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  1. agree hehe, the title is a trick, it could also mean "the last empress" of LH (the main villain and emperor of this current timeline in the show), not the last empress of the whole Korean dynasty because we still have prince Yoon and princess Ahri.
  2. That's true, Sunny said herself that she was an actress, she knew how to fake her expression, it will be a twist (for some people, but not me) that Sunny was playing along with LH's "love/obsession" for her to get her dignity back and take down the royal family, it's kind of an ironic way to mimic how LH toyed with Sunny's genuine love for him in the past.
  3. Are you sure? Did the writer ever do it with the main leads in her previous shows? Based on my experience, I've seen a kdrama which the female lead didn't end up with the man that knetz wanted her to be with.
  4. You know, at some point in the past, I even thought LH would die by sacrificing himself to save Sunny/WB and he would be reunited with Queen Sohyun, but then I came to realize that LH didn't actually love Sohyun. What LH really loves is "attention" and "affection", he will fall for the person who gives him these things. LH moved on easily after Sohyun died, and he would do it again if Sunny died (he might mourn Sunny's death but then he would move on for sure) because LH is a self-centered man who always loves himself the most.
  5. I think the writer is trying so hard to make multidimensional and remarkable villains
  6. Absolutely agree, I mean, the new version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast has given people bad message after it became a blockbuster movie. In the 2017 version, Disney also used "bad childhood" as an excuse to explain why the beast prince was a j*rk and treated people really bad to the point that the fairy had to curse him. While the 1991 version acknowledged the truth that the beast was a bad person because he chose to be like that, there was no excuse for his behaviour, but then he transformed into a better person because he truly loved Belle. I don't understand why Disney did that, but I'd rather see them stay true to the old version.
  7. I agree with you that the chemistry between LH and Sunny is undeniable, both JNR and SSR are good actors, and technically their characters are legal husband and wife so they can publicly do rom-com scenes any time they want, while Sunny and WB are a married woman and her bodyguard, so they've to be as subtle as possible. Of course, each LHxSunny shippers have different opinions about the ship, but as far as I see on social media, a lot of LHxSunny shippers want LH to get the girl so she can fix his terrible behaviour like how princess Belle "tamed" the beast prince because they think LH is just a lost and abused child who just wants love, and the female lead is his "true love".
  8. I think LHxSunny shippers and K-netz just simply prefer "beauty and the beast/bad boy x good girl" dynamic, it's like some people love spicy food, some people don't, and from what I've seen on insta and twitter, LHxSunny shippers don't really care if LHxSunny is a mutual love or just one-sided love/ blinded obsession from LH, they just simply want the cliché film trope to happen so Sunny can "fix" the bad boy LH.
  9. Because WB is a safe and ordinary choice, while LH x Sunny is a more complicated and dramatic relationship. It seems like people never get tired of beauty and the beast trope and all kind of "beast". especially rich and royalty "beast"
  10. Yeah the zombies in this drama are like the zombies in Brad Pitt's World War Z. They're the worst type of zombies.
  11. I don't think LH sincerely loves Sunny, he's just a possessive dude who doesn't want other men steal his woman just like those medieval husbands who thought women are just men's properties. That's why LH question WB multi times that how dare WB lust after his woman? not his Sunny or his wife.
  12. I agree with you, and so far the writer has done many favors for LH by giving the audience a lot of LH's pitiful childhood flashback. It can provoke people's sympathy and make them forget that LH is one of the villains of this show.
  13. I can understand why knetz want to ship LH and SN, bad boy x good girl (aka. "beauty and the beast") is a popular trope in romance literature and films plus taming the bad boy is girls' wet dream
  14. I feel pity for LH sometimes, his whole life is full of lie, even his daughter isn't really his daughter.
  15. omg, the necklace, I hope the corpse that wore that necklace wasn't Sunny :((
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