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  1. I don't know about you but (luckly) my brother does not treat me like Qiu Yue treats his "sister" O///////////O @elsanna Wait a few episodes, you will figure it out quickly but in case you can not wait:
  2. I am really enjoying this series. It's light and cute even though I find myself skipping a lot because I can't speak any Chinese XD But I have the feeling that my Chinese vocabulary is quite good when it comes to romance. All of a sudden I understand stuff! Maybe that is what they call the 'power of LOVE'! <3 The actor June Wu (Xiao Bai) is really cute! Have you guys checked him out in the BTS, so cute! His voice is ... so cute! I have no other means of describing him, I need help! The two Main Leads are also so cute together behind the scenes (there it goes again, my vocabulary seems very limited with this cast) The two are always bickering. Behind the scenes they act more like siblings than in the drama XD
  3. I am also super sad about it but I think I understand why they did it. They probaby dubbed her because NiNis usual voice fits more her somewhat mature looks in other dramas, but in this drama she is a very young lady (only 50K old lol). To me her usual voice (from eg. 'The Rise of Phoenixes') more adult than the one they are using now but in 'Love and Destiny' she is more naive and young, having been kept away from the world by her father all these years. I actually was hoping for a more adult, experienced FL just because they cast NiNi! I was really looking forward to someone grown up and washed with all waters (probably just me though) but I reckon they chose her bc of the Male Leads age. He, as the God of War, should have a certain air around him, the air of a MAN! (lol) Someone who went places and saw some stuff, someone who can manage an army, who is stoic (which is unrealistic to achieve when you are too young), in short: Someone grown up. So it only makes sense that a God of War is of advanced age but no one would watch the drama if our ML is that old guy who was just about to be hit by the 9th lighting bold (in ep 1) and become God of War. So instead they found us something as yummy as Chang Chen, not too young to be unbelieavable as a mighty God of War but also not too old for us to hate on (even though some are still trying XD). Then rises the question: Who to pair a God of War with? Your story says she was locked up for all her life, just got born when he vanished from earth and then meet 50K later when he is at his lowest in life (for everyone else the war was 50K ago, they are 'over it', but for him it was yesterday and he was even on the battlefield himself). So our FL should be young of course, that is what the story says! After all she is a baby compared to him. But when you cast someone young and her up with out ML, many people might get the creeps and complain. NiNi on the other hand can pull of an fresh and young act but then again looks adult enough to be just perfect to be mentched with Chang Chen. It is not unrealistic for us to see her as a young, innocent girl on stage while still being (very) comfortable in shipping her with our Male Lead. Disclaimer: I just realised that I am not so sure, was it 50K or just 5K? I am not good in Chinese but I think it was 50K. Which ever it is, there is only a little difference between being 50K or 5K years old in China lol
  4. I am very happy with the God of War Jiu Chen and how stoic his character is, truely has all the characteristics a virtuous God of War needs to have. He is the good kind of stoic. He is not being indifferent as many stoics are being portrait in dramas. You feel how he has difficulties getting accostomed to his new life. He also puts of with a lot of stuff from everyone around him without ever showing reactions, he probably does not even hide any because there are none. Some guy being malicious towards him? What ever. He being touched or talked to in a way that is totally not how one acts/speaks towards a 战神? Never mind that either. Later on in his house he does not even get a minute of peace and he never complains. True stoic Spoiler (I am at ep 12 w/o subs): Just when you get to see how he gets better in the later episodes, he gets beaten down again by some unnecessary punishment. Sweet... (sarcams) I was hoping we will see a nice recovery and then watch him beat some A**. I have no idea whoms A** bc I have not figured out what we are even up against in this drama but I am just glad to see that there is not some 2nd-female-love-triangle-rivalry thing happening... yet? And I very much like the female/male 'companion' (no subs so I have no idea what she/he is) Very sweet and endearing. @angelangie That's true but I am already too impatient to wait for someone to watch it and then explain it to me. I guess for me in the future there really is no way around from properly learning Chinese (for now I am at a super beginner lvl and totally not at some historic drama lvl) Maybe in a year I can be the one doing the summaries ^^*
  5. Fellow peps, checked out dramanice. They just uploaded 12 episodes! @angelangie shared the air schedule which states that VIP folks on iQiYi get one whole week (10eps) upfront. Which is great for us, too because of generous beings sharing it with us on Dramanice <3 The quality sucks tho x.x And of course there will not be any subtitles until the TY account uploads them themselves, so it kind of is only for spoiler purposes. Never the less I am happy <3
  6. I am quite worried for us non speaking Chinese people. I was hoping Viki would get this one (idk why I thought so bc they also got their hands on Eternal Love super late) but now that they have "lost"/not gotten the license I am worried for all of us. How did we get subs before/without Viki? I have no clue EDIT: Seems like I was worried for nothing. There is already ENG subs on their official YT account. I am so grateful <3
  7. I wonder if there are more Love Triangles out there like the Chi Yu - Su Mo - Shang Guan. Maybe 'Sound of the Desert' (风中奇缘 2014) would come quite close to this but the two of them had more resentment between each other in the beginning of the series. I loved the way they interacted with each other and how affectionate both were with the female lead without crossing any lines. But what I enjoyed the most was how respectful Chi Yu and Shang Guan were with each other. Even though they knew both of them liked the Female Lead, they were not being petty about it. It almost seemed as if this even grew them closer together. They might have fallen apart a couple times because Chi Yu kept his distance but when it got difficult he came back to help out. Both knew they fought towards the same goal, which is keeping her safe, because honest for all the trouble she is attracking she does need more than just two men protecting her (spoilers!) I especially liked how they opened up to each other in EP15. They didn't even tell the Female Lead all the stuff they exchanged that night over wine <3 I would like to see more often virtuous people in love triangles (even mind if 2 men - 1 woman or 2 women - 1 guy) where everyone can respect each other and enable each other to pursue the things they believe in. Even though this series has a lot of flaws, like having the villains being overly successful and the heros doing nothing butting sitting around or collection new friends, I must say that they exceeded greatly in having great chemestry between all the heroes. For me it is the most fun part to watch in this series. I end up skipping a lot of "plot" where the villains are plotting or what not but I rarely skip the heroes just sitting about and fooling with each other. Especially love how A Su and Shi Pei Pei ended up always whispering into his ear, making them grow together so quickly. These two trouble maker really made this series so much better to me.
  8. I had to laugh @ Ep1, 26:00 when he saved her in such a selfless and dramatic way and she just walks away like that lol his face afterwards :/
  9. Ooof, after seeing these images, is that really the same person?? 真的可爱<3 But then seeing these: Yep, no doubt it's him!
  10. Thanks to everyone for all the explanations, it really makes it way easier to understand everything for someone new to the story. <3 I was wondering, how is the romance... I mean bromance... I mean ... f r i e n d s h i p compared to the novel/anime? Everyone up until now (ep 14) was very positively surprised with the main leads interactions (because we all know the rules too well =.=) but is the drama still tamer than the original(s)? Is the anime tuned down compared to the novel or (up until now) are they all on the same level? You all can imagine what I think of whom he is thinking when seeing this kkk <333
  11. I have the feeling that 321 and Weiwei do not have the same goals just because they fit so perfectly together but rather because she took it upon herself to make his goals hers and help him in every way possible to make them come true. They do not argue a lot because she always just takes everything the way things are. He does not want to rist getting exposed at work, so she only sleeps over a this place saturdays. She just says yes to this. Is she sad at times? Yes! But does that make her question the relasionship? No, it rather makes her question herself. "Are my needs really that important? I am stronger and better than this, I can get over this. I do not need him always by my side, pick me up after work, sleep over whenever I feel like it. I am a grown up person who can walk through bitter parts of life." I reckon when she would be single, she wouldn't distance herself this much from KeHuan. Right now, he makes her mostly uncomfortable because he makes her feel things for someone else beside her man. She might actually be less guarded and defensive to recieve his loving actions if she wouldn't have to guild trip herself for the emotions he envokes in her. She is ashamed that she is interested and fights every part of this even thought she has to admit that when she is feeling lovely, she is drawn to the man who shows actual interest in her.
  12. In the beginning I liked it, even though I have seen the S1 and S2 which were pretty different (even character wise) but I have seen it as an independent series. I really didn't make the connection between them until I read in the youtube comment section that this was S3. But in the middle, I cant even remember around which episode, I started skipping a lot and became frustrated. Why does he even like her? I mean she is super cute and calm and as a person quite adorable but (speaking here about first 3rd or something) he always end up helping here and doing all kinds of stuff for her while she is keeping her distance wanting to 'live her solo univerity life' or something like that? I didn't really get that. Urg, I really didn't like that at all so even the skipping didn't help much and I just stopped watching altogether. Does it get better thought? Does the viewer at some point understand why he wants her this much? Honest, if my guy would be all 'I wanna be solo and free' then hell go on mate! grrr Oh, I did like the part where the three of them lived together though, was fun!
  13. I am currenlty at the 6th episode (watching via viki) and am a bit dissapointed over the direction which the series is heading towards to. It's only a total of 13 episodes long, but I am not sure how much more plot we can get out of this series. I am especially feeling for Chu Ke Huan who in this episode revealed, what I have earlier predicted here, that Wei Wei gave him the courage to leave his old life behind. Facing his current situation and instead of turning it all a blind eye, he is finally taking actions. He is finally being brave, after so many years of being an inactive observer of his own life, just running along in what ever direction he is being pushed towards. And this actually is also where my disappointment is coming from. I am worried that the next episodes will only be him running behind her telling her to finally wake up. He even told her that she now has a back up to which she always can fall back to. Wei Wei on the other hands is in a very different dilema. She wants to be this indepentend, confident woman who can walk through hardship with her boyfriend/husband/SO unwaved by other men. Everyone goes through hardship in a relasionship and she is probably just imagining that currenly it's just a unusually long, rocky path she and her 321 are walking. She does not want to abandon just everything. She would think of herself as being weak, just walking into someone elses arms because it is more comfortable. It is hard on the two of them and I can not tell with whom she should end up with. Of course, I know everyone here already has their fav and do not see the original couples ever having a happy-ever-after but for Wei Wei it will be hard to decide and I am not looking forward to another 6-7 episodes of Ke Huan luring Wei Wei into his very comfortable bed (literally and figuratively, as his life just is more comfrotable).
  14. Totally agree on this. You should check out the 2nd episode. All of a sudden the ML has gotten expressions and it is not a pleasant surprise! Starting around Minute 20, from then on he seems as if he is possessed and I am still waiting for him to snap back. I can not explain what is happening in the images above
  15. I totally agree with @Table122000 on everything that was said, I would only like to add something. Like it was said, he might have been at first attracted by her being so different from all the women he is surrounded by. For example his controlling girlfriend who has no drive to persue her own happiness but rather wants to achieve it through him or the money lusty girls at certain parties he attends who would submit to his every wish (eg spent a night with him bc he won a game). She instead is driven and boldly defies him. Having gotten to see her notebook might have been an extremly rare occasion for him. Seeing a women being so determaind about something, he probably wouldn't see things like that from women with whom he usually surrounds himself. Having read her notebook not only made him aware of how hardworking and abstained she can be but also that the two of them were in a very similar situation. Both thier partners filled their whole life with no room left. For him who lives in squanders, reading how much she must cut back on her own life (eating so cheaply for years, still living in a shared appartment with a co-worker) must have been especially alienating. How could she ever be happy with a life as discribed in the book? "Poorly" (to his account) planned out as it is, it ensured to be a roler coaster of a life she has gotten herself onto. Like with most people, our ML saw our FL being in a similar situation like himself and instead of confronting his own problems, he has put it upon himself to fix hers. Especially after having said his goodbyes to her only to find her standing in his flat soon after. If that was not a calling, then what is?
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