was talking to the picture of her and Youngyi's (blood) grandma and both she and Youngyi had tears in their eyes--I did too! The second is how Kyungjoon tells Youngyi he closes his eyes to think because loves the color black; it makes me think he finds comfort in remembering when he was blind, and I loved that Youngyi didn't question him, but just turned he lights off for him. Just that easy understanding from her (and the fact Kyungjoon already saw her being kind to a visually impaired customer) shows a bit of their compatibility, and that she wouldn't treat him badly him back when he was disabled. 

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  14. I thought Sejoon was gonna have a crush on Haemi, but it looks like he might crush on Youngyi??? I'm actually...kind of into it, lol. I don't know , I think I might be in the mood for two brothers who love each other falling for the same girl.


    I'm much more interested in the family dynamics than in any of the work stuff, so what I noticed in episode 16 was how Haemi looked down on the grandmother's home. On one hand it's funny to me, because her dad just works at a bank, it's not like he's *rich* rich; and on the other hand it makes me that much more excited for when Kyungjoon visits Youngyi's home (at like episode 99 :joy:) because his reaction is going to be so different. I also can't wait until he meets Youngyi's daughter! I just think they three will be so warm and cute together.

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  15. Aaaah I love a good family drama. I'm enjoying this one a lot--the family dynamics are interesting and the main couple has lovely chemistry. I've been a fan of Bae Nuri's since I saw her in JTBC's Beloved (2012), where she was second lead opposite Hong Jonghyun (who co-starred in White Christmas with Baek Sunghyun!), and I'm so glad to see her here. She's such a good actress, and Baek Sunghyun's impressing me here, too. I've only seen him in one thing before, but I'm ready to be completely ridiculous over how hot he is in this. I'm dreading when they cut his hair! Also I'm *obsessed* with how Kyungjoon just stares at Youngyi all the time. Anyway, here are some gifs I made :yum: :blush::












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    Thank goodness I've found this thread! I've been searching through a bunch of blogs for recaps and commentary and have found close to nothing, which lead me to believe that maybe this drama wasn't as great as I felt it was and didn't deserve all the time I was giving it. I'm watching it over again and it's great to have all the insights provided here to guide me along. Thanks for all the great comments!...In case anyone's interested, I wrote up my thoughts for each episode here

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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