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  1. i don't know what is expected of asian actors/actresses, especially chinese because i don't ever pay attention to that kind of stuffs. i just watch the dramas and praise the actors/actresses for their amazing wonderful portraying of roles. i don't take it beyond that. i think these people have amazing talents. anything outside of the drama world, i could care less as long as they continue to deliver amazing dramas. but i know asian fans can be crazy to the point where they could bring down an actor/actress career. i just never understood why and i will never will. and i don't think i will ever
  2. what i don't understand is why do fans of Love and Redemption expect Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan to act lovey dovey in real life? we all know this is only a drama and that these actors/actresses have their own separate lives outside of dramas. why do we imposed the same love as in the dramas onto them? and when Cheng Yi doesn't act lovey dovey and not close to Yuan Bingyan, then he loses fans? Are these really even his real fans to begin with? Can we please distinguish drama life from real life? i thought that was a very uncalled move. people talk about how bad Cheng Yi has treated Yuan Bingy
  3. i decided to watch the RAW episodes because i couldn't wait for the eng subs anymore. i'm happy it's a happy ending, but i still haven't forgiven XJ for how she treated xifeng when she thought he was morsha (or however you spelled it). she was so mean and evil, to me. when she became all sweet and loving again, i just don't take it anymore and i don't believe it anymore. my heart aches because this drama is ending. idk what i'm going to do with my life now.
  4. I just finished watching episode 38 for those of us who have to wait for english sub. anyways, i am just very confused. the mortal people called Sifeng's sect and his bird tribe demons. however, those mortal sect leaders have spirit animals. are their spirit animals not demons too then? and tengshe, XJ's spirit animal, is a snake who lives in the heaven realm too. isn't he a demon too then? why was he allowed to live in heaven and not be called a demon? and the merman who was once a doctor in the heaven realm, he's a demon, but when he was living in heaven no one called him a demon
  5. i really wish Ling Long ends up with 6th brother Min Yan. He truly loves her. I did not like their fortunes at all, especially Ling Long's. Hers said she will suffer and his said he will end up with the one he loves. However, i sense that "the one he loves" might not be Ling Long now since that flower demon looks like Ling Long and has part of Ling Long's memories. I fear Minyan will fall in love with the flower demon and ends up with her. If that's the case, i will be extremely mad at the writer!
  6. who hates XJ? lol. we have been with this girl from the beginning until now and we have seen how her character developed and now we're seeing the background as to why she has to go through all those tribulations. so we should understand her. yes, she killed SF each lifetime for 9 lifetimes, but each lifetime she starts over and she never loved him. it's not her fault. he was willing to sacrifice for her. i'm sure if she knew he died for her each lifetime for 9 lifetimes, i'm sure that might soften her heart a little. but she didn't know. she basically start over each lifetime and meet him all
  7. i have just finished watching episode 27 too. gosh, so intense! i absolutely love it. so much was revealed within the last two episodes. i absolutely love the badass God of War! and i agreed with what the two above members said about XJ having too much hatred in her heart that she wasn't able to love SF in the past 9 lives. however, one thing that i DO NOT understand was.....from the very beginning, hao chen made it sound like XJ and SF were deeply in love in the past 9 lifetimes. that's why he tries so hard to prevent them from falling in love this lifetime. so all this time, i wa
  8. I've been waiting for this drama to air for a year now. I've just started watching this drama last week. Only 24 episodes have been english subbed so far. So far, loving it. Not a single episode is dragging at all. It's been able to keep my interest going. Love that the FL is so powerful and is able to protect the man she loves. I love when she rebels and becomes mad powerful with her sword. That's my type of heroin. I thought this drama aired on August 6, 2020 and will continue to air until sometimes in October 2020. Why are there so many episodes out already?
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