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  1. Transcript of GTY's big reveal in EP40 so people can understand why he's so awesome and how sincere he's been in winning ML's hand A lot of the doubts that people had about GTY's scheming are directly clarified through brilliant scriptwriting. Later on, in EP41, GTY also had a heartfelt confession during the Polo match, which he begged the Empress to organize that made ML agree wholeheartedly to the marriage.
  2. aiyaaa the plot holes I really kennut. I keep fast-forwarding the nonsense about Biluotian until I don't even know what the fuss is all about lol cue more tortured love scenes pls cos I only want to see ZBB face and am I the only one who can't stand HBQ's maid? She is so unmaid-like omg. What happened to all the cute, lively maid actresses?
  3. Of course, the honor has to go to our beloved tsundere Prince heir who has mastered the glowering face and dashing smile aww I love that playful side smirk of his Can I have him for myself while HBQ is playing dead? LOL starting to fan ZBB Somehow I find all the male characters in this show so handsome? Even MRF's personal butler is good looking! I think it's to blind us from all the logical loopholes lol. How was that butler able to notice the assassin's scars but not LYK's scars appearing on CY himself? Tsk tsk And the assassins are comically incompetent LOL they will delay 5 seconds and pose like am immobile statue while shouting 'KILL HER!' before they actually do try to kill her. But of course they are just props for LYK to swoop in and be the hero
  4. Looking forward to this! I need a happy ending to nurse my heartbreak from the adaption starring Yangzi. Anyone knows when this will air?
  5. The meeting scene with YL in EP10 is hilarious! New ship on the way Another ship is also sailing with our undercover maid assassin and MRF~ will that be yuri? lol. This show is like just switch off brains and be entertained by cuteness and silliness.
  6. I love how GTY's scheming ensured that ML would have the di daughter status in Sheng household and General's wife status in Gu household. Who wouldn't want to be caught in this trap? His love is so awesome On the other hand, QH's love is burdensome. His naivete and good intentions will pave the road to ML's fall. Thankfully, she managed to rein in herself in time. RL's convo with ML (Ep 39) really shows how different ML's thinking is and why QH will never be her lifetime happiness. ML does not need passion and emotional indulgence. Instead, GTY can give her the unwavering devotion that she deserves. They can walk the rest of their lives together by each others' side. Their status did not divide them, neither did societal pressure or family conflicts; and it was all about how they treated each other in the end. This slow burn romance is so realistic, a stark contrast against the ardor in most C-ent storylines, with common tropes - love at first sight, undying love, transcendental love. If it was any other simplistic drama QH and ML would overcome all odds, defy logic and leap over dumb plot holes just by virtue of their feelings for each other. This is why GTY's and ML's relationship is so satisfying.
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