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  1. I miss him too...a lot!!! Been a while since my last post and I know I keep saying how much I hope fans keep this thread alive but I myself don't even post often. Huhu.... Haven't heard from him in a while and news of Drug King being moved to a winter release makes the wait even more agonizing. I pray that we won't wait till winter to see him again. Hope he releases a new cf or schedules a fansigning event at least or maybe do the ice bucket challenge again. Someone please nominate him. Ahaha. He needs real ice this time. The last one he did, I didn't see ice. Maybe it melted. Lol. I hope everything is going well with him these days. He's always included in my prayers every single time. I will always be here to support him and though I was frustrated a few times (not with him but with my bad timing lol) I realize how much his existence, the fact that he is out there sharing his talent to the world is already a privilege and is a source of happiness to me and to his many fans. So there really is nothing to be frustrated about. I actually feel so lucky to have met him and can live the rest of my life with that memory alone. Awww. Sorry. I'm being sentimental again. Lol. I just truly, absolutely miss our dear Suk.
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