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  1. Waouh, what a terrific and full of suspense drama ! I'm a fan of the casting. But i must say that my friends and I are totally hooked by each episode. The writers are genius because each week, we have a new secret or revelation, a new character helpful to the Empress or NWS appears (or disappears !). There's such a tension that sometimes, I prefer waiting 2 weeks to watch a block of episodes not to be frustrated. Also, I congratulate the main actors : 1/ The emperor is terrifying and moving at the same time 2/ NWS and his revenge scheme is wonderful 3/ The Empress and her family are excellent too 4/ the Dowager Empress is vicious and wrong as a villain character described in a korean drama. But I think that her background is very very dangerous. She makes us feel unconfortable when we see her acting. 5/ the rest of the casting is also interesting to watch and understand because everyone has something to hide or has a lot of ambition for a takeover. I can't wait to see the next episodes.
  2. I don't want to read the last comments on episode 14 because I have a bad feeling. I hope that the ending of this drama won't be sad. PDnim and Writernim, please, let us have a positive and happy ending ! I wonder if a lot of people are anxious about that as well.
  3. Hello, without contest, "Encounter" will be one of my favorite dramas of 2019. I adore te plot, the cast, the chemistry,... The episode 13 was quite well but the end made me sad with KJH's mother's request to CSH. I almost cried. Even if i can understand the reasons of the mother, I hope that the scenario will give us a happy ending. I will watch the episode 14, hoping that the last 2 episodes next week will be moving and heartful as well.
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