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  1. i have a guy friend...sometimes he says things that are awkward and i don't want to overthink..but you know im a girl i like to overthink so im going to ask the question anyway from a a guy's POV...

    well whenever he talks..he likes to mention that we like the same things--that we have the same favorites..he remembers some of the stuff that i like--..for examples--asian dramas (he knows im a die hard fan--and wants to watch them too), i told him i like fresh coconut juice (he saw a pic in the mag of a coconut and tells me that it's my favorite), and one time i told him drunk that i like guys with broad backs---and he likes to keep mentioning it to me...whenever we go out-he keeps telling me--"oh that guy is like checking you out/ staring at you etc"...and when we hang out he always ends up sitting next to me--like there was a time he wanted to switch seats next to our friend which was like facing towards me and our friend keep teasing him about it ..and when i was dressed up for this one occasion--he told me i look really good...he likes to tease and make fun of me...one time our friends and i were talking about love--we have different ethnicity..he asked me suddenly if my parents would be strict on me when it comes to the person that i love...and idk he keeps mentioning to me that i make him laugh and i surprise him--because i don't look like someone who is willing to try weird stuff (like eating exotic food) and it gives a smile on his face..

    we also have girl friends in our group..but everyone notice that we tease each other like we are in our own world...and when we went out one time and i was a bit buzzed he was my buddy system--he wanted me to hold his hand instead of holding onto his arm...

    so what do you guys think? does my friend have a little crush on me?






    i love the hong sisters and you're beautiful was one of my favorite dramas by them. i was hesitant to watch the japanese version...well i loved it hahaha! i actually like ren here! and the couple had a great chemistry..finished it in 3 days hehehe..and im glad the ending was a bit more satisfying! i love the korean version...and i equally love the japanese version too <3





    when i crush, i tend to fall for the physical looks first...whenever i list what i want for my ultimate dream guy--looks tend to be in the top of the list...


    buttttttt reality is different..especially when you meet and get to know someone who has an awesome personality..i tend to fall for the personality..and if he is cute--it's a bonus :D


  4. honestly, hahaha the best thing to do is just stay away from him. if you feel like hes using you, more than likely he probably is. i mean you guys dont know each other that well? dont be used as an emotional bandage. its not worth it.

    well we are friends and it's kinda hard to stay away from him because i am good friends with his cousin so we tend to hang out..but ill sure keep your advice in mind..thanks :)

  5. i can't believe im asking this question..

    so i have this guy friend..we have bonded when all of our mutual friends bonded in the trip..he even became my buddy system when we went out at night..since he was my buddy system--we held arm to arm...but he asked me to hold his hand instead..so i held it like as a friend--not interlocking our fingers...but he told me i didn't know how to hold hands (yeah i was kinda embarrass) so we he held hands interlocking our fingers..he teased me the whole time in our trip..we text each other sometimes..most of the time he always tease me...and he likes to message on fb too...

    but the problem is that he has a gf..a long distance one..

    soooo my question is..do you think he kinda likes me?but more like maybe he feels lonely because his gf is not around..but it's not like we see each other all the time...

    i know my boundary that i can't like him because he is taken..


    *waves* Er, you're that "tgbgbt" fella who left a comment on my blog? Kewl! :lol:

    Yeah, I hope this new drama delivers. *crosses fingers*


    Interesting speculation going on at the D-Addicts thread about who Kimura's character ends up with. Am hoping it's Shinohara Ryoko. *crosses fingers and toes*



    im hoping she ends up with him too...i love her..the last drama that i saw her from was in Haken no Hinkaku..but seeing the first episode makes me feel like kimura is in love with the chinese actress--and he has fallen for her hard...aigoooo i really what ryoko to end up with kimura...





    totally underrated..the first few epis were a bit blah maybe because u start to get annoyed with the leading man...but as the episodes progress, i fell gradually for him like the main lead girl hehehe..loved the chemistry..i loved the fact that they were together especially when have to face troubles..and im glad the main couple didn't separate because they have to in order to show their love..i thought the main lead girl was going to the other guy and sacrifice herself but thank god the writer didn't do that and have my main couple be together..the couple areee sooo cute..memorable couple scene for me was when she was sick and he was wearing a mask..you will think he wore it because he didn't want to get sick..but cuteness overload, he painted his nose/cheeks to look like a cat and did the lil cutesy expression to make her smile...hehehe that was sooo cute!







    i have a bad case of you're beautiful withdrawal so i decided to give this series a try..i admit knowing vanness is the main lead kinda turned me off..maybe because he was my least favorite F4 as well as he just had that image of him with his long hair in my mind...but WOW--can i say what a revelation...he is so handsome in this series and he just definitely owned his character in this series..i think this series has definitely put vanness out there especially from the female fans who were not into him when he was in F4..and the main lead girl...i love it when she cries..she's a good actress, not the cutesy over the top actress type..




    i have to admit, this is such a refreshing taiwanese series to watch..i laugh, cry, fell in love, and got my heartbroken..but i just love the balance of humor and serious moments in this series...the series know when to be and not to be silly..sometimes in most taiwanese dramas i tend to get tired when the plot just go in circles--even to the point when characters are just too much to handle..




    anyhoo i love amnesia type of stories..im excited for sunday!


  9. Hello everyone!

    Name is Ellie and I'm not entirely new to this thread. Been an active lurker but never had the time to post until now!

    Mianhe about that *bows*

    I was just looking at the first page and as you all may know it's not that updated. I was thinking of writing a msg to one of the moderators and ask to be the thread starter so I can update the first page. I've alot of free time because of no school or job. But I just wanted to ask you guys first if it's okay since I'm not that active in posting!

    I do have PS experience too so I can make the banners etc for the first page!

    Oh, before I forget to mention it.. I totally love PSH! She's one of the best (if not the best) actresses of her generation and she totally owned the GMN character in YB <3

    So, nice to meet you all and looking forward to knowing you~

    i don't mind you doing it..PSH deserves some love..im loving her after YAB...

  10. im too, happie that she was casted for the role of MN, almost all her previous role are just dull and uninteresting like Heavens Tree- i love that drama but her character(or her young look in it) ruined the drama for me.

    I think MN character suits her best thus far:)

    that's what i felt too.i felt like they were making PSH try too hard to mature..i don't blame her since she was in that akward teen age when most leading lady characters are about in their 20's..but with YAB--i can't help but love her portrayal..in addition, i can totally feel that she's really into her character..

  11. oh my gawd..i wasn't really into him..i didn't even know he was the main lead guy in Doremifasolasido...ahhh i was missing out all this time..love love love him in You're Beautiful...he is a good actor...and his voice is to die for...even though this is a late discovery for fangirling, he is definitely in my actor's list...




    can't believe i just watched this sitcom now..i loved it..i hesitated to watch it maybe the plot was not as appealing but i was wrong..it's sad there is no part 2..i think if soulmate was shown this year, people would have appreciate more since the audience are more opened nowadays..but yeah i loved the cast..i love the pacing..the ost is amazing..the main characters--so much chemistry..their scenes may be little with each other--but they are unforgettable--they gave me goosebumps when they meet--and when the bgm starts to play i can't help but wonder if i had a soulmate too..




    I would LOVE to get my hands on a Family's Honor DVD boxset! :sweatingbullets: It's such an awesome drama that it's a shame there are no softsubs or DVD version out there for those who'd like to have a copy that they can rewatch. It'll be expensive even if they do make it, since it's fairly long, but I think it's worth it.




    GREAT NEWS..hanbooks is selling the dvd set...gawd it will be about $200+ for shipping and tax..i want to get my hands on it..



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