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  1. I agree with everything @WinCee has mentioned. There's so much positive change to the original script: -Anna is less annoying and actually pretty -JiaXin has more personality and her characterization is believable -JiaXin has an awesome kickass female friend (Mary Sue lead with a healthy female friendip?! wow!) who seems to have an interesting budding loveline with Anson -Even all the side characters are acted wonderfully and often add comic relief e.g. auntie, cousin, tiger mom, sister, islanders etc. -Many scenes have been modified with more detail to patch minor plot holes in the original storyline e.g. the lead-up to the one-night stand and how they got married I'm really enjoying it so far
  2. Here's a video compilation of all DYX and ZLS moments during the fanmeet - DYX being jealous at her interaction with other men, paying attention to her every movement, staring at her with love in his eyes and even tried to hold her hand at the end! I ship!!!!!!!!!! Also, lots of HQ eye candy from the fanmeet - stills here Part 1 & part 2
  3. How can I forget Fu Heng the gentle stoic guardian that’s my favourite male archetype. But XK also killed it as the passionate bratty Gu YanZhen in Arsenal Military Academy and his real life character seems to be more playful too. To keep this on topic, I think XZL in real life is also a sunshine boy, so I like how he is casted here as the childish CEO haha (seriously, does he even work? Lol how does this guy make money) In this BTS interview XZL mentioned that Wang XiYi is very similar to his own character, except that he's more decisive and not a douchebag. Lol XZL is pretty funny. Some translations: I remember really enjoying the Taiwanese adaptation Fated to Love You many years ago so this is the kind of easy on my brain cells feel good rom com that I need right now to fill my drama drought.
  4. They look so good in YAMD!!! I was hoping TEL3 would take place in the modern world instead. This is the longest running reel CP ever hahaha I can't imagine them with anyone else! Like how it was weird for XZL to pair with Bai Lu as I can't imagine Bai Lu with anyone but Xu Kai. RE: the viewing schedule @golinda27 you will only be able to view the pink bolded VIP episodes in row 2 with weTV subscription. Purple row 3 is only for China viewers who can pay extra to buy episodes in advance. But there's no need to do so as the site shared by @libra22 will post up RAWs really quickly and the subs can't be bought in advance anyway.
  5. WTF!!! FengZi is the most annoying character ever. No brains, no power, no looks, only know how to be a sticky leech... this scriptwriter is so lazy. They can't even make a good villain or write a good misunderstanding... The entire wulin conflict is written like some Gossip Girl drama with low-blow slandering that doesn't respect the intelligence of its characters or viewers! Ridiculous If I don't get the gentle smiley SGT back I'm dropping this show
  6. I am a 黄豆糕 for sure!!! The name refers to the pastry which DYX took a huge bite of and resulted in the best adlib kiss scene And here’s a video compilation of the CP with their sweet BTS scenes https://bilibili.com/video/BV1vV411C7Qe
  7. I’m a simple woman, I see Leo in white robes and I’m sold
  8. SGT is too obvious with how much he fancies her but his insecurity and broken family baggage makes him emotionally unavailable. It would have been more realistic if he rejected her in his cryptic, gentlemanly way by pointing out that she may just be infatuated and they are both not ready for a romantic relationship, esp. when CSZ has so much domestic issues to settle as well. But I give the dull scriptwriting a pass everytime SGT does a suave wave of his fan LOL
  9. I love how QQ actually has a female friend at the end and has lovely relationships with YY, her mother and mother-in-law. It is rare for a female lead to have even one female character that doesn't actually hate her for being popular with men! I cracked up at
  10. I think I’m a little sadistic cos I love this kind of dog blood plot in ep19 lol badass HS is damn sexy I am so entertained by the lovers’ spat still laughing through out
  11. ROTAR’s Douban score seemed to climb higher the sweeter our OTP gets hehe I think the ascension must have been when HS decided not to kill QQ because she was too cute. Leo and Yukee have greater star power too so I’m not really surprised at the viewership ratings. @Adidaem they both act well so you can just give it a try. I’m just a little sad that ROTARs genre seems to appeal more so to a younger audience than traditional period dramas because of its unique storyline. I raved about it to my mom who usually loves period dramas but she brushed it off for being too over the top I mean, aren’t all the satirical gags the whole point? + WOW! YX AND ZLS CP ROSE TO NO15 on WeiBo but actually I’m a little mystified by the ending
  12. @Usi @arcchidus @angelangie Leo is so swoon worthy he keeps me going I’m not really into the storyline either oops but I’m still following so far. actually I’m surprised that ROTAR has successfully fleshed out its plot over 24 episodes without making it repetitive. Web dramas tend to lose steam after the halfway mark and romcom turns into melodrama all of a sudden lol but ROTAR delivers all the way to the end! although.. ATWIL has overtaken ROTAR in terms of viewership ratings @Super_Dede I also think S2 can also explore QQ and the actor’s relationship in the modern world!
  13. @Misstinker According to this Chinese article the dubber Bian Jiang is renowned and has voiced Lan WangJi in The Untamed, Ye Hua in 3W3L and YuWen Yue in Princess Agents among many other famous characters. They didn’t want to use Leo’s gentle voice because SGT’s voice is supposed to be more steely and sonorous but netizens have expressed dissatisfaction at this choice. Personally his voice didn’t bother me that much when I’m too busy staring at his face @lavvarr ok we have different taste and can agree to disagree CSZ continues being framed and fainting almost every other episode... she doesn’t woman up until ep16 so just focus on SGT beauty until then LOL @rosierosie you’re somewhat right!
  14. @Adidaem watch "And The Winner Is Love" which is currently airing together with @lavvarr @arcchidus and me
  15. scene 1 is from ep 22, scene 2 is from ep 16 to be exact @Vivi123
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