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  1. U know guys when I read that hye kyo's interview was misinterpret.. all those kntz commented on her so harshly, its like to me how they can be so inhumane, pessimistic..also some of them will be women..how can they favoured a man to go against a women..have they not been in an unpleasant situation with men or have they only received love from them..they are local people how can they not know her a person who is very humble ,simple and above all patient..it's really really ridiculous their mental character..instead of supporting her, their mouth are just like lions ready to swallow her..but never mind if they don't support her ,shk has got tons of international fans who love her who she is..
  2. Your quote is really insightful..thnks for that..and u know I have always had that feeling about the ex brother I feel he is the guiding force behind this all and also the ex is so much influence by him not having his own opinion.we can say that it's really a male dominated society..the ex have not come from a broken family unlike kyo who have to look after herself and her mother..it becomes difficult in dealing with people who does not value the hardship one have gone through..
  3. As the world is becoming more advanced in terms of technology and education...societies is becoming narrow minded in terms of thought and ideas..and also sorry to say Korean society is only politically,educationally,economically,technologically advanced but mentally backward
  4. Well said..in every society women were always seen as a victim when it comes to divorce and whatever done by men covertly(secretly) were never seen or expressed explicitly which led to pointing fingers on women.. especially the double standards of a male dominated society..no effort was seen to identify the character of a double standards men..but bravo to shk being from a society who we all know a male dominated society, stood up strong for herself..overcome all the brutish and nasty comments... nevertheless being in her 35+she knows what is best for her..she is not a people pleasers..I'm convinced that one day she will find that true love she had always yearned.yes, it will take some time but it will be worth the wait..
  5. Thank u for the translation atleast a little bit has been revealed..so far so good..we will just have to wait for the whole truth..I'm here because I like hye kyo as an actress as she is the only Korean actress I follow..I do like her ex-husband but not as much as shk ..I'm sad by the news of their separation but what to do if they were not meant to be..I just hope hye kyo will be back on the right track and move on..focus on her new projects..and also to find true happiness in her life
  6. How to insert images in this thread..I don't know how to do can u help please..
  7. Yes I remember..feeling so sad..never mind if its not meant to be we cannot do anything..lets us just be positive.. everything will be on a right track again!!!
  8. Can't believe about the news I just read from instagram posted by sandra..written by an insider(Korean) that they have separated since last year,means their marriage lasted for only 8 months..and the truth will prevail after years..only till then we will know what really happened..this is ridiculous in the Korean industry..I guess the people are not at all modern in their thoughts and mind..the country has advanced only in technology but lack rational thought..if this is true then I felt really sorry for the international fans who have much love for Korean dramas..i assume all the actors are really professional ..
  9. OmG ..this is insane..thnk u for the translation...such hypocrites..
  10. Hi! I am a silent reader and have been a huge song hye kyo fan..so sad to hear over the last two weeks on the divorce news..I was convinced the day kyo got married I thought she had found peace in her love life with an amazing partner..but all this went in vain just temporary..I hope she stays strong as we know she is a strong woman, after hearing all those brutish comments from the knetizens..I just lose my interest on Korean people and even dramas..as they are so narrow minded , pessimistic about one's life.. people comments whatever comes from their mouth.discussting..never mind..you know behind every laughing face lies thousands of pain..whatever circumstances kyo faces I believe the truth will prevail..
  11. Hi there,I have been a long time song hey kyo fan..and also jong ki..I am really shocked and sad about the news and even now I can't speculate what is the reason behind the divorce..for me I just hope through this ,things will work out between them..one thing for sure is that they should not listen to what others(their close friends or family) said but to listen to their hearts... through their divorce that had made headlines just hope that they can recall back those memories when they were in love,when they have each other's back..may be through those things will make them realise and believe they were fated with each other and fight for their marriage..to forget about what happened and forgive each others because we all know marriage is not an easy task..one has to go through a lot of things..so to put those mistake aside and fight for you marriage..so that they will not regret later..I just hope for things to work out..
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