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  1. i don't know what is expected of asian actors/actresses, especially chinese because i don't ever pay attention to that kind of stuffs. i just watch the dramas and praise the actors/actresses for their amazing wonderful portraying of roles. i don't take it beyond that. i think these people have amazing talents. anything outside of the drama world, i could care less as long as they continue to deliver amazing dramas. but i know asian fans can be crazy to the point where they could bring down an actor/actress career. i just never understood why and i will never will. and i don't think i will ever
  2. what i don't understand is why do fans of Love and Redemption expect Cheng Yi and Yuan Bingyan to act lovey dovey in real life? we all know this is only a drama and that these actors/actresses have their own separate lives outside of dramas. why do we imposed the same love as in the dramas onto them? and when Cheng Yi doesn't act lovey dovey and not close to Yuan Bingyan, then he loses fans? Are these really even his real fans to begin with? Can we please distinguish drama life from real life? i thought that was a very uncalled move. people talk about how bad Cheng Yi has treated Yuan Bingy
  3. i decided to watch the RAW episodes because i couldn't wait for the eng subs anymore. i'm happy it's a happy ending, but i still haven't forgiven XJ for how she treated xifeng when she thought he was morsha (or however you spelled it). she was so mean and evil, to me. when she became all sweet and loving again, i just don't take it anymore and i don't believe it anymore. my heart aches because this drama is ending. idk what i'm going to do with my life now.
  4. I just finished watching episode 38 for those of us who have to wait for english sub. anyways, i am just very confused. the mortal people called Sifeng's sect and his bird tribe demons. however, those mortal sect leaders have spirit animals. are their spirit animals not demons too then? and tengshe, XJ's spirit animal, is a snake who lives in the heaven realm too. isn't he a demon too then? why was he allowed to live in heaven and not be called a demon? and the merman who was once a doctor in the heaven realm, he's a demon, but when he was living in heaven no one called him a demon
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