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  1. Actually, it's not frowned upon for any heavenly being to kill demons, speaking in general xianxia/taoism mythology. Demons are originally animals and they become demons/spirits by cultivating for immortality, which is a taboo as only humans are allowed to practice. In xianxia fiction and Taoism tradition, you will often hear stories about fox demons/spirits practicing until a certain level and when they reach that level, the heaven will interfere and punish them by striking lightning to them, making them return to their animal form or worse, killing them. We call it 天劫 or heavenly tribulation
  2. You guys have been discussing about HC's feelings for XJ a few pages back but my bigger question is which version of XJ he actually has feelings for? God of War, XJ or LHDJ/MSX? I've been seeing some takes on weibo, and a lot of people think that he actually has feelings for LHJD (based on their history together), instead of the XJ version. This is probably why he was able to grow that flower lamp thing. It'll be interesting to see how it all unfolds once MSX is revived.
  3. Yeah, he lost some endorsements including Olay and Qeelin (which Arthur is the new brand ambassador of). But I don't think he is blacklisted by the industry as he just started shooting a new project and one of his projects is planned to air by the end of the year. It's just that the public doesn't see him in a positive light. I think all of this could've been avoided or at least the damage could've been lessened if he had a better team smart enough to take the right actions before it was too late. it's why fans of arthur are really hoping his team improves or is replaced by a competent o
  4. Xiao Zhan got popular way too fast thanks to a bl drama which can have a lot of downsides. and one of them is attracting many competitors and antis trying to ruin him and bad apples in his fanbase growing and making it worse by sabotaging his career. it escalated to a big scandal called the 227 incident which you can read in more details here: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boycott_against_Xiao_Zhan_Incident and as a result, so many fans of not just actors, but other fields like music, video games, novels, comics, content creators, artists were affected and hate him for what his fans hav
  5. regarding the leaks, dramapotatoe on twitter gave a better explanation as how the whole thing works. https://curiouscat.qa/dramapotatoe/post/1123144226 And as for the studios, it mainly acts as a PR account. They are managed by the artist's team. So official statements for example have to be posted there. A studio is set up also for the artist to have more freedom when it comes to personal schedules and activities.
  6. It's funny y'all talk about his chemistry with his female costars, because he is known to be really playful (or flirty as non-fans think) with them off-screen. People have pointed out that he has better chemistry with them off-screen than on-screen. I've seen several douban posts compiling his moments with all the female artists he's worked with, he's shipped a lot lol.
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