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  1. Happy 15th Debut Anniversary to Lee Min Ho! Have you all seen this video from MYM? MINOZ X LEE MIN HO l Episode of 15th Anniversary - YouTube So lovely to see all the love pour out from this video and some eagle eyed fans spotted some TKEM themed letters as part of the video feature! Check this tweet!
  2. Hello fellow Soompi-ers and Court Ladies! The celebration never stops as we still have a few lined up - Minho's debut, Minho's bday and Ggone's bday. A busy quarter for us, shippers! D-1 until we officially celebrate the birthday of this beloved thread! Has it really been a year? How about we make some noise tomorrow and throw a virtual party?
  3. Hello friends!! Cannot wait for the IG Live of our Ggone later 8pm KST! Fans have started showering her with gifts and just happy to see our girl so well-loved by many! THE RCL friends sent a simple floral + cake arrangement! Royal Court Ladies on Twitter: "The Royal Court Ladies and Friends have successfully delivered our presents to our dearest, Kim Go Eun, for her 9th debut anniversary! We thank ateliercote for the kind accommodation and for sending the gifts to Ggone ❤️ Cheers to 9 years with ggonekim! ✨ #9YearsWithGgone https://t.co/7n4hnOgTds" / Twitter Next
  4. Hello Soompi friends! So nice to come back to Soompi and see this thread *still* moving at lightning speed! I would like to re-introduce myself, I am Gracey and a true #Mineun shipper! I cannot believe that it has been a year since the drama started and more so, I cannot believe that the fan community of supporters has grown so much! It's so nice to see the drama and the pairing so well loved by many. Always thankful that I found new friends and a kdrama couple that I will always hold close to my heart. By the way, there's a twitter party happening at April 17 -12 MIDNIGHT KST time
  5. Annyeong, we're the Royal Court Ladies of this palace and we're here to ship our favorite on-screen and off-screen couple from The King: Eternal Monarch Source: itsjenniejennie/ Tumblr Lee Min-Ho (Mr. Giddy) Kim Go-Eun (Ms.Sunshine) LeeEul (Lee Gon + Jong Tae Eul) The LTE couple (Lee + Tae Eul) LeeGgone couple (Lee Min Ho + Ggone) MinEun couple (Lee Min Ho + Kim Go Eun) They are the cutest - no matter what universe (c) DreamingofSnowFlake/ Tumblr This royal court acknowledges
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